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Name: Max Rider
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Species: human
Grade: 12th
Classes: Dragon riding, dragon language, and how to care for your dragon
-black hair
-blue eyes
-winter jacket
-pale skin
Personality: Is mean and cold as the Antarctic
Likes: His dragon
Dislikes: Everybody that gets in his way
Fatal flaw: His dragon
Weapon: Throwing knives and a sword
Bio: Was along when a child, but taken in by a nice female dragon that cared for me as one of her own. She died later and I took care of each baby dragon until they were old enough to be on there own. One stayed with me and is forever now my only family.
Dragon: A Snow/ice dragon with the power to freeze anything.
It's size is pretty big I can ride on it's back, but small enough for me to feed it without buying or finding more food. 
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Name: Aiden Smith
Age: 17
Gender: male
Species: human
Weapon: saber, bow and various types of arrows (fire, ice, rope, etc.), spear
Powers: florakinesis, faunakinesis, geokinesis, telepathic communication with Diablo
Dragon: Plains Drake "Diablo"
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(( Kilgharrah is taken from the BBC show Merlin, along with the concept of Druids and Dragonlords, so credit to that.))

His NAME is Aithne Tormaen , with “Tormaen” a very old druid surname meaning “golden saxifrage”.

His AGE is young, but he was younger still when he met Kilgharrah. He is of the age of 17.

He belongs to the SPECIES Druid and Dragonlord, and is only aware of his heritage because of Kilgharrah, who recognized him.

His ABILITIES include speaking with Kilgharrah through the mind, both because of their connection as Dragonlord and Dragon (making them spiritual brothers) and because of his druid heritage. He can also speak to other dragons, though because his Dragonlord heritage is weak, he cannot control them like the Pure Dragonlords of the old days. Due to his close connection with Kilgharrah, he has attained the ability to control fire, and occasionally even breath it like his dragon companion. He has slight talent in magic due to his Druid heritage, but is only able to perform the most basic tasks.

- - - KILGHARRAH - - -

His *NAME is Kilgharrah.

His AGE is at a good number, as he is in his prime at 522 years.

He is a Fire dragon with scales of golden color and a fire that burns hotter than any other type of dragon. His breath comes in colors of white, gold, orange, and with flickers of blue and green. He can breathe a type of fire that has the same function as Greek Fire, being in a liquid form and burning atop anything, even water.

- - - BIOGRAPHY - - -

Aithne met Kilgharra at the young age of five years old, after losing his parents to the Great Slaughter, a time when Druids were killed freely because of their magical practice. He had been crying while wandering the woods until finally he tripped over a rock above a ridge and came tumbling down, getting knocked out in the process. Not that he had known, but at the base of that ridge was a cave in which a large dragon slept for the night, unaware of the killing that had occurred minutes before above it’s sleepy head. However, when the druid child landed with a thump before it’s nose, it did wake, and after smelling the death clogging to the child, he was able to piece together what happened. When Aithne woke, it was to a frighteningly close snout of a dragon, which was nosing him awake gently, scales of gold glinting enchantingly in the early morning sun. Now awakened, he had stared at the dragon for some time, until finally Kilgharrah spoke to him, calling him safe and welcome. Shocked, Aithne had only gaped, until the gold dragon explained fully why they were able to communicate telepathically. After coming to an understanding, Aithne met the dragon with open friendliness, and together they traveled and grew up. To this day they are closely entwined friends, and mostly inseparable, one always protecting the other from any threats that may occur. Aithne has taught Kilgharrah companionship, and in return Kilgharrah has taught Aithne his heritage and what it is to be a Dragonlord and a Druid, and in their travels they have picked up small bits of spells that Aithne has found that he is, indeed, capable of doing.
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 Name: Charlie 
Age: 16
Abilities: He can communicate with Eithne, using her movements, to figure out what she was saying. Also because of his connection with her he had the minor ability to control wind. 
Hair- Really dark brown, curly to an inch above his shoulders 
Eyes- A pale brown

Name: Eithne (Ith)
Age: 47
She is an air dragon; she has cloud white and pale blue scales. He can produce a lot of air, and also she can blow very strong winds. Even though she has wings she has the ability to use air to levitate about one foot off the ground.

Biography:  Charlie always had a love for dragons, he read books about them, he watched movies about them he always said they were real, but of course no one believed him. On his 8th birthday his parents were out to buy him a present and they got in a car crash; the crash killed them. For one week he stayed at home hoping his parents would return, but when the paper came to his house there was an article about his parent’s death, after that he figured he would have to live with foster parents so he ran away. When he left his home he was just wandering around and he found an antique shop that he had never seen before so he went inside. There was an old man in there he looked about 60, he said he was a wizard.  The man said Charlie was an a dragon trainer, Charlie wasn’t sure if he should believe the man, but all his doubt was gone when the man showed him Eithne. For eight years he trained with Eithne and Gerald, then when he turned 16 Gerald sent him here

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[Name] His name is Victor Velson
[Age] 18
[Accessories] A gas mask and a golden Necklace, which he Carries around but never wears.
[Magic/Power] He can camouflage himself against the darkness, as well as move shadows
[Likes] His Dragon, his friends.
[Dislikes] Bullies.

[Name] Kolash
[Type] Dark
[Age] He doesn't say
[Breath] He breathes an odd form of flame. Instead of causing light, it darkens the room or area. However, it still burns just as well

[Bio] _Victor was abandoned at 2 and lived on the streets. After several years, he needed up finding his way into a forest. In the forest, He stumbled across a cave. In the cave, he stumbled upon Kolash. Originally he was scared. Who wouldn't be? However, Kolash took him under his wing (Literally) and, in essence, adopted him. They grew the bond of a father and son. Eventually, they heard of the Academy. The rest? That is what happens next _
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Name: Amethyst
Age: 15
Dragon: Nightfury named Maplelight who is blind in her left eye
Magic item: None
Personality: Sarcastic, smart, nice
Appearance: Dusty brown hair, lightly tanned skin, crystal-like blue eyes

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Name - Whisper Age -18 Dragon - ice and water mixed and it's Name is Icy
Magic Idoms - a necklace that can never be see that allows me to talk to all anamals(including my dragon) Powers - to control all the elements Wepon -sword 
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