Let's meditate on this.

As long as you keep searching, comparing, and envying what you don’t have, you’ll never have enough. Only when you rely on God and practice gratitude for all He provides will you be able to overcome the dissatisfaction that comes from envy.

Envy causes you to resent God’s goodness in other people’s lives and to ignore God’s goodness in your own.

For people always comparing themselves to others—every day brings more trouble because they will see something. But people who trust God as the source of their happiness have no desire to compare themselves to anyone else. They know that He loves them and remains in charge of their lives.

So enjoy what God has given you, instead of longing for what you don’t have. Be thankful for what God has given you, instead of saying “Oh, I wish I had their life!” Guess what? Some people are longing for your life in ways you don’t even know about!

Enjoy what you do have rather than desiring what you don’t have.

Social media should be a place to see what’s happening in the lives of those you love—not the place to make you envy.

Let’s worship our God, not because He gives us everything we want, but because He is worthy of our praise.

Because God is all we need, let’s pursue Him with our whole hearts. Only in Him will we find true joy and true contentment.
Because only He is life, and only he truly satisfies.

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I have overtime counseled people who desire to stop sexual activities, listened to their opinion about this, even felt their pain because I’ve been in their shoes before and so I decided to write this to let someone reading know that; you can still start all over again, it is very possible no matter how deep you have gone. Do not forget, I am not judging anyone please and endeavor to read all even though it is lengthy.
Sex is just not physical; it’s not just emotional, it is spiritual, it goes deep to the soul, it builds intimacy and that is why it hurts so much when you remember been involved in it especially before and outside marriage. Someone said, “Sexuality impacts us at the deepest part of our being in a way that nothing else does” and it is so true but the good news is, it’s not too late to start over again.
Before I go further, let me quickly address those in the position of leadership especially spiritual leaders, that a person confess to you about his/her sexual escapades does not make such an outcast, it is just the devil that blinded them, keeping them in this sin so that they won’t know their heritage as a child of God and so also that they won’t know they are shining light and needed you to help them see this especially as God has placed you in that position to help. Avoid pushing them away with your words and attitude, they are the reasons Christ died, He loves them and so you should.
So back to the topic itself, what can you do to heal from these past mistakes, I’ll share some and conclude tomorrow tips by the grace of God.
1. Go back to God
There is this shame that do come after sexual activity that only Christ can help you with. Like I said I’ve been there before so I pretty know this well, you feel exposed or naked and only wrapped with shame and guilt that some persons feel the only way to help this is to continue in the habit to cover the shame but I have come to tell you that the only way out of this feeling of shame and guilt is accepting Christ.
2. Forgive yourself
This is another important thing to do, believe that you have been forgiven once you asked for forgiveness genuinely and forgive yourself. According to 2Cor. 5:17, your past life becomes old after accepting Christ. Why are you holding on to the past that the Bible said has passed away and everything new?
Your past does not determine who you are instead it tells you about the poor decisions you've made and the chances of becoming a better person that's possible. What ultimately defines you is how well you rise after falling in the past.
3. Confess to one another
I said in the second paragraph that it also hurts outside marriage which is extra marital affairs. After confessing to God; the next person to confess to is your spouse, he or she needs to know. The bible made us to understand that Adam and Eve were naked and were not ashamed, which means no room for secrets. Not forgetting that the Bible also said “confess your faults one to another and pray for one another that you may be healed”.
Yes, it look difficult to do but it is the best so as to even allow you have a peace of mind, more so after confessing to God, He can always help you through other confession, I am not saying your spouse is not entitled to their mode of receiving the message, I hope you get.
4. Forgive anyone that needs to be forgiven
Probably yours is rape or any form, you have to try to forgive anybody that was involved so as to complete your healing process. Find a reason to forgive the person, especially making God a reason is enough, this aspect caused me a lot before God helped me. Release that person from your heart so that you can also move forward.
5. Resolve not to go back
After repenting, resolve I mean make a deliberate decision not to return back, it may be difficult but you have the Holy Spirit to help you through it if you genuinely repent. Set boundaries for yourself, avoid anything that can make you vulnerable, make friends with your gender (godly ones). Have a mentor or a spiritual leader and always check your spiritual status or walk with God.
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Oluwatoyin Aremu

By: Pastor Taiwo Iredele Odubiyi

Quite a number of ladies have faced this challenge of being asked to get pregnant before marriage. And such a wrong request will continue to happen for as long as there are people who don't know the ways of God.

But the people who know God will be strong and do exploits. Daniel 11:32

Some of these ladies tell me -Pastor, I am confused.

Why should you be confused about such an issue? The word of God is clear concerning premarital sex, it is wrong. And if premarital sex is wrong, then premarital pregnancy is wrong.

Some people (the man, his parents, or the lady's parents) usually insist on premarital pregnancy to be sure that the lady is fertile which is borne out of fear.

And that is a sin.

for whatsoever is not of faith is sin.
Romans 14:23 KJV

Fear is not of God. And where there is fear, there cannot be faith, and vice versa. Whoever is operating at that realm of fear is definitely not obeying God and does not have a sound mind.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7

As Christians, we must strive to please God at all times. Yielding to people to please them will make you break God's words and heart, it will affect your relationship with God and also affect your life negatively.

What to do if he or your parents or his parents want you pregnant before marriage?

You must immediately tell them "No, I cannot do that, I am a child of God. It is wrong."

If they still insist on pregnancy before marriage even after you have told them No,

then you should involve your pastor immediately so he/she can support you and counsel them appropriately, that is if you attend a Bible believing church.

Getting pregnant before marriage will give your marriage a faulty foundation which will affect whatever you intend to build.

Let's think about this

In Luke 16, the rich man asked Abraham to send Lazarus to go and preach to his five brothers who were still alive so that they would not use their time on earth to choose the wrong side of eternity.
He knew now that it is in this world that you choose your placement in eternity.
He knew how that repentance was only possible here on earth.
Even if you want to change, there's no change in eternity forever.
Prayer is of no use in eternity.
No Bible study there forever.
After here, there's no teaching there.
Nobody will need to tell another to know God. We will all know Him.

Song : We will see Him as He is...

Preaching and every form of service end here.
There, you will stand to receive the result of what you have done in the body.

Where will you spend your eternity?
Think about this and pray.

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