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Shining Sparkling Glory
In a few moments from now my fate would be unveiled. I had put in all efforts possible and had many sleepless nights for this much awaited moment. As I was moving towards this goal, engaging in the preparations, I had struggled and tried to leave no stones unturned so that I could do my best. The thoughts of moving up a step on the ‘success ladder’ made me jittery with nervousness while hope kept me excited. With mild tremors of wonderment, I kept my fingers crossed.
High on enthusiasm and with rock solid determination and a very strong desire to prove myself, I reached the venue- the venue of the ‘Ms India Teen 2016’ pageant being organised in the national capital.
Twenty aspirants from a total of about twenty thousand applicants had reached this round of the contest. Sheer nervousness, in the form of red pink blotches, writ largely on the faces of most of these beauties, made me uncomfortable. Time was passing extremely slowly as each moment seemed immeasurably long. I was having a lifetime experience and this event was a wonderful exposure to me. I was sure that success here would open up the doors of a promising Bollywood career for me and my stars would shine bright.
With umpteen mixed emotions, I, too, along with the others went on the stage for the final round. My mind choked with feelings as I took position for this personality aptitude round. The orotund, honeyed and modulated voice of the emcee echoed, “Contestant number 6”… “Oh, next is my turn”. I came back to the real world. “Oh God! Please help me. Help me show the world my best. I can do this. All my cleaning, polishing and elbow grease would help me win”. Words rhymed in my mind “Success will be mine, and I’ll be on cloud nine”.
Applauds for the sixth participant gave me the much needed cue, I took a deep breath, smiled and walked forward with great cautious steps, as if I was the coolest person on the earth, when the compere called, “Now put your hands together for our next gorgeous contestant”. While answering, I did all I could to hide my nervousness, I smiled at regular intervals, maintained eye contact with the judges, gave the required pauses and was pleased to present a confident picture of myself. Making a proper use of the sincere charm emanating from my vibe, (a trait inherited from my gracious dad), and a peaceful poised calm in my black- brown eyes (which I got from my mother), I sailed through towards the finals. To be selected in the final five, was like a dream coming true. My heart beat real fast and my spirits soared. In the heart of hearts, I was becoming surer that the crown would be mine!!. After all, I was better than the others. Several thoughts of the kind boosted my self-confidence. I geared to give my most excellent inputs, as I knew fully well, just like every other participant, that the answer to the final question would catapult the winner to the ‘gem studded crown’.
Moments after, the compere announced, “Here comes the time for the results, and the young lady with the greatest aptitude and personality, and the conqueror of the crown, is none other than Shalini Sharma”.
Dumbstruck by his announcement, I winced in pain. It was so hard to believe. The winner cheerfully waved to the audience and my mind was a vacuum, senses numbed. I clapped for the winner and yet, I felt cheated, as if a child was deprived of something precious.
Hiding the tears rolling down my cheeks, I walked away into the wings and felt much better after crying. Fully aware of my predicament, my mother was there at the backstage with glints of comfort in her eyes. My tormented heart had a tonic effect as I entered into her open arms.
After hearing me, she said these words which are like shining sparkling rays reflected from the surface of crystal clear water, the words which will always guide me as I sail through this journey of life..”Sweetheart!, What you have learnt today is most awesome and precious… as you now understand to take both, defeat as well as victory with a smile. Nobody is a loser. The winner has won and has left resources for you to capitalise upon, that apart from hard work, perseverance and dedication are the tools to overcome weaknesses. And ultimately, it is the extra effort which distinguishes the winner from the rest. But winning takes a lot more than that. It starts with a command over the fundamental human behaviour and temperament. Then, it takes a great deal of love, fairness and respect for your fellow participants. Put all these together and even then if you don’t win, how can you lose…?”
Five years later I repeated these words while that shining sparkling crown was glorifying my head…!!!


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Funny bunny TV

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:) :)  :)Hey u all, Begin 2016!!! win prizes, help your kids express their views and opinions, write a poem, short story, article and/ or sketch. Submit latest by 31st January 2016 to or ; BRING IN THE CHEER TO STAY THROUGH THE YEAR

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:) :)  :) Hey u all, Begin 2016!!! win prizes, help your kids express their views and opinions, write a poem, short story, article and/ or sketch. Submit latest by 31st January 2016 to or ; BRING IN THE CHEER TO STAY THROUGH THE YEAR
Creative articles
Creative articles

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Just check
बहुत ही चमत्कारी दवा!

250 ग्राम मैथीदाना
100 ग्राम अजवाईन
50 ग्राम काली जीरी

उपरोक्त तीनो चीजों को साफ-सुथरा करके हल्का-हल्का सेंकना(ज्यादा सेंकना नहीं) तीनों को अच्छी तरह मिक्स करके मिक्सर में पावडर बनाकर अच्छा पैक डिब्बा-शीशी या बरनी में भर लेवें ।

रात्रि को सोते समय चम्मच पावडर एक गिलास पूरा कुन-कुना पानी के साथ लेना है। गरम पानी के साथ ही लेना अत्यंत आवश्यक है लेने के बाद कुछ भी खाना पीना नहीं है। यह चूर्ण सभी उम्र के व्यक्ति ले सकतें है।

चूर्ण रोज-रोज लेने से शरीर के कोने-कोने में जमा पडी गंदगी(कचरा) मल और पेशाब द्वारा बाहर निकल जाएगी । पूरा फायदा तो 80-90 दिन में महसूस करेगें, जब फालतू चरबी गल जाएगी, नया शुद्ध खून का संचार होगा । चमड़ी की झुर्रियाॅ अपने आप दूर हो जाएगी। शरीर तेजस्वी, स्फूर्तिवाला व सुंदर बन जायेगा ।

1. गठिया दूर होगा और गठिया जैसा जिद्दी रोग दूर हो जायेगा ।
2. हड्डियाँ मजबूत होगी ।
3. आॅख का तेज बढ़ेगा ।
4. बालों का विकास होगा।
5. पुरानी कब्जियत से हमेशा के लिए मुक्ति।
6. शरीर में खुन दौड़ने लगेगा ।
7. कफ से मुक्ति ।
8. हृदय की कार्य क्षमता बढ़ेगी ।
9. थकान नहीं रहेगी, घोड़े की तहर दौड़ते जाएगें।
10. स्मरण शक्ति बढ़ेगी ।
11. स्त्री का शारीर शादी के बाद बेडोल की जगह सुंदर बनेगा ।
12. कान का बहरापन दूर होगा ।
13. भूतकाल में जो एलाॅपेथी दवा का साईड इफेक्ट से मुक्त होगें।
14. खून में सफाई और शुद्धता बढ़ेगी ।
15. शरीर की सभी खून की नलिकाएॅ शुद्ध हो जाएगी ।
16. दांत मजबूत बनेगा, इनेमल जींवत रहेगा ।
17. नपुसंकता दूर होगी।
18. डायबिटिज काबू में रहेगी, डायबिटीज की जो दवा लेते है वह चालू रखना है। इस चूर्ण का असर दो माह लेने के बाद से दिखने लगेगा । जिंदगी निरोग,आनंददायक, चिंता रहित स्फूर्ति दायक और आयुष्ययवर्धक बनेगी । जीवन जीने योग्य बनेगा ।

कृपया इस महत्वपूर्ण जानकारी को अपने परिवार और मित्रों के साथ ज्यादा से ज्यादा शेयर करें!

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We must allow kids to express their creativity

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