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Please keep this user out of my rp community. If anyone happens to see him return, PLEASE TELL ME so I can ban this person for good.

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Steven " Steve" Rogers / Captain America
Gender Male
Species : Human
Friends :
Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier , The Avengers , Nick Fury , Spiderman
Red Skull , Thanos , Ultron , Nighthawk , Hyperion , Doctor Spectrum ( Formerly ) , Power Prism Doctor Spectrum , Speed Demon , Zarda / Power Princess , Nuke , Proxima Midnight , The Black Dwarf , Ebony Maw , SuperGiant , Corvus Glaive , Modok , Justin Hammer , Scientist Supreme , Baron Heinrich Zemo ( Deceased ) , Baron Helmut Zemo ,

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Steve Rogers / Captain America Can I Be Captain America

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Name: revenant subzero/kuai liang
Age: unknown
Gender: male
Alignment: neutral
Home: Lin keui Temple/neatherrealm
Abilities/weapons: ice balls, ice swords, ice hammer and can teleport unbreakable variation,grandmaster variation
Likes: people, food and killing
Dislike: people he can't trust
Saying: I will break you in to pieces  
Bio:information classified

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About many things, said boldly whilst pointing upwards "The stars are not in position for this!"
"I'm a monster! A Frost Giant. The bogeyman from child Asgardian's nightmares."

Real Name: Apollo Lokison.

Hero/Villain Name: Apollo: God Of The Stars.

Other Names: Lo (Mother). Prince of Asgard and of Jotunheim (The Other). Whimp (Asgardian Child). God of the stars. Prince of two worlds.

Age: 215 (About 15 in Human years).

Species: Frost Giant, Asgardian hybrid.

Sex: Male.

Gender: Male.

Appearance/Costume/Outfit: Can and will 'shift' between his Jotunheim and Asgardian form, but his natural silver hair would remain in both forms. Often wears a blue hoodie with brown trousers and no shoes or socks. If necessary, Apollo would dye his hair different colours for certain reasons. Almost always carries around his ice staff. See Images Below. ((Thomas Brodie-Sangster as the "real" non anime/animated images is the faceclaim)).

Powers/Abilities/Skills/Weapons: Superhuman Strength. Superhuman Durability. Superhuman Physiology. Extended Longevity. Ice Manipulation (Mostly uses this to create snowballs for "fun"). Cold Immunity. Highly Intelligent. Master Strategist-Due to his high intelligence, Apollo is an excellent strategist. (Plus he's the son of the God of Trickery). Low level combat skills and abilities. His many skills include: Dodging, Stealth, Acrobatics, Gymnastics, Professional Ice Skating (Frost Giant remember?) And Flexibility. Vast knowledge of astrology. He also has precognition and, using this, he will be able to know the ultimate times of an attack would be (will also get "feelings" of whether something negative is going to happen). He often calls it "visions". Ice Staff-Produces ice beams (temperature will kill a normal Human if shot directly) and can manipulate the weather (cause snow & hail). Despite having no shape-shifting abilities (he doesn't know how to), he can shift between his Jotunheim and Asgardian form with ease.

Weaknesses: Possess very little to no abilities of Sorcery, being raised mostly on Earth. Despite having natural super strength, Apollo is one of the weakest of Asgard, having never needed to fight before he was kidnapped. He also lacks heavily in physical combat training compared to the other gods/goddesses of his world. His precognition is limited: He can trigger minor precognition willingly without needing a ritual, but not vast things. Minor things would have little to no effect on the long term (taking a certain route or what he's going to watch on TV later). Must preform a ritual to willingly trigger vast things (chanting words/certain environment ect for ritual). Only certain events will trigger vast things (Mostly in danger). Anything from his precognition can be out of sync with the other things he sees (wrong order of when events will happen). His "feelings" of precognition will be short notice and he will not know fully of what the "feeling" is about (a person/animal/object ect). Average resistance to pain. Being a Frost Giant, intense heat would weaken him as hot and cold are opposites. Weaker in Asgardian form than in his Jotunheim form. PTSD. Self Harm.

Good Habits: Despite lacking in trust, he would open up to others easier than those like him would. Easily co-operates with allies. His kind-hearted nature, unlike his father.

Bad Habits: Easily co-operates with enemies due to fear of them. Lack of trust with his allies, especially when he needs the help. Self harm.

Sexuality: Pansexual.

8/10 ((Mostly Because Of His precognition)).
7/10 ((With Allies, Will Have Trouble Trusting Them First)). 8/10 ((With Enemies, Mostly From Fear)).

Personality: Apollo is very caring for others, even if it's the enemy, believing that almost everyone has something good within them and believes that no one should die, not even the worst. Dislikes confrontation and often would avoid physically fighting others. Very wise (mostly because of his precognition), yet also shy and nervous to anyone. He cooperates easily with both enemies and allies, out of fear from his foes which makes him cooperate more with them. Like his father, Apollo does however possess a sassy and humorous side, but lacks the whole evil dictatorship and is not as ashamed of his Frost Giant side. He can scare easily and is often on edge. Due to his young age, young to Asgardian's and Frost Giant's at least, he finds many things humorous or entertaining easily and would sometimes lack an attention span that lasts for more than 10 seconds. Due to being raised mostly on Earth, Apollo often makes references from TV shows and films he sees and can pull off "Human" very well. He wishes to meet his uncle Thor one day, but more so, would love to find his father Loki and bond with the man.

Backstory: When he was younger, Loki had unintentionally impregnated a woman on Asgard named "Aphrodite". She had charmed him easily as she was in fact the Goddess of love and fertility. Aphrodite left Loki without telling him why and never informed anyone of where she went to. In reality, she had fled to a planet known as "Earth" and raised her child as a "Human", not even realising his true heritage from his father's side or that he was the prince of Jotunheim. When he was 100 and deemed "old enough", his mother explained all about her true self, how she is a goddess from another world and he is a young god also. His father is the prince of Asgard: Loki. She explained that he has powers, but also told him to hide his powers from anyone who may want to hurt him because of it. Many, many years later, the Avengers rose up against Loki and Aphrodite overhead from a passing Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, that Loki was on Earth. Panicked for her son's safety, she fled back home and began packing. When Apollo returned home from his Mortal school, he was confused, but his mother only said they had to leave. Aphrodite then decided to return to Asgard and used the magic transportation she had kept if she ever needed to return. Apollo was 211 by this time. Upon their return, her fellow gods and goddesses demand to know why she wished to return now and not before. She lied, knowing a trick or two of manipulation from Loki, and they seemed to accept her lies. Aphrodite claimed her child's father is a mortal from Earth which is why she remained there for so long until the man passed. He was a "warrior" in the "army" on that world. Apollo kept the secret, not having a clue why he had to, but did so without protest, trusting his mother's judgement. The other Asgardian children showed their powers and often fought each other for a test and show of skill as well as strength. Apollo wasn't as strong as the other children though so when they called him in for his show against another Asgardian, he decided to use his natural brains instead. He fought by outsmarting the other child and won. He did so many times for many months, always using his mind to win, never learning any fighting skills for battle, seeing no need for any. Some time later, in a training session, out of nowhere, Frost Giant children appeared. They claimed to be lost and had been accidentally separated from their parents, but the Asgardian children (Minus Apollo) just glared before attacking the Frost Giant children who fought back in defence. Apollo just dove for cover, knowing he'd be useless to help either side, until the child he was training with dragged him out of his cover, ordering him not to be such a coward. A Frost Giant child was about to be killed by an Asgardian when an adult Frost Giant knocked down the Asgardian and was about to kill them. "Don't. They're only children, they'll learn!" Apollo insisted and the adult moved over to him, looking down at him and Apollo held his gaze. Suddenly one another Frost Giant appeared and went to grab one of the Asgardian children, the touch would burn and eventually kill any Asgardian. Apollo ran to them and shoved the other child out of the way and the Frost Giant grabbed his arm instead. But...there was no burning. No pain. Just the shocking sight of his arm turning blue at the touch. He tried to pull away from fear and panic, but the Frost Giant just tightened his grip so it hurt to struggle and Apollo stopped after a moment to see his skin continue to change as it flowed up his body. Soon, it reached his head and his face turnt blue with Frost Giant skin markings on it as well as red Frost Giant eyes. His hair remained his natural silver shade though. Everyone just stared in shock until one of the Asgardian children yelled, "He's one of them!"

The Asguardian children then fled and Apollo continued to struggle against the Frost Giant. "Please, don't kill me!" He whimpered and the Frost Giant released the grip on his arm. Apollo's skin returned to its "normal" colour and the Frost Giants left with their own children. After a moment, Apollo broke down in shock. He was a Frost Giant? How?! He didn't know just how long he'd been crying for, but soon heard a strange male voice reach his ears. "Prince of Asgard and Jotunheim, why do you cry?" It said and Apollo jumped. "Who's there?" "Why do you cry, little prince?" It asked again and Apollo wiped away his tears. "Because I'm a monster! A Frost Giant. The bogeyman from child Asgardian's nightmares. Now, those other kids are gonna tell everyone. My mum will hate me!" "Yes, she will. But your father would understand." "My father? You mean Loki?" "Yes, I mean Loki!" He declared and a harsh tone, making Apollo become nervous. "He is a Frost Giant and you are one to, half of one. Half Asgardian on your mother's side." Apollo is shocked by this. "But he's the prince of Asgard!" "And of Jotunheim. His father is Laufey, the king of-" "Jotunheim." Apollo finishes, understanding easier now and somehow actually believing the voice. "You are the prince of two worlds. Royalty runs through your veins." "This is insane! I don't-" "You can not grasp what you can not understand, but I can help you. Stay here and you'll be discriminated for the rest of your life, abandoned, alone forever. Come with me and you will be shown the wonders of the universe and no one will ever hurt you again. All I ask in return is your loyalty. You need only agree." Apollo closes his eyes for a moment, wiping away tears before nodding. "I agree." Then everything went dark. When Apollo woke, he was in a strange alien room wearing different clothes. As he inspects part of his clothing, the same voice that had spoken to him before comes from nearby. "Your clothes were damaged during your encounter with the Frost Giants. I provided some fresh ones for yourself." It was a hooded alien who continued by introducing his-self as "The Other". He informed Apollo that his father Loki was going to lead his army and after their plans are complete, he would introduce the two. The Other then gave Apollo a staff that would help him control his icy, Frost Giant powers despite only just discovering them. He told Apollo that he is the god of astrology and Apollo was then trained to be able to control a certain point of his new found powers (Astrology/Precognition & Frost Giant). The Other did indeed show him the wonders of the universe and much of the beauty within, but something about the Other always His feeling about the Other was right as he overheard the Other talking to one of his soldiers which planet they were going to invade: Earth. He demanded an explanation for this. Earth was his home world and he wasn't about to stand by as it's taken over without at least attempting to prevent it. The Other simply said Loki would rule Earth and that Apollo would help with the invasion.

Apollo refused and the Other disapproved of this as he grabbed the teenager by the neck, raising him several feet of the ground with one hand and very little effort. Apollo strained and struggled against him as a vision (he'd been getting them a lot lately) flashed through his mind. His father standing on the roof of Stark tower, looking over his army as it invades the Earth. The vision faded after a moment and Apollo was back staring into the Other's eyes, air struggling to enter his lungs as the man had a tight grasp on his neck still. "You will help us invade Earth or you will be punished." The Other violently threw the teen across the room with ease and Apollo lands hard against a wall. Pain rushes through his head as it hits the wall and the Other stalks away. The teenager slowly sits up, leaning his back against the wall as he raises his hand to the back of his head. If he was Human, it'd be bleeding vastly instead of having a fresh black bruise on the skin beneath his hair. This was it, his fate. How stupid he was to actually believe the Other had "saved" him? He should have said no, let his self be discriminated by the others of Asgard instead. It would be a better future than the one that now inevitably awaits him. The perpetration for battle began soon after and the Other often visited Apollo asking him if he had any precognitions about their battle, in hopes of preventing disaster. Apollo sworn he never, but was lying and the Other knew it. The villain then punished Apollo for lying with pure torture, claiming that if he tries that again, he'd be sold as a slave to an Narcissistic alien who would only have please in having a Frost Giant, Asgardian prince hybrid as their servant. Apollo never lied to the Other again, to petrified of the possible consequences. He never had any control over his own life and began to self harming to gain at least some control over his life. He doesn't want to die or attention, he just wants some control. After a training session one day, Apollo went to have a shower afterwards in his private room and took of his shirt revealing his scared body. "What are those?" The Other asked from behind him and Apollo lied, saying it was training scars. The Other never believed him and he told that only he was allowed to harm him. Apollo was dragged roughly away, not even given a chance to put a shirt back on, and they came to a private room. The Other knocked on the door and another alien opened it a moment later. The Other then passed Apollo's wrist to the alien who automatically gripped it with a dark smirk. "See he gets the punishment he deserves." Then he left and the alien pulled Apollo inside the room before locking the door behind him. Apollo was forced to remove his trousers before laying on the bed as the alien sexually assaulted him despite how much Apollo begged him to stop.

The punishment continued for weeks on end until the Other collected him again, warning him never to do anything like that again or it'd be him who'd rape him in future. Much later on, Apollo had just finished training when the Other walked past with the same alien who had raped him in the past. A flashback suddenly occurs in his mind of the rape. It's over soon, but he runs away, terrified of what just happened, part of his mind is still trapped in the flashback, the other is just trying not to bump into anyone he passes. It wasn't good enough though as he accidentally bumps into someone when he looked back and falls backwards, landing on the ground with a thud. "You should watch where you're going, child. I am a god." A new voice warns and Apollo looks up in shock. It's Loki. The man is scowling at him as he dusts of imaginary specks of dust from where Apollo had bumped into him. "Loki?" "You know me, good. You should also know that I am not one you wish to annoy." Apollo shakily stands, using this to attempt to distract the flashback from moments ago. "I've always wanted to meet you." Loki rolls his eyes. "Should I be flattered?" Apollo is about to respond when the Other walks towards them. "Go back to your training, Apollo." Apollo looks at Loki for a moment and then the Other gives him a warning look. The teen lowers his head and reluctantly walks away, hoping that he'd get to meet his father again one day. Not long after, the Other's army was launched with Loki leading them. Apollo had given them certain details to avoid such as controlling certain people instead of killing them and where the Tesseract was located on the time of the attack. After the invasion failed, the Other grabbed Apollo and threw him across the room. "Why did you not see this coming?!" Apollo said he couldn't see everything and had no clue this was going to happen. The Other didn't seem to care as he beat Apollo to near death until he lifted the practically dead weight teen by the neck. "You are a pathetic failure, child. Begone, before I change my mind at sparing you." Then he dropped Apollo and stormed out the room. Apollo shakily stood, but kept falling, unable to hold his dead weight body. He knew he had to leave now as, if he stayed, he'd be dead. He somehow summoned just enough strength to move to a one manned spaceship and set the co-ordinates before collapsing from pure exhaustion. The ship set of the one world he could be safe: Earth. He woke with blurred vision to the sound of the spaceship's door being pulled of and footsteps entering. He struggled to stay conscious, fighting it, as a man came into his vision, looking down at him, literally. "Guys, I think the pilot is a kid! He needs medical attention!" The man yells as he looks back to the entrance, causing Apollo to groan in pain from his headache. He could swear his head was bleeding and the man gives him a sympathetic look, lowering his voice to just above a whisper. "Sorry kid. You're going to be okay. I'm Captain America, but you can call me Steve. Who are you?" Apollo struggles to focus on "Steve" as black spots cloud his vision. "Apollo Lokison." "Lokison?" The man asks with confusion and Apollo nods. "All Asgardians have the surname of their parent's first name. My father is Loki. Loki Laufeyson." The last thing he saw was the man's shocked face before the black spots fully take over his vision, welcoming him into darkness.

"Are you sure he said Loki?" A new voice reaches Apollo's ears as he wakes in a medical bed on what would seem to be a helicarrier. "Yes, Tony. He said he was Apollo Lokison. We should contact Thor. He needs to hear about this. He is the boy's uncle after all." The voice of Steve insists as Apollo begins to sit up, but slows as it's quite painful. He notices he has been treated for his bodily wounds and that he's within a large cell with transparent glass all around. Outside the cell is a group of people who haven't noticed Apollo conscious yet. Most of the group are male, but there is one female. "If his father really is Loki, then the boy could be working for his father." A man with an eye-patch declares and Apollo rolls his eyes. "Given that he doesn't know I exist and that I only met him once, is there really a chance I could be working for my father?" They all turn to him and a metal man spoke. "How does your dad not know you exist?" "Mum never told him about me. She even moved to Earth before I was born. When I was 211." "Wait, how old are you?" "215." "In Human years?" "About 15. Anyway, in the Earth year 2012, she moved us back to Asgard. Many months later, I was training with the other Asgardian children when Frost Giant children arrived. They were lost. I could just tell they were telling the truth, but the Asgardian children didn't believe them. They attacked and soon Frost Giant adults came to rescue their children. One was about to harm an Asgardian child, but I got in the way and they grabbed my arm. Instead of being hurt, my skin turnt blue. I turnt into a Frost Giant, but it was only later I discovered my father was born a Frost Giant which is how I am also one, half one anyway." "So you're half-" Steve began. "Half Frost Giant, half Asgardian and a prince of both worlds." Another man, the archer, let out a low whistle. "Damn." After a moment, Apollo frowns in confusion. "Who's Thor?" The group, who were known as "The Avengers" Apollo later discovered, explained that Thor is his uncle, a god of Asgard. Loki was adopted into Thor's family by Odin when he was just a baby. Fury, as he introduced his-self, explained that Apollo will be allowed to roam about the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier if he does not cause any trouble or attempt to destroy the world like his father did. Apollo agrees and is released. As a man named "Bruce Banner" and Steve show Apollo around, the others discuss about Apollo. After his tour, Apollo is informed that the Avengers would take care of him until they could contact Thor. He would stay at Stark Tower from now on. Apollo agreed and his first week with the team was...awkward to say the least. He often made mistakes and would cower whenever this happened. They soon got the truth out of him after one to many nightmares as well as constant flashbacks. Bruce got him to sit down and did a therapy session with the teen, soon breaking the news that Apollo has PTSD. "What?" He asked. "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. A mental health condition that's triggered by a terrifying event. In your case, your kidnapping. With proper treatment and therapy, you should recover, Apollo." Bruce informed and Apollo agreed the let Bruce be his therapist, him being the only Doctor he would trust right now. The Avengers soon adjusted to life with Apollo around, some even seeing him as a little brother or son even.

Extra Info: He is still a teenager in Asgardian years. Apollo hasn't met Thor yet, only heard of him. Since the Avengers discovered that Apollo has PTSD as well as is self harming, they are helping him to prevent this.
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"Caspian of Asgard: God Of The Sea." Often said boldly
"Who is ye with such authority?" Caspian confronting a VIP

Real Name: Caspian Stark.

Hero/Villain Name: Caspian: God Of The Sea (Caspian For Short).

Other Names: God Of The Sea (Title). Demi-God/Half-God (Anyone Who'd Find Out His Species). ((Ian/Cas would probably end up as his nickname.))

Identity: Public.

Age: 15. ((Born 2001))

Species: Asgardian, Human Hybrid.

Gender: Male

Side: Good.

Appearance: See Images Below. ((Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark is my face claim.))

Costume/Outfit/Weapons: Dark Clothing (Mostly). Lightweight Training Armour ((See 2nd and 4th Image)). Can Form Weapons Out Of Water.

Powers/Abilities/Skills: Strength. Speed. Stamina. Dense Tissue. Durability. Weapon Proficiency. Combat Proficiency. Combat Training. Riding/Horsemanship. Low Level Energy Manipulation (Shape-Shifting). All-Speak. Water Control & Manipulation-Also Allows Caspian To 'Live' In The Water For A Generous Period Of Time And Can Form Water 'Bubbles' As A 'Force Field'.

Weaknesses: Low Knowledge And Little Skill With Technology (Will change due to who his father is). Ages And Heals At A Human Rate. Can Not Produce The Water. Can Struggle To 'Hold' His Form (Shape Shifting) Depending On The Situation or if very emotional. Water And Electricity Don't Mix.

6/10 ((General)). 0/10 ((Technology)).
8/10 ((He is a god, well Demi-God, after all)).
7/10 ((General)). 2/10 ((Technological Things)).
10/10 ((In Water)). 6/10 ((Out Of Water)).
10/10 ((In Water)). 5/10 ((Out Of Water)).
9/10 ((With Allies, Although Will Be Cheeky Sometimes-He's A Teenager After All)). 3/10 ((With Enemies)).

Personality: Often makes snarky and cheeky comments, despite his origin, and does process a sense of humour. Polite and professional to others, even if they're the enemy (("Please, put your hands out and do not resist as I defeat you.")) Usually speaks in full sentences without shortening any words. Caspian would willingly reveal his god-side, but he hasn't been asked about it and hasn't had a chance to thus far. Caspian will sometimes slip in and out of "Shakespeare's language" (Ye/Thee/Thou ect Old English). Will struggle to understand certain "Human" traits and often seem "alien" at times.

Background Story: Helena of Asgard, a goddess, was one of Asgard's mightiest warriors. She travelled to Earth as a reward for her recent success mission for what Humans would refer as a "vacation". She had always wished to visit this world ever since she was young. During her time on Earth, she met a man named "Tony Stark" and the two had a one night stand. Of course, shortly after she had to return to her world. Not long after returning, she discovered she was with child and, out of fear, married another Asgardian to shield the truth from everyone apart from her Husband Zeus (a god). Many months later, the child was born and named Caspian. She was highly protective of her child due to him being half Human, not knowing if he was as strong as full Asgardians, but managed to convince Caspian it was just because he's her only child. Caspian was told that he had been casted with powerful magic as an infant that caused his ageing to be much quicker than a normal Asgardian's ((Human Rate)). He grew up on Asgard, believing he was a full Asgardian, no idea of his Human half until the age of 15. When Caspian was training with Zeus and winning (mostly because he was going easy on the child) as some Asgardian soldiers approached them. They said that Helena was dead as she had died in battle against the Frost Giants. Caspian was heart broken and fled, his father calling after him, but he didn't stop. He came to his home and retreated to his mother's bedroom. She never wanted anyone in her room as it was her "personal space" so Caspian was surprised to find a picture of her and a man (AKA Gareth) on her bedside table. He grabbed the photo and saw his nose, his jaw, his-self in the man whereas he looked nothing like Zeus. Speaking of which, the man rushes into the room and stops when he sees the photo in Caspian's hand. "Who is this man, father?" Zeus sighed and looked down before telling him everything. How he's half Human and the man is his father. Caspian became angry that they had kept this from him from so long and Zeus went to comfort him, but he pushed him away. "You're not my father. You're merely the widow of my mother. You had no right to take my father's, my real father's place." Zeus was shocked, but then also became angry and grabbed Caspian's arm, being much stronger than the boy and pulled him out the room. He dragged the struggling boy to a portal where he set the co-ordinates and pushed Caspian into it, but not before saying, "You want to see your mortal father, then go!"

With that, Caspian was gone and found his-self on the planet Earth. Caspian walked through these Earth streets, lost and confused. How was he going to find his father on this entire world? Suddenly, a metal man flew over the city and landed on a stage set up nearby. Many people took photographs of this man and were calling him "Iron Man". Caspian was about to leave when he saw another man dressed as an American Solider stands next to Caspian, but was not paying any attention to the boy, instead calling out to the Metal Man. "Stark! Let's go!" The metal man lifted his helmet up to reveal the face of Tony Stark. 'How convenient?' Caspian thinks as Tony, his father, shouts back to the American and the two begin to walk away. Caspian chases after Tony, calling out to them. "Mr Stark! A moment of your tim, please." Tony continues walking, but does turn his head for a moment as he speaks to the boy. "I'm kinda busy kid. Go to Stark Industries for an autograph later." He and the American continue walking until, "I am your son!" They both hault and turn back, the American giving Tony a "seriously?" look and Tony raises his helmet. "Who put you up to this?" "I do not understand. You are indeed my father, Mr Stark. My mother was Helena." Tony frowns in confusion as if trying to remember Helena and then smiles. "Okay, kid. What's your name?" "I am Caspian of-" "Right, Caspian." He interrupts just as Caspian was about to declare 'I am Caspian of Asgard: God of the sea.' "I've slept with lots of girls so a DNA test would be best." Caspian frowns in confusion. "Pardon, but what is this 'DNA' test?" The American and Tony give each other a look of disbelief. Later, the duo had taken Caspian back to Tony's HQ, Stark Industries, and Tony got Caspian to donate a strand of hair, using some of his own to compare. It came back positive all five times. Tony was now a father to a 15 year old boy who's secretively a Demi-God from Asgard, god of the sea, Caspian Stark.

Extra Info: Shortly after discovering he was Half-Human, Caspian realised he was ageing to a normal Human rate as well as healing like one. ((I'm still new to Marvel, so any mistakes I apologise for in advance.))
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+Optimus Prime, do you want to rp as Ironman? Your choice.

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"why should i be happy for? No one need me anyway"

Name:Joey Youngblood



Power:He can turn into a Yeti
Cryokinetic Combat
Cryokinetic Invisibility
Cryokinetic Regeneration
Ice Aura
Ice Empowerment
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Speed
Healing Factor

Skills: He can Cook food, make stuff of out tech, making friends happy, and lastly well making everything into a snowcone

Likes: Reading, Writing, Cosplaying, Video games, Having Friends.

Dislikes: Being bully, thunder and lighting, His other side take over, hurting friends

Personality: the shy one of the group as he mostly do not talk but show his feeling in the dance he can do. But he does have a happy side to him. You just have to get used to him due to him being a transfer, and a new kid in town. In all Joey is a loveable guy who have a speech impairment who fight for happiness. But some time he is shy due to him having a speech impairment and a learning disability that make him learn in a slower pace. But he always shown Loyaly to his friends, Family and Teammates.

Bio:he was born with it. This kid shun himself from everyone. He love himself every day as he have no friends as he shun everyone from his life as he does not care. He does not know about his big brother but until one day in school. It was in gym and in the locker room. A bully slam him into the locker and kick him into the you know where. And well the yeti came out and smash the school from that he hide.

Friends: Idk if he any friends ...

The Luner eclipse: It will cut his power down by haft.
Fire: Since he use Ice
Magic: He can be somewhat easy to mind control 

(Make fun of it i dont even care anymore) 
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Name: Paige "Hibiki" Walters
Age: 17
Appearance: She appears as a beautiful young woman with long, light-red hair, somewhat ok body there is blue highlights on the red hair. On the hand it a phone like watch thing with the photo of her real mom AJ, Her new mom before the transfusing Jennifer and herself. She is 5 feet 9 inches tall .

Family: Bruce Banner,Jennifer Walters and Betty ross

Affiliations: Good

Alliance: Avengers

Skills:She is smart in Computers and know how put a computer toughter . She is also a ok Cook and baker.

Equipment: None

Powers:she can turn into the Red or gray she hulk, they both fight for control as the gray she hulk is the fun loving, protect her friends and family, to the Red she hulk is super protected to everyone and willing to put her body on the line. The two she hulks love there family, they have ways to show it. She have the same powers as the she hulk and it power level is by spider-man levels

BACKGROUND:nothing is unknowing about her. Just she is the cousin of One Jennifer Walters Aka the she hulk. She alway hate her cousin due to the fact that she is the she hulk all the time. Before the blood transfusing her and Jen love each other to the point that her single mom sign the papers to let Jen be Paige new mom as her mom was going to die. So from that Jen was Paige mom. But when she was reborn as the she hulk and show her to her daughter two thing happen, she was scar to life, and run away as she was hit in the side with a motorcycle. In the hospice Jen was crying about Paige.As she want her to be happy as she give her own blood to little Pagie to help her. When Pagie woke up she saw Jen in her human form and she smile. As she hug her. As she ask who givr me blood, she said it was her and the she hulk Pagie look at her and was mad as she begin to turn into the gray she hulk as first, then into the red she hulk. She was in shock as she look at Jen and was crying as she jump home. From that day on, Jen was trying to forgive herself and trying to rekink there mother and daughter love.
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