Yeesh talk about an old n dead communitie xd

Wow none of us have been on here for a while,I completely forgot about this!!Brings back good memories,how has everyone been? 

1. Servers comming along real fast
2. Anyone of u have ig,imessege, or kik? What is kik anyway?
3. I play avabel sometimes, do you? It's for android and apple.
4. Have minecraft? Let me know!

1. Can't write book again.
2. Got plans to make a mc server. Gonna be busy with reasearch and constructing the server worlds.
3. Can't draw more fan art for now. Have about half of my next art done but busy with server.

Been a while wrote a little right now am trying to make a new piece of art. What's up any interesting stories to share?

I've been busy with school, so I haven't quite got to reading these yet.. I'm sorry. I don't have as much time to get on the computer as I used to. I'll try to read all of these this weekend, since it's usually when I have a lot of free time. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten them ^^

Sry guys been taking a break not sure when itll end yet.

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Amber (i did not change amberhearts name she's still in here but not yet and this char hasn't been made into the book yet.

I'm making another digital art. This time i have a old char, or is it a new one?
Can't wait to finish May be done 2morrow/day after. Have fun guys take it easy not getting as much of my book written as I'd want to

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Winter and ?(not Wintermane) u guys should be able to guess who that little kit is and why ? Is crying.
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