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PLEASE READ: Posts about Data Spamming
(last updated: 2017-01-04 - new reference guide from +Carlos Escalera and new Quotes section)

★★★ ANY posts about data spamming will be removed unless it adds something really new to the conversation ★★★

Simply put, "referral spam/fake referral" comes from unscrupulous people who are sending unwanted data to your Google Analytics property by exploiting the lack of authentication mechanism in the measurement protocol used by Google Analytics tags.

Google knows about it, but they will not reveal any details. Ref:
We are annoyed as you can see in the above post comments, and as shown in this poll:

Dealing with referral spam
DO NOT use "referral exclusion" - this will do more harm than good!
▹ Simplest: make sure "filter bots" is on, and set a filter to include only your legitimate host:
▹ Advanced: use data collection keys as explained by +Julien Coquet at

Want to know more?
▹ An excellent guide from +Carlos Escalera: Ultimate Guide to Getting Rid of All the Spam in Google Analytics
▹ as well as +Mike Sullivan: Definitive Guide to Removing All Google Analytics Spam at

Note: use those tools at your own risk, never install something or allow access to your data if you don't fully understand and trust its origin!
+xse media GmbH,
- +Analytics Canvas
- Referrer Spam Blocker

▹ "Even on high volume websites were data spamming would be marginal, you still have to explain why there's such a discrepancy. As an analyst you can't dismiss it simply by saying "nah... we're not too sure what it is, but I heard about that spamming thing..." +Stéphane Hamel (
▹ "Any minute fighting referral spam is a minute not spent providing insight to the business” +Stéphane Hamel (
▹ (please submit other quotes from industry leaders)

(If anything of interest comes up it will be added to this post - feel free to comment)

On the GA UI, is there a way of finding out if a hit was generated via the Measurement Protocol? How can I ascertain if a hit came from the MP or via site interaction?

Hello, i have a stupid question. How do i know if my business google account is premium?

I was said that our company uses Analytics 360. I just got access to analytics and i see that some of the properties have a small 360 sign near its name. But when i try to log in to 360 suite through the nav bar i got a message that i have no access.

Is it possible that we have only 360 for Google Analytics tool (not for tag manager, data studio and so on). You can have premium only for one tool?

If so, where i can find the magical rollup feature being logged to analytics? Or having 360 only for analytics mean for us that there will be able to create more properties and views and thats all no additional control panel.

If all that i have said above is nonsense and if i see the 360 signs near some properties, that means that we have premium for all the applications and its just a permission issue? Who can help me in that situation?

To be clear and to my defence, i have to say that i have never used premium before. Sorry for being so lame in the topic :)

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Fantastic 🔥
Via Ajay Nainani twitter | | +Google Analytics
If all goes well, new @googleanalytics Home and Discover will roll out to 10% of users tonight, randomly selected. Here's a blurry preview:

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"Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do."

Improve your understanding of Google Analytics from the top analytics blogs

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Hi Everyone,
In our analytics report, sessions in Behaviour>site content> Landing Page report, we can see total number of sessions to be 176,859. And when I apply the “Event Category” as secondary dimension, the total no of sessions rise to 228,654. Can anyone please tell me the reason for this rise?
We have created an extra tracker using which is hard coded.
Kindly refer the Screenshot attached below:


Hi There... I am wondering if someone can assist me. I am trying to create an Analytics account and when I want to accept the Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement, my country South Africa is not there anymore ? Why has my country been removed ? I cannot create any Analytics accounts now. Can someone please investigate and revert back ASAP, thank you.

[HTML5 History API website]
Dear Analysts,
I've got a problem when sessions from paid adwords traffic split into two sessions where the second session attributes to organic traffic
I suppose that the problem is in a website's structure. It uses HTML History API. So, basically when users first arrive from AdWords the session gets cpc as a sourse, but when they start browsing the website, so the URL changes (but the page doesn't reload) GA starts the new session with organic as a sourse.
Google Analytics is installed via Google Tag Manager and pageviews are tracked with the History changes trigger.
Thank you in advance for any tips on how to deal with the situation.

Hi everyone, we have recently implemented the User ID feature into our GA, however, I have not been able to find an easy to understand guide on.. basically, what I can do with it. All I know if that I can get a better user count and Cross-Device reports (which doesn't seem like much). To someone who hasn't ever tried out this feature before, maybe some of you could point out the most obvious ways I could benefit from using it? As opposed to when I don't track logged-in visitors?
P.S. it's not a service site. It's a site where people sign up, hopefully buy the subscription service and then read the monthly reports (so not a lot of UX stuff involved)
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