Don't just be good to others, be good to yourself too! 

We all desire to be beautiful. This is a good desire and was put there by our maker. As women we all long to be beautiful. We as those around us how we look. We even ask people on Instagram, Facebook, but we are asking the wrong crowd the right question. There is only one person whose opinion that matters and He is the one who created you and made you beautiful - God! 
We are always searching for approval and satisfaction from other sinful, imperfect people who will always let us down. This is because we are also sinful and imperfect. We often forget how loved we are and how beautiful God has made us. This is because we have an enemy. We let the lies of the enemy sneak into our thoughts and tell us we are not beautiful, worthy, fat, and unlovable. 
BUT, REAL beauty begins with God. Therefore, whatever God puts His finger on is beautiful! Think of the sunset, the flowers in the field, they are all beautiful. Or an ocean or mountainous scene towering over you, exceptional beauty. 
Those things God created just by breathing into life. 
He took extra special time to CREATE you! People are God's masterpiece! You are perfect just the way you are. He did not mess up creating you! 
We long to be wanted, beautiful, loved. But as long as you turn to people for your satisfaction in life you will always be disappointed. The only way to be content with who you are is when you turn to God fr satisfaction in life. Who better to ask if you are beautiful than the author and finisher of beauty? 
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