dead dead dead
oh so darn dead
so darn dead i'll die from deadness here
dead dead dead
oh so darn dead
dead today and dead tonight
dead dead dead
i've been bonked on the head
so darn dead
dead dead dead

and that was a poem describing how DEAD this place is


almost forgot: today is nika's b-day! complete the task that was posted on 10/17/16

nika's b-day task:
post pics of sticks to all sonic boom communes you're in
if you find one where anyone can join, join and post
nika's b-day: oct. 25

there be nothing. and I haven't seen +Mike Pollock for a while

colleen Villard's b-day task(post on her b-day but read it now):
post pics of Tails, Monitamon, or Angie(last 2 are from digimon fusion)

Post has shared content

roger craig smith: aug 11
colleen Villard: sept. 15
travis Willingham: aug. 3
cindy robinson: apr. 6
nika futterman: oct. 25
mike Pollock: mar. 9
kirk thornton: may 13
wally wingert: may 6
bill freiberger: n/a
Robbie rist(voice of swifty the shrew): apr. 4

here be nothing

roger craig smith's b-day passed: aug. 11th.
task: post pics of sonic throughout your circles
task 4 travis Willingham: post pics of knuckles
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