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Drew a wolf and thought "Why the heck not make this for the server" and thus, this happened lol

Redesigned Vokun  :3

Tried to save it with a /..... yeah... Now I feel stupid.... :/

Concerning our new server....

I doubt we can do this, but. Here's an idea.

I think a "ranking system" Would be cool.

It might go as follows:

Pup (Default)

And for special people (Such as the "admins". Which are Me, Dad, Ash, and Britt.)

Beta (Default)

Tell me what you think!!!

I am hosting a small server from home, the current server url is if you would like to join us when I have it running send me your Minecraft names and I'll white-list you.

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Cannot believe that this was done on the 360.

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How do I add other titles?

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O my gosh this custom map is AMAZING and a little creepy and its technical engineering such is BEAST!!

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The power of Mods.
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