Everyone keep the evening of May 3 open! We'll be announcing a super fun low key event soon.

I am new to the Glass Explorer family and would like to know if there are anyone else in the Southern New Jersey area.

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#WDGG  Ep 8
Weekly Community Driven show based on Google Glass. Come join the discussion in the hangout and/or the Q&A!

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Studies show interactions between security forces and civilians can be significantly improved if both parties are aware that they're being recorded. Would you support Google Glass usage by all NYPD officers?

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What do you all think?
To all the Explorers, the mothership is working on major changes for XE14 (if they still are going to keep that name). The biggest change is Kitkat 4.4.X instead of 4.0.X Ice Cream Sandwich.

Comment here what would you like to see in the next update and when do you think we will get the update. 

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Hey everyone! Remember our first competitive #GlassHunt is tomorrow. It looks as if its good weather for it (touch wood) so meet us at Union Square to register your team (or find a team) at 11:30am sharp because we begin at Noon. Its not too late to join us! Suggested donation is $10. Don't worry: there is an after party and prizes will be awarded. See you tomorrow! (Look for event details here in the community.)

Explorer in the Wild
Today while walking on West 32nd in NYC, I passed someone with Glass. They were wearing a black pointed mouth mask and a ski cap with colored spikes on it. Was quite a cold morning so did not bother to say hello. If you are reading this...HI!

Well you can add me to the list of people with battery woes. Left it charging over night and in the morning it still says Low Battery.

Did people let the battery discharge completely or is a factory reset the recommended fix?

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Thanks to +Ryan Matthews looks like I have a new community product to review. Stay tuned!
Glass Base Mod + Glass Base Elite

Hey all.  Can someone explain to me why "Google" is even an option when you say OK Glass? 

Quick scenario.  You want to Google something, let's say the weather for example.

Currently, you have to say "Okay Glass, Google the weather"
Isn't that kind of weird?  Why doesn't the system work in a more streamlined fashion?

Why can't we simply say, "Okay Glass, Weather"

The system will compare your command vs the available options on the command screen, and if it doesn't find it, it'll switch over to Google now/Google search.

Another example.  "Ok Glass, Staples stores in my area"
The system would determine this isn't a stock command, and switch over to Google now.

For those that bring up the point that when you say "Google" - cloud based voice recognition kicks in, which is far more accurate, well, this can easily be resolved by having Glass record your speech when you say "Ok Glass" and send it to the cloud if it doesn't match the preset offerings (take a picture etc)

+Jenny Murphy +Google Glass 
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