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Fake News - Can You Spot It?

Dear #EminiNation,
One of my new favorite things.

Please feel free to follow, tweet, toot, like, share, forward, or whatever it is you do with deep, thought provoking commentary. Short (the article) Medium (the video), leaves no question as to what I believe and where I stand. I'm most interested in your thoughts and where you stand.

You comments on Medium are most welcome, as they are here, or anywhere I Write for that matter.

Happy Saturday Freedom Seekers!

DeWayne Reeves
Founder - CFRN
Est. 2005

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A Ministry in Turmoil

I wrote a rather extensive comment on the site where this article was originally posted. It appears it must go through some type of editorial verification before it is actually posted.

My post basically asked "What is your position on this matter?" I assume there will be a lot of opinions both positive and negative. I stand not in a place of judgement, but as a man of God, or not, he is a fellow human being and he and his ministry needs our prayer.

If guilty as charged, many have been led astray and so we should pray for them also. If he is falsely accused, he needs our prayer, either way.

Why? Because he is a fellow human being, he holds sway over millions of people, and as believers that is what we're called to do, to pray for others, for the sick, the needy, even the shady, if that be the case.

I look forward to your comments, whatever they might be. Let us remember, as believers, whatever opinion you share, let it come from a place of love for our fellow man. Jesus loves the Pope with the same love He has for the guilty man sitting tonight in a lonely cell on death row.

DeWayne Reeves
Founder - CFRN

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#nifty #elliottwave update.
as per updated wave count, nifty completed ending diagonal in higher degree.
In this scenario, swift fall follows after wave e of ending diagonal. Hence, swift fall towards 9100 would confirm this is ending diagonal and top made in nifty.


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Learn How to Trade - CFRN #Emini Radio for 04/26/17

Goal Setting for #Emini Traders

Just posted @ .

Read it and Watch it.

See you at the Bell.

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#Emini Trader Define Your Goal

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I now share some of my thoughts on a very sleek platform where I think you will find a lot of "Brain Food". Start by following me, and then explore all of Medium. It's Good Stuff!

It's more than just markets #sp500 #es #emini #gold #crude #NQ #russell #euro and more, you'll find excellent articles on life, religion, fanily, work, mindfullness, health and much more. It's not only a great Platform to consume content, but a place away from family and friends (Facebook) where you to can share your own thoghts, ideas, rants, raves, whatever... and make new friends all over the world.

No editor hanging over your shoulder, if you can think it and write it (well) bang! you're published. Pass the word. Follow me and then start your own dewlling place. It's cool, hip, deep and FREE! Come hang with us - it's not for the right, not for the left, it's for the human race. Now "Get 'er done".

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CFRN - #Emini Radio for Friday 04/21/17

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