First of all, I want to complement the Global Pet Foods / Pitou Minou et Compagnie store that I go to.  The employees are always courteaous and helpful beyond the call of duty.  Congratulations to the employees of the Pointe-Claire location.

I need to get a regular supply of Hill Science Diet Adult 1-6 Gourmet Beet entree or Hills Science Diet Adult 7 + Gourmet Beef Entree.
The Pitou Minou that I go to is often sold out and I can only get three or four cans at a time when they set them aside for me.  I called Hills Science Diet and they say that there is no shortage of that product and no reason why the distributor has them backordered.  I dont understand why you dont just stock more supply since it is a product that does have demand as it is often sold out.  Can you help me?

Great store, great prices and would recommend everyone I know to this store.  
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