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Announcing HBaseCon East 2016

HBaseCon East will be held in NYC on September 26th. For more information and to RSVP, go to

The Call for Papers is currently open until September 4th. If you have an interesting use of HBase to discuss, submit a proposal at

Hope to see some of you there!

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Whenever I tried to start Hbase Master it dies. The logs of Hbase Master says "HBase file layout needs to be upgraded. You have version null and I want version 8. Consult for further information about upgrading HBase. Is your hbase.rootdir valid? If so, you may need to run 'hbase hbck -fixVersionFile'." 

But I can't do a 'hbase hbck -fixVersionFile' since master is not running. So can anyone help me how to resolve this.

Hi, I am using Hbase for OpenTSDB and I accidentally deleted some of the hdfs datanodes from the cluster. Now when I am trying to start Hbase-Master and  Hbase-Regionserver, the region-server appears to be continuously splitting regions and after some times Hbase-Master dies. Can someone help to resolve the issue. 

Hbase Infrastructure sizing:
Please let me know is there any template or method available to estimate the number of Region servers required and data nodes based on the number of records to be ingested.


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Review Copies available for “Learning Hbase”
We are currently looking for reviewers for our above book. I'll be happy to provide a free eBook to anyone interested in writing a review for this book specifically on their Blog/Website and on Amazon within 2 weeks after receiving the eBook.
For further information about the book, please visit:

If interested, just drop a line in the comments below with following required details:
1. Your Email address
2. Choice of website where you wish to post the book-review

Note: Limited Copies Available. Please send in your entries within a week.

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HBaseCon 2015 Call for Papers is now open!  Have an interesting use case or lessons learned from HBase that you'd like to share?  Get your presentation proposal in!

Also, take advantage of the Early Bird registration discount before Feb 1st!

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HBaseCon 2015 registration is now open!  Sign up now to get the Early Bird rate.  Stay tuned for the conference Call-for-Papers.
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