In search of new roleplay partner on kik (Or on here)

Would anyone like to rp, I was thinking RussAme or AmeriPan.

there's almost 1,000 people here but no one posts

Anyone wanna rp, I guess?

Anyone wanna rp

Anyone wanna rp a Sufin, Germancest, or ItaCest?

AyyY, anyboDY WANNA DO A ROLEPLAY?? c; ))

Tbh I am pretty open about ships and junk, but if you are cool with UsUk I'd like to do that ship ATM. QwQ I'd be cool being either character~ ))


Japan sighed, standing up as he heard the knocking on his door. He knew it was America and he didn't want to deal with him right now. He had a few upsetting things on his mind and he knew it would affect his mood around friends. He opened the door with a sigh, forcing a smile

"Hello, America..."

2p Fem! America x anyone (except Nordics only cause I have no knowledge of them) use good grammar and please set the scene; I'll repost if you want)

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ANyone wanna do a USUK rp based off of this???

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+Gilbert Beildschmidt

"When you sleep.. Will you dream about me?.."
That's all Alfred thought as he closed his eyes.. He didn't know if Arthur have an affair with another man like Francis and all, making Alfred worried.
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