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Anybody want to RP with me? I need something to do. 😛😜
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Flying around clouds, dodging and looping around them, going faster and faster by minute. I kept going and didn't see you coming, I bumped into you and,....
(Open RP, join whenever)

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Looking for a shop to open up shop in Canterlot

Name Rainbow Candy

Age 12

Bio is a optimistic pony who loves to make sweets for all her friends. She is adopted by her pegasus mom. She lives in Ponytville and she wants to move to Canterlot so she can open up a candyshop

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Hello everypony, I am new here, just moved to Canterlot. I am looking for a job in a boutique.
Name Luna Spring
Age 17
Bio abandoned by unicorn parents because I a Pegasus, and was found by Princess Luna. She raised me and renamed me Lunar Spring, for my pink and blond mane and free spirit. She had me move to Canterlot to finish my learning of Magic. I will return to her when I become the Princess of Art, Love, and Beauty.
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Name:Czylie Diamond

Age:14 years old

Likes:Volleyball,blueberries,pastries,science,good robot,bot fighting(Even in real life..),reading wattpad,books,anime,wolf,artic wolf and tiger,puppies,kittens,sketching,racing,gummy bears,lollipops,burnt marshmallow and toast,beating bullies up when theyre bulling good students,gadgets,spying,hoodies,diamond,skateboards,hat(Ill update for more..)

Dislikes:Annoying students,Bullie Gang(lol),Pink,Skirts,Fixing her hair by others,nightmares,forcing her,

Fear:Heights,coakroaches(Is it right?),disgusting insects,

Family:1 brother Mishu-Lim Diamond,Uncle Andy,

Friends:Golden Gold Glory(+Alliah Nassif​),Abby Glory(Gold's littls sis),Gnomeo Glory(Little bro),Dainy Tonz,Zacktery Tonz,Airon Tonz,Hiro Hamada,Tadashi Hamada,The Gang(From BH6),Charlotte,Lily Mizu,(I forget da others..)

Crush:(Youll know someday..If you know dont say it in the comments!)


Job/Collage:San Fransokyo Institute Of Technology

Hometown:San Fransokyo(CROSSOVER!!)

Cutie Mark:Heart with a diamond inside,then a cyan and purple patterns inside and out,and red heart on top..

Apperince:In the photos =3

Bio:When she was 4 years old and his brother..Mishu-Lim was 8..Their parents died,
Their father..Died from a battle being a knight..
Thier mother died from her trip but they didnt know what happend..
Then they moved to San Fransokyo to go to their Uncle Andy..Who is wroking as a Professor in San Fransokyo University...Few 10 years later..Her brother enrolled to SFIT since he was 14...Czy?
Well she stayed home,Bot Fighting...Beating boys up for being bullied..Then she got punished by her brother to go to SFIT..First off she didnt like it..Then she liked it..She met 6 friends..1 helpcare robot so thats 7...and many more(DATS RIGHT!!..Tadashi is not dead!!..Still MLP and BH6 Crossover..)
She starts a new life there..In San Fransokyo..

For:+Alliah Nassif
Hehehehehe im not gonna show your OC!!
Ahem..Go to my room to change your name!

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Name: Midnight
Age: 15
Likes: drawing singing learning magic
Dislikes: being bullied flying
Bio: her parents got killed in a fire when she was a baby and she got took to the Canterlot Orphanage where she grew up she got adopted by the princess and then went to live in the castle and studied magic until Luna thought she was ready for the next step of her studies and transformed the normal unicorn teenager into an Alicorn
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I'm new



Hi I'm new and I'm diamond blue
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