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Concierge Trade Alerts
The Cream of the Crop
Reviewed Live Every Day on CFRN Emini Radio
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I now share some of my thoughts on a very sleek platform where I think you will find a lot of "Brain Food". Start by following me, and then explore all of Medium. It's Good Stuff!

It's more than just markets #sp500 #es #emini #gold #crude #NQ #russell #euro and more, you'll find excellent articles on life, religion, fanily, work, mindfullness, health and much more. It's not only a great Platform to consume content, but a place away from family and friends (Facebook) where you to can share your own thoghts, ideas, rants, raves, whatever... and make new friends all over the world.

No editor hanging over your shoulder, if you can think it and write it (well) bang! you're published. Pass the word. Follow me and then start your own dewlling place. It's cool, hip, deep and FREE! Come hang with us - it's not for the right, not for the left, it's for the human race. Now "Get 'er done".

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CFRN - #Emini Radio for Friday 04/21/17

Figures Lie and Liars Figure — Go Figure.

Subscribe today, it's FREE!

The link below works for iTunes or wherever you get your Podcasts.

We are (thanks to you) in the What's Hot Top 100 for Investing on iTunes and that's no small feat considering there are thousands in that category.

We could not do it without you. You guys ROCK!


Thank you.

Have a Blessed Sunday!

If you are currently on the Trade Alert Trial and still have days left, I need to hear from you today. Email me and tell me the day you began. I will be reformatting the list tonight and if you have time left, I don't want to dtrop you by accident. Let e know as soon as possible.

if you've never taken the trial or it has been 6 months, email me for a fresh link to the trial.



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Emini Trade Alerts for Friday 04/21/17 - Day 10 of the Review

Watch all 10 videos @ and come to your own conclusion. How much time and treasure will you spend to duplicate these results?

How much trial and error? How much angst?

Honestly, I don't know.

I know how long it took me, over 5 years, and I blew up 5 accounts in the process. How much money? Come on give a man his dignity. Suffice it to say, as a result I still work for a living.

Come to think of it, I probably would anyway. Watching your eyes light up and the bulbs flash over your head like paparazzi cameras on Emmy night.

Extremely gratifying.

If you want help. If you want a Simple, not easy way to trade the markets. If you want to skip the blind alleys and dark streets with shadowy financial thugs congregating under the streetlight selling their wares... the Mystical Indicators, Magical Oscillators, Hot Lines to Gurus, Ancient Secrets found hidden away in the desert somewhere in urns made of pottery (stamped on the bottom - Made in China). lol.

So we got we got and they got what they got. The good news? You get to choose? Which will it be? Stroll down the Boulevard of Broken Dreams, watch our recap videos, take out trial and watch live, spend one on time in a mentoring class, then decide.

If you have questions, 949-42-EMINI or

No Holy Grail here. No false expectations. Just a method for building your own trading business. You'll be forced to face your darkest enemy - yourself. You'll have to lose some preconceived notions. You'll open your mind to new truths that will bare the light of day, a put you on a path to high probability.

It all starts with a trial. Cost? $1 (one George Washington - deceased).

One trial every 6 months. If you've already taken the trial our server knows. Every computer leaves footprints. We're real Sherlock Holmes, make that Columbo (just light the darn thing - that Columbo). We bumble and fumble, but we hate feeling awkward. Even worse we make you feeling awkward.

Do us both a favor. If you need a 2nd chance, just ask. worse thing that could happen is we say no., but go ahead and give it a shot. Email us We might surprise you.

Much Love and Happy Saturday

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Emini Trade Alert Results for Thur 04/20/27

CFRN - Emini Weekly Trading Zones

These Zones were emailed to CFRN Partners Monday Morning @ 6:15am EDT. We have done this every Monday since December 14th 2009.

Feel free to use them today (Friday the 21st) and into next week beginning Sunday Night on the Globex Open as they have "Carry-Over" Power you might find amazing.

To get next week's Zones Monday Morning, take our Live Training Room or Trade Alert Trial.

Questions? or 949-42-EMINI

Take both the Live Training Room Trial and the Concierge Trade Alert trial here:

Weekly Trading Zones

Sunday April 16, 2017

S&P 500 Emini Futures

Dow Emini Futures

Russell Data Issue


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CFRN - Emini Radio for Thursday 04/20/17

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