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I must admit that the new Google Analytics documentation about the GDPR specific Data Retention setting is confusing! The assumption from many clients is that ALL data older than NN months is going to be deleted i.e. a cliff-edge effect where any report older than say 26 months is going to be empty. The setting is important, but its effect is not a dramatic as you might first think as I explain in my latest post…

Hi guys,

my client (let's call its website "") has some Sessions with Source/Medium = " / (not set)" and other internal URLs in the source dimension.

I checked several things (Referral Exclusion List, Untagged webpages, etc.), but didn't find any solutions.

Had any of you a case like this? Thank you!

Why no RegEx 'exclude' in Goal Setup?

I feel that I must be missing something easy here but I've looked around and cannot find a simple solution other than to name my custom events differently.

I have a site where we fire off a custom event whenever a Click-to-Call tel: event happens.

The custom event records the Category/Action/Label as:

CTA/Click to Call Link/##########

with the #'s being basically the click text. This is sometimes just digits, other times the Clicked text is an alphanumeric mix like "Contact us at 1-800-Call-Now!!!"

So there are a few Tier 1 phone numbers which are the 1-800 type and then there are all kinds of local numbers and secondary toll free numbers formatted with and without parentheses [few made up examples: 123-456-7890, (888)-654-0123, 866-123-4567].

I can track the Tier 1 goal easy enough because I can RegEx include those 2-3 top 1800 patterns. The issue is the client wants a Tier 2 goal knowing how many "local" numbers are dialed. Since the patterns are a mix of digits, hyphens and do I capture all of them without the ability to "RegEx exclude" the creation of a GA goal?

Hi everyone,

Is Service Provider a piece of data that we should worry in terms of GDPR? (We have our IP adress anonymized)

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A staggering statistic mentioned via +Aaron Bradley: "Data scientists spend around 80% of their time on preparing and managing data for analysis.”
Keyword research, meet semantics

What is a "keyword ontology" you ask?

"A keyword ontology is a knowledge graph describing relationships between the keywords your target audiences frequently use in search queries and the content about the products and services you sell."

A great deck from Mathewson, Priestly and Segal of IBM - required reading, I'd even say, for search marketers who have the ambition to become semantic search marketers. :)

#keywords #ontologies #taxonomies #machinelearning

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I can't see my office name on google map but my business page already verified

(Sorry for the cross post)

I'm a n00b at analysing AdWords data, and I could use some help from some experts. I'm looking at my stats broken down by device.

I have more clicks, higher CTR and lower cost on mobile phones, but a much better conversion rate on non-mobile devices.

Besides the obvious red flag that I should examine our checkout process on mobile devices to see if there is a problem there, is there anything else that this should tell me?

For example, if non-mobile users have higher conversions, should I adjust my bid strategy to target non-mobile users more than mobile users?

Am I reading that right? Do you see other possible explanations or insights?


I need some help to track iframes on my e-commerce website. I have 2 iframes(having a different domain than the website) placed on one of the pages of the website, also you can perform transactions on these iframes. The website and the iframes have the same GTM container code placed on them. I am able to access the iframe and append the google client id value to them for cross-domain tracking which is resulting in 1 session per user. But, only the second iframe is getting tracked and not the first one in google analytics. I have also added the auto link domains.

Could you please tell me why is this happening or is there any other way to track the iframes? My data is really getting affected by this.

Thanks in advance.

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