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Questions? or call 949-42-EMINI.

(All Trials Limited to 1 Every 6 Months)

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Emini & Cryptocurrency Daily News 11/18/17

Last night we updated the community regarding the CT Global Coin Pre-Sale which started last weekend for CFRN Partners. The magnitude of the response was quite a surprise. If we continue at this pace, there will be no inventory left for the ICO.

If today's show seems shorter than usual, it is. However, I got every email answered and every Certificate issued. I was exhausted at the end of the day, but it was a great feeling.

All info regarding our Cryptocurrency is now available at

CT Global Coin -
"Cryptocurrency for the Global Christian Community".
Together we can help to alleviate poverty and hunger in our lifetime. The Top 1% now have a mechanism to truly help the Bottom Billion. . Tune in M-F from 12-2pm Eastern for the longest running Emini Daily Live Broadcast on the Internet. We are now in our 2nd Decade of Broadcast History.

Have questions about Trading?

Bring 'em. Our Panel of Emini Experts are standing by every day to answer your questions.

We recap every trade taken in our Live Emini Trading Room.

We recap our Concierge Trade Alerts sent the previous evening.

We pause for our "Good Word for the Day".

Plus special guest and co-hosts.

Live Charts / Lively Discussion, you'll have a great time!

Our Radio Station streams 24/7 - Listen Live

To spend 1 Week in our Live Emini Trading Room visit

We trade Emini Futures, S&P 500, Gold, Crude, Euro, Bonds, Dow, the Russell, Natural Gas and much, much, more.

Questions? or 949-42-EMINI or 866-928-3310

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Emini and Cryptocurrency Daily News w/Guest Bobir Akilkhanov of

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CFRN Partners - CT Global Coin pre-sale begins today. If you did not receive today's email and previously requested info, email us right away - .
#cryptocurrency #CTGlobalCoin #bitcoin #blockchain #ethereum

Money Manager Garrett Jones joining the show today @ 12:15 ET. You only need to register once per month. #Emini #Futures #Trading #Bitcoin #Cryptocurrency

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We are between Alpha and Beta.

Share your likes, dislikes, moans and groans here - .

There will be forums, a live chat room, live interactive charts and more.

We are looking for writers who are well versed in the Cryptocurrency space.

We will keep you posted.

Be sure to watch the video.

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Our new Twitter Feed is going LIVE! @CryptoDailyInfo

Our Facebook page is already live -

The site will be live in 48-72 hours. During the Beta-Launch ads and press releases are available at no charge. After the Beta completes, those who are present on the site will be extended a significant discount to remain.

This Twitter feed @CryptoDailyInfo going Live for all things #Cryptocurrency, #BitCoin, #Ethereum, #BlockChain, #DistributedLedger -
48 hours to launch -

Submit Ads, Press Releases, Op/Ed's to .

Rarely found in nature = FREE ADVERTISING"

NO! You may not post the hipster song with whistling. Reports of emergency rooms filling up with extreme cases of earworm force us to say *"NO!"

Again, Twitter Feed @CryptoDailyInfo going Live for all things #CryptoNews #CryptoDailyInfo #CryptoAdvertising #ICO #CryptoPreSale
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