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Concierge Trade Alerts
The Cream of the Crop
Reviewed Live Every Day on CFRN Emini Radio
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Questions? or call 949-42-EMINI.

(All Trials Limited to 1 Every 6 Months)

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CFRN Weekly Trading Zones / Concierge Trade Alerts - 01/16/18

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#Emini & #Cryptocurrency Daily News 01/16/18

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We Got 12 On Our Side.

which is a good thing, just stay humble. No strutting like a peacock. God doesn't like ugly. However, he rewards humility.


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Did You?

Sell the #SP500 #Emini #Futures @ 2743 per the email last night?
dropped 6 points @ $50 per point per contract

Sell the #Dow @ 25320?
dropped 80 points

Sell the #Russell @ 1588?
still dropping

Sell #Gold @ 1319??
dropped $300 per contract

Why not?
They were all in the email I sent out.

Oh... you don't get the email?

That's sad. Wall Street isn'teven open yet and many Traders are already done for the day. Call Michael 949-423-6464 see what he can do for you.

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Reeves Rules

Life's not easy, but it can be simple.

Day 1 / Rule #1
(Please, put down the glass while I'm speaking.)

#ScotchOlderThanMe #PerfectEvening

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TRUMP & CRYPTOCURRENCY | Why Winklevoss, Chris Larsen & Mark Zuckerberg Matter to Christians

#cryptocurrency #ethereum #ctglobal #christiantraders

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humble, happy and on my knees.....
(the battle stance of Christians worldwide)


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Google's On-board!

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Where's the CW?

Oh... there it comes.

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