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Whether sites are using HTTPS or not, all traffic communication with Google Analytics is being encrypted.
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Tiaan Van Zyl

Questions  - 
Archive Old Profiles

Is there a way to archive Google Analytics profiles that aren't in use and have stopped, but we don't necessarily want to delete them because they still hold historical data. Keeping all these old profiles clutters up the GA interface.

Thank you,
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+Ranyere Rodrigues Those are great suggestions. Hypothetically speaking, it would be great to 'label' profiles and then just put a filter on those that are in use. Similar to labels in the AdWords platform.
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GA tips and shortcuts by +LunaMetrics. 
Use our tips and shortcuts to use Google Analytics more efficiently - which means more time to spend on implementation, analysis, and interpretation.
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Harsha Pawadi

Discussion  - 
Hi Guys,

I am running a E-mail campaign using a third party source after doing that campaign my coversions seems to be improved but am unable to find out whether the campaign has worked out or not, because under Acquisition tab in Google Analytics there is no traffic which shows from E-mail it can't be that bad after sending thousands of email's So guys how do i solve this tracking issue of my mail campaigns.
Is there anything wrong with tracking code or what ??
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As far as I know, this additional parametrs in Url is a common way to track campaigns and everybody use it. As another way... You can create specific landing page for campaign and you will know that every session with this landing page
will be a session from specific campaign. 
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Alex Koremenos

Questions  - 
Topic: Google My Business & Embedded Google Map

Background: (a lot to digest here - bear with me!)

My client has many locations customers can physically go to (or search for on Google) to find locations, get directions, or grab a phone number. All of which have a Google My Business account attached to it.

On the client website there is also a dedicated section to this exact functionality with interactive options of changing the type of location you are looking for or prefer to specify by city, etc.. The "Get Directions" functionality uses an embedded Google Map to locate a location nearest the customer.

When looking at engagement with these on-site "location" pages over time I found that engagements (in this case - pageveiws) has dropped over 40% since last year. As a main KPI for this client, you can see how this can be problematic to look at and explain...

Where I am struggling is finding information (or common occurrences) to confirm my theory that explains this massive decrease:

Looking at organic search traffic for a specific city in the last 90 days (I chose the city with the most interactions with the on-site "Get Directions" functionality) and compared it to the largest Google My Business Account specific to this same city, I found that the majority of users are clicking on the map or calling directly from their Google search (you can see this from insights/analytics within the Google My Business account admin page). Only a handful of users actually are clicking through to the client site.

So if you were to take away the option of a user to search on Google and get the location, direction, or phone number they are looking for (in theory, taking away the Google My Business account) and add in this influence of traffic into the "Get Directions" site functionality, pageviews actually increased +70% over time.

Is the correlation strong enough to validate this theory? That Google My Business is taking away a lot of the reason for a user to interact with a company store locator on-site? Or in my case "Getting Directions"?

Will the embedded Google map on the client site sync up with the Google My Business account? or will the interaction data remain separate from Google My Business and a properly tagged embedded map?

Is there a way to aggregate data from multiple Google My Business accounts?

Is anyone else seeing a drop in their own or their clients organic traffic within their on-site locator functionality but know they have GMB up and running too? Does the GMB data for your own location or client support my theory too?

Thank you!
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Joao Carpio

Questions  - 
View Filters - Third Parties Report

Lately a third party company (mail traffic) want's access to Google Analytics, I know I can create a brand new view with a filter on medium from now on, but they want to evaluate past data.

I have multiple views available and I can filter one of those views, but the filter won't affect past data. 

Any thoughts on how can I set a view for this third party user so that they can only see the traffic they have sent?
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Ask them for the exact data they need and then export it as an Excel sheet.

I can highly recommend Analytics Edge as a tool for doing this. It's an Excel plugins that draws GA data from the API and saves us a huge amount of time
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Marco Pasin

Questions  - 
Is there a way to export raw data about the Funnel Visualization report? Ideally via API and daily. I'd like to analyse abandonment rate across steps over time and perhaps building an external funnel visualization.

I was thinking of first building custom segments in GA, isolating sessions at individual steps, and then use these segments in the queries. I did a quick try but numbers don't match exactly with the ones reported in GA report. Is there a simple way to get these data, any suggestion? Thanks!  
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+Marco Pasin
Goal Funnel Visualizations 'backfill' data if a step is optional:

Therefore if your setup has any optional steps it is highly unlikely the API segment approach would ever give you the exact same numbers. To get a closer approximation you would probably need to set up some additional segments to get the value of sessions where user saw page X and Z but not page Y and then add these on to get the backfill number.


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I was using analytics all well. But all my stats / hit per days etc. just dropped down dramatically.

What might be wrong? I do not use copied content for eg.
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There might be various reasons why this might have happened:

- Certain marketing campaign stopped
- Recent filter introduction could be blocking some of your data
- Your tracking code was pampered with

Quite difficult to diagnose the problem with such little information.
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Artem Korneev

Questions  - 
I can't understant why ga:users metric is not equal for these two segments:


For sessions::condition i've got great value for the same time period..

users::condition::ga:pagePath=~/blog/ = users who visited /blog/ pages
sessions::condition::ga:pagePath=~/blog/ = sessions when /blog/ pages were visited. But all users who visited /blog/ pages should be counted in the first segment.

Please somebody explain me where's mistake in my logic?
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Rodney Schulz

Questions  - 
I haven't used Google Analytics in years and now I have one dumb question: How do I get into Google Analytics that shows me how many times people are entering, for example, "Texas brewed coffee"?
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Hi +Rodney Schulz​,

I presume you are referring to internal site search here? If so then the following links should give you all the information you require:

If you are looking for organic search terms then I'm afraid you will likely now run into the (not provided) issue:

Paid search terms should still be accessible as long as the accounts are configured correctly.


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Grant Kemp

Sharing  - 
Hi All,
I am doing a startup course at Google Campus and I would like to try build something to improve how we use Google Tag manager/ Google analytics. I personally build IOS and Mac apps, so might be fun to do something with that- but I am more interested in hearing your feedback.

If you have 3 minutes to to share some feedback on your challenges using tag manager or analytics or what you would like to improve , then I am going to draw names next month and give a 50GBP Amazon voucher to the name I draw to say thanks.
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Glad you like it +Hans-Christian Benedict - some fascinating data so far but will leave it for more entries
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I really hope someone participates!!! Online Hackathon about Universal Analytics Plugins. More specific one plugin for making a dual tracking setup just using a simple plugin :)
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On integrating GA and Fusion Tables by +Daniel Waisberg. 
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Andrey Vorobiev

Discussion  - 
Hi guys,

I am doing some dashboarding using google analytics spreadsheets add-on.

I have two separate mediums with cpc and CPC inside reports. I need data only for cpc to show, but uppercase CPC always gets on my way and I'm not sure if it is possible to filter it out completely as google analytics case insensitive by default.

Is there any way to filter out uppercase values from the report?

Any help is much appreciated :)

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+Oleg Harchenko, thank you. That helped. I had to reconfigure my filters to medium== instead of medium=~ (reg exp) to include all mediums I needed. Too sad that reg exp won't work in this case :(

Thanks everyone for help :)
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I need to report the total amount of the following metrics form more than 10 view :
- Total e commerce Revenue
- Average conversion rate 
- Total transactions
How can i do it?
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If you need to extract large amounts of data from multiple views, and perhaps categorizing them for reporting, you could use the R language and connect to GA API. This of course requires some knowledge the R language (easier if you have some coding background), but it is really worth if you are planning to retrieve large amount of data from many sites at once. I leave you a tutorial that explains how to retrieve data from multiple views via R:
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Checkout here for setting up GA into Magento: 

If you are running your Magento eCommerce store you may have heard about Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic..Track every step for Setting Up Google analytics in Magento Step by Step: 
If you are running your Magento eCommerce store you may have heard about Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. You can find out monthly (duration can be customize) total visits, location visits (city, region, country), language visits, landing page visits, organic, referral,
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Hi everyone,
I'm trying to build an advanced segment based on multiple conditions. 
The segment should be something like:

ConditionA OR
(ConditionB AND ConditionC)

I'm not figuring out how to do this: it seems to me that GA understands only
(ConditionA OR ConditionB)
AND ConditionC

That is: it picks A and B only when C  is true as well.
Is there any workaround to succeed in this task? Regex is not an option, because C is an Event and Aand B are Landing page paths: so, I want to profile users that enter on the page path A toghether with the users that enter on the page B and generate an event C.

Hope it's not too confusing :) 
Thank you
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There is a solution with doesn't come in very handy, but should work, as you can set up a combination of Filters for a segment, which then have an AND combination. So do the following: Set up an event with:

1. Filter: Include: LP A or LP B or Event C
2. Filter: Exclude: LP B and No Event C
3. Filter: Exclude: Event C, LP not B

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I have a question regarding cookies. I have seen that on some websites with Universal Analytics, not only is the _ga cookie set (as expected), but also _utma and _utmz. I have observed this on some websites (example:, This happens in the Google Analytics collect request - it seems to set both _utma and _utmz in these cases. Does anyone have an explanation as to why on some websites with Universal Analytics, _utma and _utmz are still also being set with the collect request ? And are they still actually used or read in some way, when we are using Universal Analytics ? And one more odd thing I have noticed. If I delete my cookies for a domain in Chrome, it does not delete _utma and _utmz. Could this have something to do with Doubleclick or Google regenerating its own cookies ?
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Mihir Shah

Questions  - 
Hello friends

Can some one assist on answer if in Google webmaster website or property shows restricted access and as far as I remember that was email address used to submit crawl website.

Now question is whatever email address I can thought i have checked but couldn't figure out which is admin and how I can unrestricted access to resubmit website or crawl?

Thanks in advance 
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If I select option b I will lose all previous data in search console ? Option c what's support number or email as I couldn't find any department for webmaster.. 
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Isabel Scarso

Questions  - 

I found in my Google Analytics Report as referrer with even one transaction through this "referrer". What exactly is this traffic since AdWords should be reported as CPC source...

Anyone seen this before and could give me a hint what I have to do with this kind of traffic?

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That would be my thoughts. Filter out your IP and see if that makes a difference.
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