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Hi there,

I have a website where the site search result pages are often used as destination page for Adwords and other marketing channels. We also see quite a bit of SEO traffic going directly to site search result pages.

Therefore I would like to segment the search term report by whether it is a landing page or whether it is a 'regular' search that a user entered manually on the website.

Changing the website or the url structures would be difficult so I am looking for a way to do that in the backend of Analytics.

I could not find a direct way to see if a search happened on a non-landing page. Therefore I have tried to use a hit-level custom dimension 'is landing page' that is set to 'no' by default and is set to 'yes' whenever the filter field 'Referral' is not empty because according to the Google docs "This field is only populated for the initial external referral at the beginning of a session."

This will not work for any direct traffic (e.g. via bookmarks) but as far as I can see it should work for all other traffic sources. But unfortunately I still see some landing pages where the custom dimension 'is landing page' is set to "no", but the traffic source is e.g. cpc. For returning users this might actually be direct traffic so the returning traffic source is reported, so this is fine. But this also happens for new users, so either I am doing something wrong or my approach does not work as expected.

Dos anyone of you know a  way to see if a site search was done on a landing page or on a subsequent page?

Thanks for any tips!
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Or you could build a custom report with a filter where you exclude "startpage" "(entrance)".
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Still not as good as Google Analytics... is it?
The New Facebook Analytics for Apps tool does a lot more than track app advertising data.
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Here we go... Facebook Analytics means "thief data". 
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Hi, I'm trying to understand if my blog's loading speed is causing the 83% bounce rate.

I know how to see the average time spent on page but can GA break visitors down into segments to show something like 50% have spent 2 seconds, etc?

Any suggestions appreciated!
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+Alina Loredana Stan 

Then maybe setting up a Segment? 

Create a new segment, go to Behaviour within the Segment, and then go to Session Duration per user and configure it for more/less than 2 seconds. 

Hope this helps.
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Jutt Bahi

Guides & References  - 
Keyword ‘not provided’: How to Analyze Blog Traffic?
‪#‎seo‬ ‪#‎analytics‬ ‪#‎blogtips‬ ‪#‎bloggers‬ ‪#‎blogging‬
Keyword "not provided" proving blog traffic tracking difficult? Learn 7 alternatives to find how people are searching and landing on your blog/s.
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I was reading a blog by Avinash where he spoke on the cost of organic traffic. Anybody have an idea on how to calculate this cost from a small business perspective if you do most of you seo and online marketing in house?
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Truly well done article: Google Analytics Tips to Speed Up Your Website Data Analysis

Read the article:

Credits to +kissmetrics and +Paul Koks 

#googleanalytics #websitetraffic #sem  
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Hello Friends. This is first post here. My name is Palla. I have a few websites. I recently came to know about the hreflang attribute in GWT.  I want to know a few things about it. Before implementing that concept, should I convert my site into a multi-lingual version. Should I use a plugin or manually convert to different languages. I'm using Wordpress. 
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Check out 6 worst landing page optimization techniques to avoid on +Justin Mifsud Blog by +Jignesh Gohel !
An introductory article that provides a collection of Landing Page Optimization techniques that should be avoided and what one should do instead.
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Hi all! Hope someone can help or point me in the right direction.

Google analytics for one of my websites is reporting an abnormal amount of Direct traffic. I usually get 30-50 hits a day and now I am getting 300-400. The abnormal traffic areas are coming from within the United States, primarily San Francisco, but also Columbus OH, Pompano Beach FL, and Century FL. Since January I have been getting a 700% increase in traffic. 

I have several other websites on the same Analytics account, but this particular website ( is the only one experiencing trouble.

The traffic is mainly hitting my index plus all other pages that are linked on my index page. One session is created and then the Bounce Rate is near 100%. This "" network domain seems to be the culprit.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Any ideas on what may be going on?

Thanx in advance for your help!
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The high bounce rate, 100% new users and 1sec average session duration are all signs of spam hitting your site. Follow +Marcin Wartacz​'s advice.
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Joel Stein

Sharing  - 
Ever been confused about the difference between these 2 metrics, and how they're both really calculated? This should set the record straight. 
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Hello ALL!!
I need to measure social commitments of a google community.
Do you have some advise to use  #googleanalytics  ?
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Make sure you use customised campaign tags -

You'll be able to add in details about what groups you've posted in, as well as the topic of the message.
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The German Bundestag may issue a law to forbid tracking of Internet users in Germany.

No fake.
Der Deutsche Bundestag möge beschließen, dass Internet-Nutzer in Deutschland nicht "getrackt" werden dürfen.

Mitzeichnungsfrist: 30.03.2015 - 27.04.2015

#datenschutz   #privacy   #tracking   #analytics
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+Tobias Sasse by expensive and wide blanket polls targeting 10% of customers or some percentage of age group or some percentage of a whole nation. These polls are not accurate nor effective and by no means something a small basement run webstore would have money or means to use.
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Advertisers Reporting Big Google AdWords Quality Score Declines! There are widespread reports from Google AdWords users that their keyword quality scores have fallen significantly. Read More:
Google said a fix was rolling out and that the work was completed Sunday, March 29. See updates below.
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Hello. My site visitors results gets 'spammed' by a network vallen simple-share-buttons .com. can anybody tell me how to Block them?
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The link from +Carlos Escalera Alonso is certainly the most complete and well presented article I've seen so far.
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My First Blog Publish on A/B Testing!
“Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving,” quoted David Ogilvy, a renowned business person, when asked by a curious online marketer during a chat session about the failsa...
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Okay, so there are lots of blogs etc exploring traffic from social media and that some of the traffic is attributed to Direct Traffic.

I can't seem to find anything to talks about Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads tracking in GA when a user comes from a Mobile App.

I am still getting discrepancies even though the URL's are tagged correctly with the URL Builder.

Does anyone know of a solution for better tracing of In App clicks to Websites?


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One of our properties for a major e-commerce site reports no data from 08:00 of today GTM+1. Other properties for the same site reports data until 11:00. I know that Analytics will need up to 24 hours or more to stabilize the data and that the data reported should not bee seen as accurate for now. Having no data at all from 08:00 until now isn’t normal for this site.

Google Tag Manger is used with a shared container. The property id is set by a lookup table, which tells me that the configuration is correct as the other properties reports data. The raw view of this particular property is facing the same issue.

Anyhow, the real time report tells that hits are generated; pageviews, events and transactions.

The GA Debug/console isn’t giving any errors and no coding adjustment has been done lately.

Anybody else having the same situation? Any ideas for further debugging?
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+Stéphane Hamel , Thanks! I'll wait and see.
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Hi. I have a single page website. Or maybe not single page but the website is an ajax website. Programmers implemented pageview hit each time when next page is loaded. However we have quite high bounce rate and low avg session duration. I'm wondering if time on page is counted properly in our case. 
Almost half of our users bounces. For this visits we've implemented an event fired on page unload. I figured out that it should help us count time properly since GA count it from hit to hit. And tat's the point. Is GA count time on page from, hit to hit or from pageview to pageview? And second question, since the "closing" event is nonInteractive is it OK to use it in this context? After a month of having this event session time hasn't change a bit. With 50% BR it sound illogical for me because it should increase session time.
I'll be grateful for answer.
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yes, non interactive event hit is the same as a pageview hit as far as GA calculating stats like bounce rate, time on site etc - its designed pretty much for this exact application.
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