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Experiments over decades demonstrates the mind has some control over the physical world.
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Deriving biofuels from plant-sugars via the new science of synthetic biology holds great promise for sustaining our planet.
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Prasanna Rohith

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Must read vry useful:


🐜 Ants Problem:
Ants hate Cucumbers.
"KEEP the skin of
Cucumbers near the
Place where they are
or at Ant Hole.

 To Get Pure & Clean
Ice :
"Boil Water first
before placing in the

 To make the Mirror
"Clean with Sprite"

 To remove Chewing
Gum from Clothes:
"Keep the Cloth in
the Freezer for One

💭 To Whiten White
"Soak White Clothes
in hot water with a
Slice of Lemon for 10

 To give a Shine to
your Hair:
"Add one Teaspoon
of Vinegar to Hair,
then wash Hair"

🍋 To get maximum
Juice out of Lemons:
"Soak Lemons in Hot
Water for One Hour,
and then juice them"

 To avoid smell of
Cabbage while
"Keep a piece of
Bread on the
Cabbage in the
Vessel while cooking"

 To remove Ink from
"Put Toothpaste 🍥
on the Ink Spots
generously and let it
dry completely, then

🐀 To get rid of Mice or
"Sprinkle Black
Pepper in places
where you find Mice &
Rats. They will run

 Take Water Before
"About 90% of Heart
Attacks occur Early in
the Morning & it can
be reduced if one
takes a Glass or two
of Water before going
to bed at Night"

 We Know Water is
important but never
knew about the
Special Times one
has to drink it.. !!

Did you ???

 Drinking Water at the
Right Time ⏰
Maximizes its
effectiveness on the
Human Body;

 1 Glass of Water
after waking up -
⛅ helps to
activate internal

 1 Glass of Water
30 Minutes 🕧
before a Meal -
helps digestion..

 1 Glass of Water
before taking a
Bath 🚿 - helps
lower your blood

 1 Glass of Water
before going to
Bed -  avoids
Stroke or Heart

🃏 Chinese Proverb Says:
'When someone
shares something of
value with you and
you benefit from it,
You have a moral
obligation to share it
with others too.'

So..., DO your's !
I have done mine...
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There are many who don’t know who Nikola Tesla was. He was less famous than Newton. He was less popular than Einstein and he was arguably less famous than his arch rival Thomas Edison. But his work powers the device on which you are reading this. He set a milestone in the electrical industry by inventing the AC (alternating current) induction motor. And to put it in his own words, he has always been a man ahead of time. He could...
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Joe Arrigo

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Japan offers an interactive robot to consumers that is able to read the emotions of humans and respond to them.
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The lithium-ion batteries that power our laptops and electric vehicles could store more energy and run longer on a single charge with the help of a sponge-like silicon #nanomaterial. PNNL researchers developed the material – which has 10 times the energy storage capacity of graphite – to replace the graphite traditional used in one of the battery's electrodes. Read more at http://1.usa.gov/1ogLQDC. 
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Scientists trained their sights on soot to understand its undesirable effects on the #Arctic environment. Using global climate model simulations, they evaluated soot's effects in Northern China and the Arctic against measurements over the region. PNNL scientists and a University of Michigan collaborator found key model parameters that correctly spot soot buildup and melt-away in a complex seasonal and latitudinal dependence swing. Their study will help the climate modeling community better understand soot's great influence on regional and global #ClimateChange. Read more at http://bit.ly/arcticsoot. 
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John Gribbin has written a lucid history of Western science. It chronicles the advances in scientific knowledge over the centuries and highlights the individuals whose thoughts changed our understanding of the physical world. A well-written and engaging read. I hope you find the review both enjoyable and informative.

#science   #sciencehistory   #sciencebookreview  
There is a time when one has to put aside the objective-sounding pedantry of book review formulae and say “this is a great book.” The discovery and reading of John Gribbin’s The Scientists is one such time.   I apologize for ...
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Science must be a player, a voice in morality, where values and knowledge become allies.
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Surface science!!
Materials Science and Engineering explained through informational GIFs: http://goo.gl/yWu5SB

- Tribology: Science and engineering of interacting surfaces in relative motion.

- Surface Science / Catalysis: studies the physical and chemical phenomena that occur at the interface of two phases.

- Rheology: studies the the flow of matter

- Nanotechnology: studies the effects of the material which is only present at the nanoscale.

Read more: http://en.docsity.com/news/science-2/materials-science-engineering-explained-informational-gifs/

#physics #chemistry #nanotechnology  
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See how B612's inexpensive nonprofit Sentinel mission to map asteroids (technically NEO's) is adding value to the large, government funded (ie expensive) New Horizons mission to Pluto. ...and see why chief scientist Marc Buie is a total badass! We should listen to him more and Kanye West less....much less. Go Sentinel! http://sentinelmission.org/essays/new-horizons-hubble-and-sentinel/ +Edward Lu u rocks too
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Now you know what will you do will you help others in need of blood. 
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A collaborative team of scientists from PNNL and the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center studied nutrient turnover in the gardens of leaf-cutter ants using #metabolomic and #metaproteomic techniques at the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory at PNNL. The team’s findings could improve the process to convert #biomass to #biofuels and other advanced bioproducts. Read more at http://1.usa.gov/1zpYicN. 
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Mustafa Dorado

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Computer Simulation Confirms the Possibility of Time Travel

Physicists from the University of Queensland in Australia set out to simulate a computer experiment, which could prove the possibility of time travel at the quantum level, predicted in 1991. They managed to simulate the behavior of a single photon passing through a wormhole in space-time in the past and engaging with itself. Such a trajectory of a particle is called a closed timelike curve, i.e. a photon returns to the original space-time point and its worldline closes.

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Goes to show you the POWER of the x-box one. Luke, join me and we will rule the galaxy as father and son. Then we'll open a pizza restaurant and call it... Father and son's pizza, and rule the take out pizza industry together. It will be glorious. 
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He is just 15 and he thoughts are unbelievable 
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Artistic depiction of paramecia with artificial cilia: Chiral, unidirectional molecular switches mounted on surfaces are the prerequisite for inducing cilia driven directed motion. Scientists from Kiel transformed simple azobenzenes to chiral switches equipped with a molecular platform to mount them on gold surfaces. This bionic emulation of a billions of years old biological transportation system might be used in nano fabrication in the future.
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Physicists of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) and the Graduate School of Excellence "Materials Science in Mainz" (MAINZ) have been able with the aid of computer simulations to confirm and explain a mechanism by which two knots on a DNA strand can interchange their positions.
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Influence of 'the apple' on Isaac Newton and Steve Jobs :D
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