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I'm sure you may of heard by now, but Google is going to be shutting down the Google+ interface by next August if I heard correctly. Should give plenty of time to find an alternative.

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How 5 Points Became 29 Points
I will show you how.
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Weekly Recap Covering Last 10 Weeks

Click below.

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We spent 3 weeks in Beta and now we just completed Week 8 Post Beta.
Beautiful job this week. Really proud of you ALL. Here's the Recap for Week #8.

TA 72
NT 17
AA 53
FT 36
PT 9
SO 8

PA 45
PF 84.91

Comments: It was a wild week but we did OK. The PF is a good sign of how the week went, however, it doesn't give you the entire story. Our guidelines for max risk is $300 per contract, per trade. Less if our technique allows it and we walk if it requires more.

What the PF doesn't tell you is if price touches our Trigger and does not trade through the Trigger, for the record we call it a Stop Out. When price does not trade through a number it means some people were filled or partially filled, so for the sake of integrity, we record those as a Stop Out for the record.

Also, when the market hands us a Setup, which leads to an Alert, which may lead to a Trigger, if the move becomes an extended move, our guideline is to remain in the trade beyond even the final target until the market gives us an Exit Signal. It's a new experience for many of you but this week we saw 30% or better of our Alerts run an additional $200 to $2,000 before the Exit Signal appeared.

You all know my mantra "Important Prices and Important Areas are almost always tested". If you go back and walk through every Alert from the past week, you will see many Alerts trigger once, twice, three times and more. We only record the first trigger for the record, however... if you are not takiing advantage of the multiple triggers available on many Alerts, you are leaving significant money on the table. With a trailiing stop you have to leave money on the table. When it comes to multiple triggers, it's a choice.

Outstanding work folks, proud to be coaching a team like this. After this weeks Quake, we should see some nice aftershocks next week. Volatility is the name of the game. Sunday night has the potential to be a wild 8 seconds. Have a great weekend and I'll see YOU, at the Bell.


ps/ Below are explanations for the abbreviations. If you have questions or need help, let me know.

TA (Total Alerts)
AA (Actionable Alerts)
NT (No Trigger)
FT (Price Reached Final Target)
PT (Price reached 1st Target or min. 60%+ of Only Target.)
SO (Stopped Out)
O (Still open and valid on Globex open Sun night)
PF (Probability Factor)

Trading is risky and not suitable for all people. You can lose all of your money and then some. Always speak with a licensed investment professional before making any investment decision. Use of this Channel and all CFRN properties and websites require that you fully read and understand the Disclosures and Disclaimers located at If you have not, please do so before proceeding.

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*Concierge Trade Alerts*

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