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Hi guys, i am new to this community!
Please Check out our first video: Red Kombat vs Green Mamba!
Red Kombat is a kid super heroe! He uses his NERF guns to defeat enemies, monsters and zombies! in this first episode, Red Kombat, our kid super heroe, fights and defeats a defiant Green Mamba and all his crew of villains!

share and enjoy!

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Today, Allie gets captured by Flame of the Burning Rebels! Only one person can save her! Will they succeed?

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Hey there nerfers, my channel is small and I want other nerfers who use skype to tell me because I am starting a nerf podcast called the Nerf Podblast

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Guys if anyone is into halo i have a gun that looks like a brutes spiker im taking offers over 50 dollars i can do whatever internal mods that the buyer wants right now it is stock and only has outside detailing which i will add more this is a nerf crossfire bow that has had the bow arms removed (still available if wanted) note that the brute spikers blades are hard plastic not necessarily sharp but they could hurt someone send an email to if you want to purchase it ONLY SERIOUS BUYERS PLEASE

Opinions on Buzzbee?

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Hey, I'm new to the community, but I have a question: I was disassembling my Nerf Elite Rough Cut 2x4 in order to mod it, and the trigger was accidentally removed, along with a small spring and a small orange rectangular piece.  Is this fixable, or is it permanently broken? +Bob O`Bob 

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My friends made their local newspaper with our shared hobby.

I feel a tiny bit left out, since San Jose is a little bit farther from Napa than Sunnyvale.  Mostly I'm happy that good descriptions of the fun of nerfing are getting airtime.

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War Report
Star Wars Stormtrooper Deluxe is a minimized Jampage.

Yeah, that's not a typo. Bringing it and a stock Rampage to a small war today reminded just about everybody how awful that was in stock form. This isn't better in that regard. Yet I STILL LIKE IT.

I brought my SWSD to a small war today, where a lot of new blasters were tested (new Boomco stuff -- some thumbs up, several thumbs down, but that's all I will say). I also brought a stock Rampage for comparison, but couldn't convince anyone to take it on the field. It seems we all suddenly remember how much they jam up when stock. The SWSD did the same. It performed exactly like I would expect a stock Rampage to perform, but at least it felt a lot better in my hands while doing so. I stuck through several rounds using it anyway. Really nice to have a "testing" war once in a while, where learning about the new toys was an additional shared goal.

Having examined it thoroughly, I'm convinced that almost all of the Rampage mods will translate over, but probably each one will need a little tuning for these modified internals.

And for once, I have to agree that a metal part - the catch - would probably be a good idea. If there's not enough shell space to add gussets to the long "L" shape at the bottom of this catch, then it's going to bend under a simple spring replacement. One of the other participants said exactly that happened to his last night when he installed a replacement spring sized for the Rampage, and with it his SWSD just would not fire.

In my opinion, most of the mis-feeds and jamming had to do with the A/R spring pushing the darts into the "dart tooth" and either jamming there, or popping out too far to fire. Therefore typical Rampage mods should just eliminate many of those causes. It also might be wise to shim the dart tooth mechanism to open sooner in the cycle (which I think was a common timing mod for both Alpha Troopers). Or, go sealed breech and eliminate that too.

All in all, I still really like the SWSD blaster, especially when compared to a stock Rampage. Next, I plan to mod it, then compare to a war worthy Rampage. To see if it can become a War Worthy Star Wars Stormtrooper Deluxe.
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