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Happy Trails

Having a Target is valuable, an Exit Signal is priceless...

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Yeah Bonds!

LOGIC247™, [17.09.18 23:19]
Alert #356 Consider selling ZBZ8 141.17 to 141,12 to 140.17 if the opportunity presents.

👍FINAL Recap Reached final target. Chart below. Closing on LOD, no Exit Signal yet.

#ZBZ8 30 Year #Bonds

32 ticks X $31.25 per ticket = $1k PCT
Entry 141.17
Final Target 140.17

Concierge trade Alerts are in the wind.

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Concierge Alerts are in your inbox.

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NOTICE Alert #174 Chart below showing the use of the Indicators on an extend move to provide an Exit Signal as opposed to just departing at the final target.
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