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Let's have a stroll down memory lane and view the wonderful Christmas Celebrations yet again!
Happy Faces and Cheerful Hearts Abound,
As Santa Shares the Joy Around!!

The Alumni Association of LPHS is now going viral on Facebook.
We invite our parents,teachers, cirrwnt and former students to jump on to this fun filled ride!
Follow their happenings and keep abreast of the events they conduct!
Lets support this venture of LPHS with unending enthusiasm and cheer!

our School alumni facebook link:

All hearts beat as one, When Christmas arrives it's fun.
Christmas made special for the students by the LPTA

For pictures visit our facebook link:

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Lilavatibai Podar High School celebrated its Annual Athletics Meet on 8th of December 2016 at Kalina University Ground. Cricketer Mr. Karsan Ghavre was the chief guest. The meet was marked by felicitation of Sports Achievers, stunning Displays, March Past, Tug of War and various track and pre decided events. Best House trophy and best March past trophy was handed over by our dear Principal Mrs. Norina Fernandes.
for pictures visit our facebook link:

Lilavatibai Podar wishes all it's well wishers a very Happy New Year........2017....... :-)

The Annual Athletic Meet for the Primary Section was conducted on the 9th of December, 2016 at the Kalina University Sports Grounds.
The event began at 8.00 a.m and was a 3 hour extravaganza that showcased the efforts of the talents of our students, the training of our Physical Education Department, the dedication of each and every teacher under the inspirational leadership of our Principal and other Heads.
The support of the management and the parent body was also instrumental in making this event a grand success.

The Sportsman’s Prayer marked the beginning of a truly memorable day.
The Inauguration Dance by Grade 4 showcased the inventive use of fans that adorned the field in a riot of colours.
The P.T displays by Grade 3 showcased the tremendous efforts of all those involved using the equipment available for student's use.
Every student was familiar with the Hula Hoops, the Dumbells, the Skipping Ropes and Dupattas and wielded their props with ease.
The Yoga display by Grade 2 brought a wave of calming energy to the field and inspired every one present.
The Aerobics display by Grade 1 was a sight to behold as the little ones gave it their all with energy and enthusiasm that never dimmed.
The races for every grade had the audience cheering themselves hoarse.
The day was truly a memorable learning experience for all our participants and spectators.
Kudos to Team LPHS for a fantastic offering!

for pictures visit our facebook link:

The celebrations of the biology day- 2nd December -2016
The students of LPHS, under the guidance of our dear principal and with the effective teamwork of the teachers of the biology dept celebrated the 2nd of December as the biology day. The main events held on this day were activities to encourage healthy lifestyle and bring out the importance of conservation.
The students decorated their classes with pictures of various plants and animals. Activities like switching off the lights of the main building for 10 minutes, followed by activities conducted in each standard like nutrition, first aid, importance of local flora and fauna
This was followed by an awareness video on conservation and a session of meditation. Students were told to carry healthy foods for a week like salads, sprouts etc to inculcate healthy eating habits. Every class from class VI, VII, VII IX, XI and XII brought a sapling be planted in the premises of the school to beautify the school surrounding and to promote planting trees.

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Little hands on big mission. Lamps for Dahanu project.

Std 6 children working on making lamps/ tea light stands. These are going to be sold and the money thus obtained would be donated for helping the less privileged children studying in a rural Dahanu school.
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Celebration of World biology day- middle school

Children meditating and eating healthy fruits

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Paint brush competition was conducted for std. III, IV and V .The Topic for the competition was “Pulses Talk”. The Pictures were drawn artistically and coloured beautifully which made the it very appealing to the judges. The following were the winners of the competition.
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