Admin Angelo: I summon +Pixle the neon Yoshi 's oc


You are being judged because you broke universal law #1 and 3.

You rebelled against your creator, King neon, and you have godly powers.


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Name: Jugo
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Species: Cubone
Moveset: Bone Rush, Bonemerang, Ice Beam, Skull Bash
Personality: Quiet, shy, worrisome, friendly
Bio: Even since becoming cursed, many have come to fear Jugo, even though the Cubone has never hurt anyone. This destiny caused him to flee his village, and hide from everyone, in fear of getting hurt, or hurting someone. However, he doesn't let it stop him from talking to those who don't seem afraid of him.

Welcome to the council of admins.

Admin lore-

Admins are high power beings in control of their own beings.
Some of them formed a council. I am head of the council.

Universal law-

1. Thy oc must not rebel against their creator.

2. Exessive use of the fourth wall is prohibited.

3. Godly powers on a character is frowned upon and the character and Admin shall be punished.


Name: Admin Angelo

age: 15

Appearance: a human wearing a hoodie, with spiked up black hair.

Bio: Formed the council cuz why not.
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