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In a #world   full of #prejudices, #stereotypes, #theorems, #axioms, #templates and #standards #YOU become a #human being who lives in the #world of others.
You exist only to be of #service to others, do the #GOOD that others say they need and are in a race against time to get the thanks of others.
You have created a #world of your own where you #isolate #yourself to have a #moment of #silence and #reconciliation.
You have created another #YOU used at #work, in #public, when #socializing and even in #family #relationships.
You try with all your #powers to get #gratitude, #appreciation, #respect and #success but you note each time that these are far away.
If reaching this page you match at least one of the above #statements then you are in the right place.
D.O.R. ACADEMY will #support and #inspire you to
Our #guidance will guide you through the 7 #steps, the 7 #valleys of #transformation, to accept the 7 #invitations to #action.
Thus we will be with you to help apply the 7 #imperative #laws :
Passing through these #valleys will create a new #YOU being the center of YOUR OWN #REALITY!
This method of #personaldevelopment has been built thanks to the #inspiration provided by the “Seven #Valleys” of #Baha’u’llah and the multitude of studies conducted by #researchers in #psychology and #psycho-#pedagogy.

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A Box of Kisses – Inspirational Story
The story goes that some time ago, a man punished his 3-year-old daughter for wasting a roll of gold wrapping paper. Money was tight and he became infuriated when the child tried to decorate a box to put under the Christmas tree.

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Inferiority Complex and the Self-Image
You have an inferiority complex when you feel less than people. You think other people are better than you.

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What is missing in children’s education
I had frequent dialogues with friends and acquaintances about their children’s behavior and education.
The vast majority of interlocutors come to complain about the behavior of children today, their lack of interest in the education system, lack of respect or obedience to parents and adults in general.

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Juggle Balls – Inspirational Advices
Imagine life as a game in which you are juggling some five balls in the air. You name them: Work, Family, Health, Friends and Spirit and you’re keeping all of these in the air.

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What the posture tells in a conversation
The way people use their bodies often provides clues to their commitment to a conversation. When two people are talking to each other, they spend some of the time looking at each other and the rest looking elsewhere

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Doing Well By Doing Good
There is a man who I’d like to tell you about. His name is Sandy Greenberg. In his youth, Sandy was a very good student, but he came from a poor family. And so he went to Columbia University on a scholarship and there he met his roommate who also was receiving financial aid.

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If a dog were your teacher
If a dog were your teacher, these are some of the lessons you might learn

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The important things in life
A philosophy professor stood before his class with some items on the table in front of him. When the class began, wordlessly he picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with rocks, about 2 inches in diameter.

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Allegory of the Cave - Video
An excerpt from Plato’s Republic, the ‘Allegory of the Cave’ is a classic commentary on the human condition. It is a story showing how true reality is not always what it seems to be on the surface.
It is a story of open-mindedness and the power of possibility.
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