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I've created a Kdenlive room on Matrix for the community to have real time communication. What do you think?

BTW, here is the address if you are interested:

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irc 4 life
c u there

v18.04.1 (Windows7)
I've been using many different kdenlive Windows versions. Whenever I click play on preview it doesn't play immediately. I've to click on the timeline (set the cursor) and it works fine. I'm OK with the work around. But the work around doesn't work on the latest version.
I also experienced more crashes on v18 compare to v17.12 which was very stable.
Is anyone experiencing the same?

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Check out the next generation of Kdenlive. Test it! Report bugs! ♥️

Forgive me my question: How should I install 18.04.1 AppImage while I 'am now running kdenlive-17.08.2-x86_64.AppImage on my LinuxMint 18.3 Cinnamon computer. Should I first delete the older version? Should I delete it after installing the newer one?

Would it be possible for KDEnlive to have XAVCS support or for plugin for it to be developed for KDEnlive?

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Lower third in kdenlive using title template...

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In my series of testing free video editors, by creating the same target video, in different free video editor to show the workflow of diffent free video editors.

This weeks episode is about kdelive.

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Kdenlive 18.04 Flatpak download funktioniert bei mir leider nicht. Ich erhalte lediglich die Meldung "Internet-Zugriff war erforderlich, jedoch nicht verfügbar" während der Installation über org.kde.kdenlive.flatpakref.

Gibt es eine andere Möglichkeit ?
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