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Hello. I have been waiting for the right way or the right time to find a way to....find..the people who are indigos and also have an astrological placement for the Pluto in Scorpio generation. I am writing this book about it....for us. I was 8 when this transit began in late 1983. But I am still in no doubt that I am an early arrival indigo for many reasons I can expound on another time. But this transit covered 1984-95, with a few months in early 95 exempt until it went in again-I have specific dates-the generation of people who were born at this time were one of the shortest, smallest sized population-wise transits to be born. But astrologically Pluto in Scorpio is in the sign it rules karmic responsibility, confronting the shadow side, sex and death and after-life, being able to transform into a redemption after the destruction and rise. It's the truth seeker. This generation of kids was often the one who raised their own parents regardless of economic background. It's the wise child who has been around "before," but had to live in the consequences of a parent's poor choices while growing up, with regards to beliefs, relationships, or substance abuse. It's this generation that were "diagnosed" with a lexicon of mental and behavioral maladies, then either marginalized or excused from consequences for the same reasons, many of which are actually just normal reactions of the psychic and empathic being that is being tossed into a situation where the rules seem to be arbitrary or about some things ridiculous, and people are behaving unreasonably. So I can't be surprised to find a lot of people who are adults now that were those kids are reluctant to talk to me for my book. When you were being born, those planets were setting the stage for revelations and revolution. It's also highly vulnerable. It's got a very high rate for addiction. Deaths by overdose and suicide are statistically significant. But The other side of the coin is that some of the most beautiful light comes on the heels of the dark place, and a significant amount of people who were born in the same time have become parents and they are very family focused, tend to partner and start families earlier than their parents or are raising their own children with less disruption or fewer challenges in behavior than the way that they grew up. But they're also often the same people who are working with less money but more time to answer questions about the same topics that they were either silenced or dismissed and even punished for as kids. They are encouraged by an indigo parent who knows.

I have also been noticing that many indigo children of any age have been able to be born in a situation where some kind of a particular guide who is often a grandparent but not there in the picture and helps to get the child comfortable with some of the things that are "seen and unseen" in the natural world. I really wrote a shit ton more than the two sentences of what I intended to get out and it wasn't really good for what I was trying to get out there....

Shit shit shit

So....listen, the world's fucked up, and the time of humanity having to answer for our role in the collective sense of what innocence was taken away and who has been guilty party in a long line of human rights and human wrongs...It's like , that's happening now, I guess I am supposed to be writing a book about us to get the priorities set and gather the troops because it seems like it's that time of history and I have to help you to help this world health. tell me your own story

I've been looking around the web for people to talk, but far as I can see the "indigos" aren't quite talkative, even to their own kind. That makes me wander, for live would be easier knowing, that you are not alone and there are people who can actually understand you. Sometimes I think that only teens about 13-16 are likely to speak. Older ones probably are afraid. What You think?

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