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Turns out... I get backed up sometimes. My apology.
Guess I need more fiber. Also, i've been buried for days so if you have emailed, called, texted and not gotten a response, I'm sorry. Please resend or call tonight, right now if you can and I'll get back to you ASAP!

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Concierge Trade Alerts are in the wind. Check your inbox.

Trial? Sure. Here you go:

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LOGIC247™ BETA-TEST Public Discussion Group is now open. To join the conversation

Limited Time Launch Price is available at

Beta-Testers call or email for your additionally discounted payment link.

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LOGIC247™ Active Members message me for the link to the new Private Alert Channel. Active Members Only. Lifetime and Annual. Reach me here

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The LOGIC247™ Beta-Test Discussion Group is now open.

#SP500 #Emini #Futures #Dow #Gold #Crude #Euro and much more.

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3 Week Beta Test

87 Actionable Alerts
51 Reached Final Target
15 Reached !st Target or Better
21 Stopped Out

Visit to see actual Alerts in their natural habitat.

To spend 1 Week in our Live Emini Trading Room visit

We trade Emini Futures, S&P 500, Gold, Crude, Euro, Bonds, Dow, the Russell, Natural Gas and much, much, more.

Questions? or 949-42-EMINI or 866-928-3310

#WASDE report 12noon EDT.
HIGH Impact
Recommendation: Stand Down
We know news is an important part of the ecosystem. However, markets can go up on bad news and vice versa. Some people trade news very well. We don't trade it all. #soybeans #wheat #corn more...

Can't resist......
Consider selling the #SP500 #ES #Emini @ 2848 target 2845. If target reached $150 PCA. Hard Stops as taught.

#NQ consider buying 7472 to 7482 to 7492. 7503 is WTZ

If the opportunity presents
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