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#Emini #Futures Daily News for 08/22/17

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Today @ 1pm EDT we interview Emal Safi CEO of @TravelCoins_ Join us or . #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Travelcoin

Using blockchain technology to revolutionize business processes. Worked with partners and vendors from around the globe to successfully deploy leading edge technology solutions in mobility, messaging, unified communications, monitoring, security and FinTech. Learned to execute new strategies efficiently and effectively while delivering long term scalable solutions. Always aligning technology goals with business processes and maintaining a balance of accessibility and security. Technologies including cryptocurrencies, business intelligence, cloud computing, digitization, software engineering, robotics, security and search engine optimization.

EMAL SAFI Director, CEO @Emalsafi

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I gave out this weeks Weekly Trading Zones on the radio today - to everybody, on a Monday. That's a first. Come get them yourself tomorrow . Watch the last video I posted to see how just 1 Zone produced 40 S&P Points.

Questions? or 949-423-6464 / 949-42-EMINI

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#Emini Trade Alerts Results for 08/21/17
We trade the SP500 #Gold #Nasdaq #Crude #Euro #Dow #Soybeans and more.

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Consider being long the S&P 500 Emini Futures from 2435 to 2437, unles aleady long from previous video. #SP500...

Consider being long #Crude 47.85 to 49.20 (WTZ) If the move completes it will be a Zone to Zone move worth $$850 Zone to Zone. We'll know in the morning. Take the Zone Trial - $1 for 5 Days - To go straight to the $1 for 5 Days Trial
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Consider being long Gold 1302 to 1306. Hard Stop! You know the rules if you're a Partner.
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