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I know, I know. It's been legitimately FOREVER, but I finally finished the next episode! Im gonna start posting new videos every Tuesday so stay tuned!!!

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Hello to all, I made my very own American girl grand hotel play set, check out this video, many doll creators will love this for their dollies, your little girls too, you can create it in your own way or style enjoy, please comment, like, share and subscribe, thanks so much everyone :)

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jasmine is a beautiful TPE super realistic life like sex doll made up of authentic TPE material to provide vaginal, anal and oral sex. Discreet Shipping!!

Top quality
Beautiful and well shaped
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Hey guys check Palm Tree Living video out, help get her some subscribers, she really needs your help, she has awesome doll stop motions content, share her videos and get her some new subscribers~ Thanks so much:)

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Hello to all just some video highlights of my doll show, if you like to view the full video, the link is in the description box enjoy and thanks for watching :)

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Welcome to The Daily Dolls Voice
we were very happy with the response to The Doll Daily news. Loads of you requested we do more collaborations and we have decided to continue and this time allow small creators to come on board and let their channels get some exposure by being a guest on
If you are serious about being a guest we ask that you email us at
To qualify as a guest you must subscribe to dollswillbedolls
as well as Palm Tree Living
Feel free to share and connect with other channels for more exposure.
And please no sexual content, bullying and bad language
Thank you :)
Karen & Tasha
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Hey guys I made this awesome doll stop motion video I took so many pics to complete this, I need your help to stay partnered with youtube, I have the subscribers, but not the watch hours, I need like over 2,000 hours watch time, please share this video, I have until feb 20th of 2018 and they cut me loose from being a partner~ I would greatly appreciate your help thanks a million in advance :))

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Hey guys my daughter created this very short video super cute, a little girl and her baby brother Chris, guys I would greatly appreciate if you guys can subscribe to my channel ,and watch my videos I really need the support,youtube will demonetize my channel and all my work goes in vain, please help this channel~ I want to make more videos thanks a million guys :))

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Hey guys PALM TREE LIVING (Youtuber) needs our help , she needs to reach 1000 subscribers by feb 1st, she has a deadline or her channel will be demonetized, she works to hard on her doll stop motion videos guys lets have a heart, and help her out she has like 500 subscribers now, I think with all the millions of people on social medias we can help this channel out~ go to youtube and type in (Palm Tree Living) this is the profile pic, she inspires me so much I just want to help her, come on people lets just help her look at her videos , they are so awesome~ SUBSCRIBE NOW!!! SHE NEEDS OUR HELP!!!
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