hi ,
i would like to contribute to GSOC Peragro Django-Project. So please help me how to approach mentor.
+sueastside sueastside

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Check out art like you check out code!

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The DAMN OpenGameArt Service.
Ever wondered what's in the files on OGA? Is that model a single mesh, are the textures included, is there an armature? What materials are used?  Don't have the time to download and inspect the files yourself manually?

You're in luck! Just paste the OGA URL and click analyze, and in moments you'll see previews for all the data.

HI! So I've been very interested in DAMN since I got a tip from Bassam Kurdali on the Tube Project. It looks like the goals are very much in line with our needs on +Lunatics! (Animated Series).

My only concern is that DAMN is awfully new and therefore possibly unfinished or buggy.

Right now we're using Subversion, but I'm interested in setting up an installation of DAMN, at least for testing (I'm following the git/dev instructions now).

Under the CrystalSpace Umbrella, DAMN will partake in #GSoC2014  !

Digital Assets Managed Neatly (DAMN) is a Project and Content Management platform
targeted at movie and game creation. It can automatically generate thumbnails, show 3D WebGL previews right in the browser, manage dependencies between files, ...
And soon much much more for which we need you help!
Under the CrystalSpace Umbrella, DAMN will partake in GSoC 2014.
So take a look at our https://github.com/sueastside/damn/wiki/Ideas Ideas page, maybe there is something that interests you. If so, you can contact us on IRC on freenode #peragro or submit a proposal to http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/org2/google/gsoc2014/crystal after 10th of March.
If you have questions you can find us on IRC on freenode #peragro


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Our DAMN site

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Google Summer of Code #gsoc2014   is nearing.
Are you a student? Then take a look at our ideas page, maybe you can contribute over the summer and earn some cash and get some programming experience!

You can apply with your proposal between March 10 and March 21, when the student application ends.
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