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Here's a Shiny Mareanie to you guys and everyone is able to get one!

How to enter:
1) YOU MUST FIRST comment your IGN (In game name) and share this post to ANOTHER Pokémon community, unless you will be ineligible to receive this gift
2) Deposit a Fletchinder with the name "G+ Sun Moon" (found on Route 8 at Day or Night) in the GTS asking for a Level 81 or higher Mareanie

Giveaway ends Monday at midnight

I will distribute the Shiny Mareanie when I can. Enjoy! :D

NOTE: Comment with only your IGN, nothing else. No extra stuff. Example: "IGN: Ming". If you want to say extra stuff, then you may do so in another comment. It's easier to read everyone's IGN when it's only that and I like to keep everything neat and organized. Thank you.

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I did some breeding the last day and have some "leftovers" that I give away. The first two rows have 4 perfect IV's and the others have 5 perfect IV's. The two fletchlings with 5 IV have their hidden ability and two of the 4 IV fletchlings have it as well.
It's gonna be a "First come, first served" event. So if you want one just comment you fc and ign.

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Originally shared by ****
GIVEAWAY: comment your REAL friend code for a chance to win this pokemon!!!
Will be picking winner after the 15 entry mark. Help the community grow by liking and sharing posts from here. Invite individuals or groups to this giveaway!
(^^^demonstration of asking for a reshare without breaking the rules)

There will be a giveaway in the near future sorry for the inconvenience

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Join if you want - happy to breed almost anything.

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Alright well guys as we know there was a giveaway I posted and never got back to it to choose the winner so the first three to comment on here win a hoopa

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____________ Anyone want a GIVEAWAY? ____________
Well if so....
i am giving away Almost Every Single Rare/shiny Pokemon i own.... Not all in one day but throughout a extended period of time...
Here is the list of the pokemon that i shall giveaway to you lovely members! (DISCLAIMER) Some of these pokemon MAY Be Pk-hexed <---

1.(SHINY)Groudon-OT:JK{Ancient Power,Mud shot,Scary Face,Earth power}LVL.88
2.(SHINY)Giratina-OT:JK{Aura Sphere,Shadow claw,Shadow force,Hex}LVL.69
3.(SHINY)Regigigas-OT:JK{Foresight,Revenge,Wide guard,Zen headbutt}LVL.50
4.(SHINY)Genesect-OT:PLASMA{Techno Blast,Magnet bomb,Solar Beam,Signal Beam}LVL.75
5.(SHINY)Terrakion-OT:JK{Retaliate,Rock Slide,Sacred Sword,Swords dance}LVL.68
6.(SHINY)Mewtwo-OT:JK{Psystrike,Shadow Ball,Aura Sphere,Recover}LVL.99
To Enter all you have to do is:
1.Share this post to a diffrent community!
2.Follow me :3
3.Comment Why you want these pokemon?
4.A number from 1 to 1000!
5.GOOD LUCK!!!!!
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