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Pacific Beach Fine Art Landscape Photography

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June 20-21, 2015 (This weekend) This is a #tbt post. I wont be exhibiting this weekend but here's a link to more information.
When all was said and done, I sold over to $20k in fine art photography during this 2-day event back in 2006. Almost every fine art piece featured was 20x30 inches or larger... some were over 6 feet in size! It was a great event and one of my highest grossing shows ever. For more information and images, visit my website at or visit:
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Fine Art Landscape Photography | Windansea Beach, La Jolla, CA
"Surf Shack" | San Diego Seascape Photos and Images
© 2015 David Christopher | All rights reserved.

More images and information on FB
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San Diego Landscape Photography | Balboa Park
"Reflections" | Balboa Park Photos and Images
Image#: 1001 | Limited Edition
© 2004 David Christopher | All rights reserved.
This image was captured using slide film just over ten years ago and remains one of my most popular images of San Diego. After days of rain, I arrived before sunrise to a full reflection pond and absolutely no visitors....except one. The tall crane in the rear right of the pond photo-bombed my shot and nearly ruined my perfect reflection when it decided to go for a dip and look for some food. I quickly fired 3 shots, framing each one slightly different. Before long the ripples in the water had traveled enough to change the glass like surface of the water. Seconds later, a maintenance truck pulled up on the far side of the pond and parked. Had the crane (bird) not jumped in, I may not have started shooting and with a truck in the background, this image may have never happened.
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