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Develop a most #secured windows #application using #dotNet framework  

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Founder of #DotNetNuke community @sbwalker publishes a book on #DNN (with contributions by many community greats)  ack

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Another opportunity to interface with #DotNetNuke  community members in a hosted meeting by the Chicago Area DNN user group: Jan 14, 2015 at 8:00 PM CST.

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Hey ya'll! Happy New Year cool cats :) I trust all is well and we're all gearing up for another great year as members of a great open source community.

The MVPs have been trying to think of ways to thank Shaun Walker for his foundational contribution... what we finally settled on was a DNN portal where you, dear readers, could thank him. was launched last week! If your life has been positively impacted by DNN, pop by and thank the man who brought us all together under one roof.

Hats off to +Timo Breumelhof for setting up the portal. And thank you on behalf of the MVPs... without a great community, we wouldn't have a great platform, and isn't it great that we've all become dear friends?

Grace and peace to you in the upcoming year; ~ yer ol' pal Gif


Why do you persist with DNN? What are it's strengths over the others? Does anybody here also use any of the other CMS? Did you pick DNN or were you assigned it?

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Video Tutorial: "Cool @DNN Skinning Tips" by @twittenkeller @tworx @WillStrohl @jbrinkman Cool Skinning Tricks for DNN … ack!

I've done a little cleaning up in here; and determined a couple of things. I've removed all companies from this group/community, and kicked out people without profile photos. If you are going to post links to your DNN skins and modules, no problem, but if your links don't work, and you have a form that people are supposed to fill out; blammo, I'm deleting your post and you.

For those individuals who are posting their modules and skins, kudos; if you want some real traction, or want to get decent feedback, consider posting your wares to codeplex.  The more generous folks are with their time and energy here, the more generous the DNN Community will be perceived.

hmmm, that's it for now cool cats... ack.

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The goals of the DNN Connect Association are:
To drive/stimulate the adoption of the DNN Platform,
To support and enlarge the community, and
To provide continuity for the platform.

Click below to learn more... ack!

So around 5/15, we have quite a few client DNN sites that started getting hammered by bogus user registrations. I have heard from several others in the community about this too. So far the only effective deterrent we have implemented is shutting off user registrations all together. Many of them utilize DNNCaptcha, but that is not stopping these registrations either. The IP addresses for the new users are not being logged by DNN either, so we can't add firewall rules to thwart threats either. Does anyone have any other ideas? Most of these sites are on 6.2.9, but some are on 7.x. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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