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Full Name:Auorra Le Fay


Age:32(real age is much longer)
Apparel:gold sword and a sliver dragger
Neutral mostly but changes sides to benefit her.
Bio:she is a high priestess of the old religion.She was raised by her father the King of the fey mostly before she did a rebirth spell allowing her to be reborn as the Fire Lord and the storm queen's daughter .Her father knew what she done but eventually was okay with this.
Her reborn bio is this:
Auorra was born as the daughter of the fire lord.She is used to a life of luxury.She inherited both of her parents power.She is the crown princess of both her mother and father's kingdom.She will do anything to become queen of her father's kingdom.Her mother's kingdom is named Areaphea.She treats commoners no better than dirt and people even gossip that she's a witch which is kind of true as her grandmother from her mother's side was a powerful witch. Her father was killed in war and now Auorra is the Fire Queen of Friea.

Other:she is a high priestess and a half princess of the fey (can change her appearance)

Anna was sitting on her throne and she walking talking to one of the Royal guard about the magic. Look if there is anyone that has magic in the castle or in the village
then you..

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Name Queen Anna

Age 18

Powers None

Gender Female

Rank Queen

Occupation Queen of Arendelle

Bio I like to play around the castle. I love to play outside the most! Thats where I can build a snowman when it is snowing! I loved my life as a princess! I played with my younger sister and brother but then our parents died when I was 15 in the boat crash. Then I came queen!!!! I am so excited! But I have to stay on my ground and tell people that magic is evil and use for evil...
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Name: Jason Stokes
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Service: Royal Guard (Recruit)
Personality: Brave, Level Headed, Logical
Bio: As a young adult, he is certainly very mature for his age. For his well being he has to use a certain type of armor and clothing due to his lack of supplies he was given.

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Name: Alexandra
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Powers: The ability to give and take life
Rank: Royal
Occupation: Princess
Bio:  Hi there! I'm Alexandra. I'm 13 years old. I have one older sister and a younger brother. Don't tell anyone, but I've got the power to give and take life. Nobody knows but me. I heard that there are trolls that can teach me to control this ability. If only there was someone who knew where they are....

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Name: (D.J.) Prince Sound Dash (2.0)
Age: 23 (3,000 in Equestria and look like any age)
Gender: Male
Powers: Lightning and Sound Manipulation (main) has others
Rank: Townspeople
Occupation: Saving The Universe...
Bio: Sound Dash comes from the year 2016 in New York...he's had the ability to travel in time/dimensions. He has happened to stumble here and is now again with his odds against him he must survive here..
Other: had a lightning Sword and Sound Sword...
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