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Giant Telescope Just Captured The Best Ever Image Of Super-Massive Black Hole At The Center of Our Galaxy

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NASA Astronomers Found Evidence Of Life On Mars 40 Years Ago,Then Set It On Fire

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NASA Space Robotics Challenge Prepares Robots for the Journey to Mars 2020 future.

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"Mystery" of double slit experiment.

There is universal explanation from classic positions.

a. It based on my interpretation of interference: this is secondary light/flash image caused by wave or particle (virtual particle/set of particles) interaction with the screen. Furthermore particles. This flashs has certain duration-flourescent time. Which is much more than time interval between two particles. The amplitude of this flashs proportional to the energy of particles. And has a cylindric wave forms. This waves creates interference image.

Single particle interference "mystery"

Really time interval between particles is much more less than fluorescent time. So , when the second particle couses the second flash on the screen, it intersects with not finished first one. Which isn't nessesary caused with the particle passed through the same slit. So , statistically we get interference without any absurdity of simultaneously passing through two slits by one particle. Or interacting with itself.

Delayed choice "mistery". Or future influencing on
past. Pic.1.

This experiment proofs (a).
If we put screen before particle detectors, we get interference image. No difference what the reason causes it: wave or particle And the same, no difference what detectors shows. So the interference image doesn't change the behavior (wave or particle) of the particle in the past.

Quantum eraser " mystery ". About information
influencing on interference image. Pic. 2.

In this experiment they claim,
if detectors D1,D2 activated, then interference image appears on the screen. In this case they don't know which slit particle have passed.
if detectors D3,D4 activated, then interference image doesn't appear. In this case they know definitely which slit particle passed.
So they claim, that knowledge of slit passing through, destroys the interference image.

But what happens really ?

Let A is event: flash of light caused by particle passing through one slit.
Let B is event: flash of light caused by particle passing through another one.

Detectors D1,D2 each, represent multiplicator if events A and B = AB. More correct they have AB or AB = AB. Which in a fact shows unnesessity of D2.
Detectors ,each, activated when A intersects with B. But this is necessary condition of interference !
So D1,D2 filtering interference images.

Contrary. D3,D4 selects nonintersecting A,B. But in this case they never get interference !

In another words this experimental device mechanicaly filters interference images from not ones.

There is no any influence/connection of slits knowledge on interference. Nonsense.

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Since thus far there is no scientific theory that explains abiogenesis with an acceptable, scientific explanation supported by conclusive evidence, Dawkins, in his book The Blind Watchmaker, goes to the extent of discussing the possibility of a quasi-miracle occurring, like when lightning strikes a person at the very moment they expected, or when lightning strikes the same person seven times as documented in the Guinness Book of World Records. Dawkins says that what is considered miraculous in a short period of time isn't considered miraculous over a long period of time-in other words, when sufficient time is available. This means he assumes the emergence of the cell to be a miracle, but a miracle relative to time. To refute this, it is sufficient to say that the probability of a self-replicating organism arising is almost nonexistent within the time limits we are familiar with. In fact, even if he wanted to calculate the probability at the level of the entire universe, the number of planets potentially suitable for this occurrence wouldn't support it.
For more and detailed information on this, we recommend you to read the Atheism Delusion written by Ahmed Al-Hasan.
Read online:
book introduction : #atheism #Ahmed_Alhasan

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