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Hello Learners:

Grades have been updated for the Practice I course, please take a look and reach out by tomorrow at 9a about any grading errors.
*Please complete the course evaluation

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Please complete for the Practice I class.

Hello All: This message is to let you know that test #3 will open on Friday the 28th at 6a and will close on Monday morning at 6a.

After you learn of this information, please response "got it".


Hello learners:

Remember that process recordings must be completed by students that did not get a B (80+) on Process Recording #2.

Thank you.

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Process recording one redo

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Hello All:

Tomorrow we were expected to have a training. However, the trainer has not responded to the messages at this time.

In Lieu of meeting as a class I would like for you to find a creative method to gain your participation/attendance points for tomorrow.

Looking forward to seeing/hearing your creativity. I will for sure be grading during our class-time.


Dr. Jones, trying one more time. 

No class Today, please respond "got it".
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