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What would you prefer the most to do in your free time?
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I troll news on Facebook
Love, love, love reading novels.
Take a pen and notebook and doodle.
I'll be sleeping probably!
I'm busy enough, have no free time!!

Choose one of the following and give reasons for your answer:-

A. You'll hold on to the one whom you love as it is one-sided but real and you hope one day he will feel the same for you.

B. You will say yes to the one who loves you and perhaps one day you will fall for him too and the chance would be worth taking.

C. You will let go of both A. and B. as you want to wait happily for the one whom you love and who loves you, equally even if takes long.

D. You will remain single as you think you are ok with crushes and best friends.

When you are supposed to be really angry but you choose to put yourself in other's shoes and try to understand their state of mind and feel pity for them....
You've really grown up my love😘☺

The things we're afraid of and don't want to happen.. happens the most.. isn't it???
Let's reverse it.
Think of the things you love and wish to happen 24/7 and enjoy.

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Come over to share your happiness, sorrow, feelings and thoughts with us.😊😊
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