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Please DO NOT post "repost to blah blah blah communities" This community is for adopting BBs, not resharing stuff (unless it has to do with BBs) All posts like this that are posted, will be removed, and if you continue to post them I will ban you from the community.

Thanks! -Abby´╗┐

Soo since this community died
The previous owner left
So now im the new owner

Balloon Boy &Balloon Girl son kawaii

Can I Adopt a BB?

Hello guys,i can be mod or prop? Please

May I adopt a BB?

Hi I need a balloon boy

can i pls have fIvEs BaLlOoNs BoYs

i feel so lonly being the only mod : '( cri
liek if u cri evry tiem

Can I have a bb?
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