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Here is the character profile
Eye color:
Hair color:

(May add more depending on character. Example: weaknesse, powers, etc)

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DOB:March 3rd
Sexuality :straight
Species:neko,skeleton,and human
Appearence,eye,and hair color: picture
Like:friends,drawing,family,and food
Dislikes:abuse, rivals,bullies,and spoiled food
Personalities:quiet,respectful,helpful,friendly,caring,defensive,and fights for what's right
Powers: gaster blaster,claw attack,shape-shift, and shadow travel
Weakness: base of the neck on the right side of it.

Um... guys I'm kinda new and don't know what to do. Any suggestions?

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Name: Tori Mills (I HATE it when people call me by my real name, Victoria)
Gender: Female, duh
Parent: Queen Of Hearts
Grade:Junior (just turned 17!)
Weapons: my magic
Personality: a bit of a rebel, caring, nice, really smart actually
Likes: the beach, sports, magic
Dislikes: stupid old Alice and her family
Crush/GF/BF: None
Bio: Tori has been waiting her whole life until she becomes the next Queen Of Hearts. She's also very smart.
Fc: Danielle Fishell


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Slave life was hard.
Especially for you.
Your master was hard and abusive towards you.
But it seemed that you wouldn't be stuck here forever.

One night, the moon was gone and the stars were the only lights in the sky. A man of black, seeming to be a native of night and a son of darkness stole into your masters lavish house.
He took a few precious items before turning to your sleeping body.
The master made his servants dress in a way that left not much for the imagination to wander.
So the male in black wrapped the sleeping body in a cloak and blankets before disappearing into the night again...

But was he a savior? Or simply transport to another master?

By the time morning came the male in black had reached his camp based quite a distance from the masters mansion.
He lay the sleeping female in a small tent and started to cook dinner as the sky slowly turned pink and the air chilled off to prepare for the suns warmth.
The smell of bacon wafted into the early morning air as the sizzling meat cooked on the dying coals of an old fire...

so. This is an rp on a 'rescued' slave.
my character is the black haired one. I don't mind which gender you would like to be but the roles do not change, only the genders change.
if you wish to rp as male than i shall rp as a female. Simple as that.
you may try anything other then hentai to escape. But i warn you now, my character is hard to get!!
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Who is up for a RP?

I am Nathanael,gods gift,god of fire,my vessel is a girl named Alec. Alec grew up with her brothers Luke,gabe,cassie,and mich.n Nathanael has brothers just like her,Hes brothers are Lucifer,Gaberal,Castiel,and Micheal when he meet he's vessel she said yes and he went up to Lucifer seeing he's brother Lucifer and Gabriel she or he looks at them Lucy, gab i'm hooooome you and Gabriel look at me thinking i am just a girl so you say my name

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Name: Nathanael

Age: 25

DOB: 1983,July 7

Sexuality: Bi

Specis: Angel

Gender: Male

Height: 5'11"

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Black

Likes: Humans,training,fighting

Dislikes: Demons,enemys

Hates: Lucifer

Skills: Climbing and dissaipering

Personality: Sweet,Mean,Kind


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Anyone rp do this?
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