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OK, so, here's a quick vocabulary check-

Owl Vocabulary and Words to Remember:

bisshen: (Krakish) to speak.
bonk: the strongest, most energetic fliers.
botkin: special bag for transporting ice weapons.
breaklight: the meal owls enjoy at the end of the night, just before the break of dawn.
chaw: a small team of owls with a specific set of skills; chaws at the Great Ga'Hoole Tree include navigation, search-and-rescue, weather interpretation, colliering, tracking, Ga'Hoolology, and metals (black smith).
chaw-chop: To drop an owl from his or her chaw for an indefinite period of time, which is humiliating. 
churr: to laugh.
collier: a carrier of coals
creelies: heebie-jeebies
Deep Gray: just before dawn, when the black has faded but the sun has not yet spilled even the first sliver of a ray over the horizon.
dwenk (of the moon): wane; a progressively smaller part of it's visible surface illuminated, so it appears to decrease in size.
fire blink: when an owl becomes transfixed by the light of a raging fire and goes yeep.
firesight: the ability to see events that take place in faraway places or in the future in flames.
fleckasia: the collective effect of flecks on the owls brain and gizzard.
flecks: the smallest bits of iron like metal considered more precious than gold, prized by the owls of St. Aggie's, and the Pure Ones for it's ability to interfere with an owl's navigational abilities.
flint: to have value.
flint mop: the Ga'Hoolian form of punishment; roughly means to do something to pay back for the value that has been taken away.
fliv: to flirt.
frink: a rude word that means to severely irritate; as in "it really frinks me off!"
frisen: (Krakish) friend
fryke: exclamation (Krakish) command for "Freeze!"
Ga: a great spirit.
gadfeather: an owl who travels from one region to the next with no planned destination and no real home; known for their singing as well are their garish ways.
gallgrot: gall, mettle.
gazooling: the noisy chatter of young owls.
give it a blow: exclamation lighten up.
gizzard: considered the second stomach in owls, often called the muscular stomach, it filters out indigestible items such as bone, fur, hair, feathers, and teeth. It compresses the indigestible parts into a pellet; also an invaluable emotional guide, and owl's most profound feeling are attributed to it. 
gizzlemia: a blankness on the gizzard, which leads to malfunction of the brain.
gizzuition: the ability to understand something immediately from the gizzard without the normal reasoning process.
glaumora: owl heaven
Glaux: a Higher Being
gleek: to goof off; mess around; act up, and in "gleeking about"
Glowworm: a particular kind of coal valued for it's density of heat
gollymope: a depressed state, or one in such a state.
goodlight: exclamation what owls say to one another just before going to sleek for the day.
graymalkin: bad owl
grot-ghot: (Krakish) native
gunden: (Krakish) good
hagsfiend: demonlike bird from the time of legends, thought to be extinct; larger than most owls and having some characteristics of crows; believed to have powers of nachtmagen
hagsmire: owl hell
hireclaw: an owl who lives apart from other owls, not belonging to any particular kingdom, who hires him- or herself out for battles.
Hoolespyrrs: swirling, deceptive winds over the Sea of Hoolemere.
Hoolian: the common language of the Southern Language
hordo: (Krakish) snake
hordonphonk: (Krakish) supremely beautiful snake
hukla-hukla: exclamation snake-speak for "young owls will be young owls"
issen: (Krakish) ice
issen blauen: (Krakish) blue ice, used to make goggles; also the goggles themselves
kerplonken: (Krakish) deep ice
kraal: (Krakish) pirate
Krakish: the ancient language of the Northern Kingdoms.
lochinvyrr: (Krakish) a code of honor between the hunter, and the hunted.
moon blink: to expose for long periods to the full shine of full moon, forcing owls' minds to become confused and incapable of making simple decisions; to destroy an owl's will and individual personality; making him or her perfectly obedient.
mu: a very soft metal that blocks magnetic fields
nachtmagen: bad magic originating in the time of legends.
new (of the moon): wax; have a progressively larger part of it's visible surface illuminated, so that it appears to increase in size.
Nimsy Night: the festival held on the shortest night and longest day of the year
nooties: flavorful nuts that grow on the Great Ga'Hoole Trees during the time of the Copper-Rose Rain.
owl stone event: an event of great significance in the development of a young owl
owlipoppen: little owl dolls made from down and molted feathers for chicks to lie with in the hollow; also used as decoys by the Guardians during the invasion of the canyonlands.
pyte: a unit of measurement roughly equal to the wingspan of a Whiskered Screech owl
racdrops: exclamation short for racoon droppings; once of the WORST curse words an owl can say
riffle: to ruffle one's feathers to accentuate the white spots (Spotted Owl's only)
ryb: a teacher
scroom:  the disembodied spirit of an owl who has died but cannot make his or her way to glaumora (an owl ghost basically)
scroomsaw: owl soul
shatter: to expose an owl to flecks under "certain conditions" that cause the owl to become massively disoriented and lose his or her sense of self; the gizzard becomes like a stone, and the owl becomes incapable of sorting out emotions and feelings, sometimes causing delusions.
Short Light: in the Northern Kingdoms, the two days surrounding the longest night of the year, when the sun never rises more than the tiniest bit over the horizon
shred: to dart in and out of the edges of a fire; a coliering flight maneuver
skog: (Krakish) singer, storyteller
slipgizzle: owl spy, secret agent
sliptween: a nest-maid snake and member of the harp guild who leaps from one octave to another while playing the great grass harp
smee holes: natural steam vents in the Earth, found in the Northern Kingdoms.
sprink: exclamation the worst owl curse word EVER
spronk: forbidden knowledge
starsight: the ability to see the future in dreams
thronkenspeer: threat display
trufynkken: (Krakish) drunk XDD THIS IS IN THE BOOK, I SWEAR!!
turnfeather: owl traitor
turnscale: snake/nest-maid traitor
tween time: dusk; the time between the last drop of sun and the first shadows of evening
tweener: the evening meal; the first food owls consume after waking
twixt time: dawn
wilf: when an owl becomes frightened and his or her feathers like flat, making him o her seem smaller
williwaw: a sudden violent wind
yarp: to cough up a pellet
yarpie barpies: owl diarrhea IK only 2nd graders do this but, EEEEW
yeep: when a bird loses it's instincts to fly, it's wings lock mid-flight, and it suddenly plummets to the ground, as in "going yeep"
yoiks: crazy; loony; out of one's mind

this LEGIT took me almost 2 hours to do!! also, all of this except my comments lol is from the Guardians of Ga'Hoole Guide book which I currently have checked out from my school library
enjoy :3

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Name: Frost
Gender: Female
Species: Barn Owl
Age: adolescent
Chaw: Loner
Personality: Stubbern,aggressive,intelligent,quiet,emotional rarely
Mother: Open ask
Father: Open ask
Sister(s): Open ask
Brother(s): Open ask
Crush: Open in roleplay
Mate: Open crush first
Offspring/Eggs: Open mate first
Alliance: Loner
Enemies: Open in roleplay
Friends: Open in roleplay
Theme: later

Thank you for accepting me

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Name: Ra
Species: Barn owl
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Occupation: Leader of the Pure ones
Description: Large, dark and and scared
Personality: Ra is scary no doubt about it his name alone let alone his shadow has been known to scare owlets into wetting there nests, he is also cruel he's well known to capture guardians and force them one way or the other to give him guardian secrets and stratified. He also prefers to still eggs before they hatch being much easier to train owls if they don't know anything besides the caves.
Kin: As far as he's concerned he has no family
Alliance: The Pure ones
Enemies: The Guardians
Friends: The Pure ones
Bio: Ra, Was stolen as an egg by the pure ones once he was hatched he was taken under the wings of the high ranking owls and taought everything he knows about training and disaplining owls. Before he was made the leader he was forced to kill an owlet and he did so smiling greatly at it.
Theme: "Move" by Thousand foot crutch

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Name: Talia
Gender: female
Species: Barn Owl
Age: Juvenile
Chaw: Tracking Small Land Animals
Description: picture Rather small female barn owl with brownish wings
Personality: Shy, smart, pays a lot of attention in chaw, easily manipulated, naive;
Mother: unknown
Father: unknown
Sister(s): open
Brother(s): open
Crush: open
Mate: she's too young
Offspring/Eggs: NO
Alliance: The Guardians (Pure Ones in the future!)
Enemies: St. Aggie's
Friends: Hunt, other Guardians;
Bio: She was abandoned as an egg, and luckily rescued by the Guardians before a St. Aggie's patrol found her. Talia has no idea her favorite ryb, Hunt, is a part of the Pure Ones, and looks up to him as her idol.
Theme: "What Have I done" by Anna Ternheim

May I have a profile template please?

+Shay Shadowmoon OMFG, I just listened to "Move" by Thousand Foot Krutch, and it fits Ra so well XD

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Name: Hunt
Species: Barn owl
Age: Young adult
Gender: Male
Occupation: Ryb: Tracking Birds and small land animals
Description: Rather large and fatherly
Personality: very intelligent, Calm, Focused vigilant, Fast and skilled flier, Very Skilled Tracker
and Scout
Mother: Luna (Deceased)
Father: Solas (Deceased)
Brother:Rain (Deceased)
Sisters: N/A
Crush: N/A
Mate: N/A
Offspring: N/A
Alliance: The Pure ones (Acts friendly with Guardians)
Enemies: The Guardians
Friends: The Pure ones
Bio: Discovered in RP
Theme: "Phenomenon" by Thousand foot crutch

Sorry, didn't read the book yet.
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