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tesla took a car of fords assembly line stock with the exception of no engine , hooked up a box to the transmission and reports say came out with two rods which I am assuming were permenant magnets put them in the box and drove an incredible distance ( exact numbers i dont know off the top of my head ) at speeds which were not achievable at that time and upon reaching his distance proclaimed he had produced enough energy to not only power the auto but also supply the energy needs of a small household for a whole day, but his patents were stifled because oil was cheap back then  ( bright green energy ideas ) 

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problem...we pay 4 dollars a gallon to use energy to get our automobiles going but then we have to get rid of that energy due to bumps and decelerating dissipating the energy in the form of heat, 

Idea...a honeycomb shaped magnetic subframe attached to the frame, with induction coils suspended from the passenger compartment free floating inside the honey comb of magnets, hit a bump, boom induce a current inside the coils turn the corner car rolls to one side while lifting on the opposite side coils are constantly lifting up and down re harnessing the energy 

Idea...stopping with not only motor/generators at the wheels but also like a hood scoop and spoiler,how about air dams with turbines connected to the breaking system the more you press the brake pedal the more the scoop opens up forcing air into the turbines regenerating the energy used to accelerate's problems with solar panels.  first problem =heat, second problem=aesthetics,... here's the idea... instead of flat panel arrays,  we make a solar the roof is a dome shaped solar collector, guiding, magnifying, and harnessing  the light into solar cell fiber optics , the fiber optics would be sandwiched plates with different elements like boron and phosphorous creating the neutral linear cell which can be used as wiring directing the energy to wherever needed, electron leads could be coaxial , as added bonus the fiber optics could be cooled interior as opposed to flat panels on the exterior, also the final end could be a solar light...

idea...for electric cars...embed piezoelectric crystals in tires, instead of losing energy to friction use friction to regenerate energy.

Hello, my name is Anthony Charles and I am a father of two beautiful little girls , this is their planet ,it is in jeopardy thanks to big business and greed,for the most part our society has been taught not to think only how to remember, remember how to attach a headlight or steering wheel to a automobile on mr ford's assembly line , never questioning why we are using an over a hundred year old technology, albeit a technology that burns fossils which wouldn't be so bad if fossils were made overnight, you cant just make some more fossils when you run out, meanwhile the sun ,( the source of all energy and life on earth including the life that is  now fossilized) gives off  more energy than we could ever use, also the sun doesnt put mercury and other toxins into the ground and eventually water, and air. like i said i have two beautiful little girls and i want them to eventually have kids , these future generations have the right to be able to walk out of their house with no breathing apparatus and see living animals , go swimming at a lke and eat fish out of a river, when we die we cant take a penny with us so why be greedy when we could leave a better future and a better planet, so we need to fix this ...anybody got any bright green generations and yours will thank you...
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