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LOGIC247™ Alerts for Sun/Mon Session

Carbon Copy of the Channel

LOGIC247™, [09.12.18 15:46]
Welcome to Week 18

A possible reverse of what we saw last Sunday Night.

LOGIC247™, [09.12.18 15:52]
NOTE If we head lower on the Open look for support @ 2601/2602. If we gap below that we will potentially pursue it as a "Gap and Go" on a very short leash. I will update you shortly.

LOGIC247™, [09.12.18 15:53]
NOTE Initial support 2621 with no Gap or downside momentum on Open.

LOGIC247™, [09.12.18 15:56]
NOTE If Bearish Momentum persists we could see 2480 sooner than later. Not a prediction or a forecast. It just is.

LOGIC247™, [09.12.18 15:57]
2 Minute Warning - Look Alive Out There - GO TEAM CFRN!

LOGIC247™, [09.12.18 16:01]

LOGIC247™, [09.12.18 16:03]
ALERT #1061 Consider selling ESZ8 2613 to 2610 and TIP.

👍FINAL Recap SL 2610.25 so far. For the record: PT.

LOGIC247™, [09.12.18 16:04]
ALERT #1062 Consider selling YMZ8 24220 to 24200 and TIP.

👍FINAL Recap Reached target. SL 24159 so far.

LOGIC247™, [09.12.18 16:05]
ALERT #1063 Consider selling RTYZ8 1435 to 1432 and TIP.

👍FINAL Recap Reached target. SL 1425 so far.

LOGIC247™, [09.12.18 16:06]
ALERT #1064 Consider selling NQZ8 6550 to 6540 and TIP.

👍FINAL Recap Reached target.

LOGIC247™, [09.12.18 16:12]
ALERT #1065 Consider buying GCLF9 53.10 to 53.20 to 53.30 and TIP.

💤FINAL Recap No trigger.

LOGIC247™, [09.12.18 16:16]
[ Photo ]
Sunday Night Globex Open - Daily Chart

LOGIC247™, [09.12.18 19:46]
ALERT #1066 Consider selling GHGH9 2.27280 to 27180 and TIP.

👍FINAL Recap Reached target.

LOGIC247™, [09.12.18 19:48]
ALERT #1067 Consider buying GNGF9 4.69 to 4.73 and TIP.

💤FINAL Recap No trigger.

LOGIC247™, [09.12.18 20:18]
NOTE Remember, the average Alert that triggers will trigger 2-3 times. Some only once, some even more.

I don't cover them in the recap, as it gets confusing. I attempted it in Beta. The 2nd or 3rd trigger often represents less risk, greater profit potential. Whenever you need something to trade, look back at what already triggered and what may be about to trigger again.

If you're not looking for those you might be missing a good 1/3 or better of all opportunities available to you via LOGIC247™.

LOGIC247™, [09.12.18 20:24]
NOTE Earlier we reminded the importance of 2601/2602 as ESZ8 potential support. We covered this in detail during the Workshop and also the Room on Friday.

On Oct 29th the ES put in a low @ 2603. We could potentially see 3 things happen when we get there shortly.

Consolidation / Buyers come in early / Spike then bounce.

Either way, there should be a very significant bounce off of this area. If we Spike it, don't chase it down. Let it come back to us.

LOGIC247™, [09.12.18 20:26]
NOTE That said the market is extremely quiet as if waiting or listening for something. Put your mouth guard in.

LOGIC247™, [09.12.18 21:04]
ALERT #1068 If ESZ8 2601/2602 breaks that's a big thing. Consider selling 2592 to 2590 to 2585 to 2582

👍FINAL Recap SL 2583. For the record: PT.

LOGIC247™, [09.12.18 21:09]
ALERT #1069 If YMZ8 24100 breaks Consider selling 24060 to 24040 to 24000 to 23900.

👍FINAL Recap Reached final target.

LOGIC247™, [09.12.18 21:17]
NOTE SL on the initial Dow Alert was 24159. 24100 may bring good support on the Dow so whatever you do keep the Session Low in mind and 24100.

If you look at the 30-minute chart you will see price walking sideways. Thus, the market may turn up but I don't expect it to go above 24630. We do have Unfilled Gaps overhead so that may need to be accomplished before any further downside if there is to be any.

Using the Dow as an example if we move up to close the gap soon it would ping us right against the BBC (30 min) and we all know what that could lead to.

LOGIC247™, [09.12.18 21:22]
ALERT #1070 If the NQ breaks 6525 consider selling 6485 to 6475 to 6455. (if 6450 breaks there could be a 100 point air pocket below us).

💤FINAL No trigger.

LOGIC247™, [09.12.18 21:23]
ALERT #1071 If the RTYZ breaks 1400 Consider selling 1390 to 1385 to 1375.

💤FINAL No trigger.

LOGIC247™, [09.12.18 21:25]
NOTE These last Alerts cover an Extreme Move possibility. Don't expect them to trigger, but if they do, heads up.

LOGIC247™, [09.12.18 22:36]
ALERT #1072 Consider selling 6BZ8 1.2740 to 1.2730 to 1.2720 and TIP.

👍FINAL Recap Reached target. SL 1.2677 so far.

LOGIC247™, [10.12.18 06:18]
ALERT #1073 Consider selling GCLF9 51.45 to 51.35 to 51.25 and TIP.

👍FINAL Recap SL 51.26 so far. For the record: PT.

LOGIC247™, [10.12.18 06:20]
NOTE If what we see on the Indices is a head fake, it's a jolly good one. Ho Ho.

LOGIC247™, [10.12.18 06:40]
ALERT #1073 Consider selling ESZ8 2618 to 2616 to 2612 if we roll over. All other ES Alerts remain valid for now.

👍FINAL Recap Reached target. SL 2609.50 so far. Remember the importance of 2601/2602 if we go there.

LOGIC247™, [10.12.18 06:43]
ALERT #1074 Same for YMZ8. Consider selling 24235 to 24205 and TIP.

👍FINAL Recap Reached target. SL 24153 so far.

LOGIC247™, [10.12.18 06:49]
ALERT #1073 Consider selling GGCG9 1248 to 1246 and TIP.

👎FINAL Recap Stopped Out.

LOGIC247™, [10.12.18 06:52]
ALERT #1074 Consider selling NQZ8 6575 to 6565 and TIP.

👍FINAL Recap Reached target. SL 6539.25 so far.

LOGIC247™, [10.12.18 07:07]
[ Photo ]
Watch these 2 this morning. Flat the 6E and 6B ahead of UK PM.

LOGIC247™, [10.12.18 07:13]
If the Daily ESZ8 Candle turns Red consider that important.

LOGIC247™, [10.12.18 07:16]
NOTE ES Price approaching 30 min BBC.

Wall Street Bell in 15 minutes.

LOGIC247™, [10.12.18 07:49]
ES Daily Candle now a Doji.

LOGIC247™, [10.12.18 07:56]
NOTE ES Daily Red.

LOGIC247™, [10.12.18 07:57]
NOTE 250K ES Contracts traded in first 30 minutes.

LOGIC247™, [10.12.18 08:35]
NOTE UK PM speaking. Parliament seems to be laughing at her. With her?

LOGIC247™, [10.12.18 08:46]
NOTE ES - We are there. Under normal conditions, we get a huge, low risk, high probability Long. Tread carefully.

LOGIC247™, [10.12.18 08:48]
NOTE Brexit vote delayed. These are less than "normal" conditions. However, failure of the Bulls to put in a show of force right here will potentially take us to the WTZ below 2575/2576.

LOGIC247™, [10.12.18 12:34]
ALERT #1075 Consider buying ESZ8 2638 to 2640 and TIP.

👎FINAL Reached target. SH 2648.50. However, it Stopped Out first before hitting target.

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Week 17 Final Recap

33 Alerts Reached Final or Only Target (FT)
7 Alerts Reached 1st Target or 60%+ of Only Target. (PT)
13 Never Triggered (NT)
8 Stopped Out

17% of Alerts were Stopped Out during Week 17.

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Past performance is no indication of future results.
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LOGIC247™ #Emini ALERT Service

Week 16 Post Beta Recap

23 Alerts Reached Final or Only Target (FT)
4 Alerts Reached 1st Target or 60%+ of Only Target. (PT)
7 Never Triggered (NT)
5 Stopped Out

16% of Alerts were Stopped Out during Week 16.


LOGIC247™ #Emini ALERT Service

Week 17 Mid-Week Post Beta Recap

22 Alerts Reached Final or Only Target (FT)
1 Alerts Reached 1st Target or 60%+ of Only Target. (PT)
8 Never Triggered (NT)
5 Stopped Out

18% of Alerts were Stopped Out during Week 16.

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Daily Fib Chart #ESZ8


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Fibs Made Simple
Remember how we worked those Fibs all the way down since the last Fib Webinar? I've now drawn Daily Fibs on this most recent leg up. Remember how price behaved?

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