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Hello !!fan Beelzebub. 😀😀😀😀😀

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Name: Kunieda Aoi

Nickname: Kunie Aoi, Queen

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Weapons: Wooden Sword

Occupation: Student, Leader of Red Tail, and Knight

Likes: Red Tails, Tatsumi Oga, Fighting, Meditating, Taking Kota to parks, Baby Beel, etc

Dislikes: Hilda Sometimes, Demons, 6 Holy Knights, etc

Aoi is a swordswoman, martial artist, and possesses vitality and stamina, as well as speed. She uses a wooden sword with the same slicing power as a regular katana in combat that she has proven mastery of, being able to slice through a glass window with the said weapon. She can also use anything such as a ruler or umbrella while still being equally effective. She uses the Shingetsu Style taught by her grandfather which also gives her the ability to break rocks barehanded.

Another example of her enhanced physical strength is when she was able to slice through a concrete wall with a wooden sword during her first fight against Oga. Also, she was able to slice a part of Sakaki's wooden sword with a ruler and destroy Koma's shrine with a tree branch. She has the ability to anticipate an attack and avoid it from an opponent who is lurking behind her. She also has a good defense as she was able to block Oga's punches barehanded without being knocked out during her training at Decapitation island.

Shingetsu (Heart Moon) Style:

Nadeshiko: a barehanded stone breaking technique.

Battou-Jutsu: a sword drawing technique.

Ichishiki Hagan Kiku Ichimonji (First Ceremony Wave Rock
Chrysanthemum Straight Line): Aoi draws her sword, slashes her target horizontally, then resheathes it.

Ichishiki Kai Hazan kikiuichimonji Tsuinosen (First Ceremony Revised Destruction Mountain Chrysanthemum Straight Line Chasing FLASH ): Aoi slashes at the ground with her wooden sword, creating a powerful shock wave that can rift the earth. The technique is powerful enough to take out several delinquents of Ishiyama.

Nishiki Hyakka Midare Zakura (Second Ceremony 100 Flower Storming Sakura): Aoi draws out a pink, energy-like aura around her body that takes the form in that of several sakura petals( similar to senbonzakura kageyoshi). She then slashes at her enemy with her wooden sword creating several pink, wave-like patterns that destroy THE TARGET. The attack is capable of destroying a large portion of a wall in Ishiyama High School, including the glass windows.

Sanshiki (Third Ceremony Upturned Swallow Tailed Eaves) : A technique that creates a fast rotating wind circle.It blows anyone away who is in the vicinity.

Fifth form:(Desert Haze):Aoi creates a wind vortex by scraping the tip of the bokken against the floor vertically with both hands, while resting on her left knee.

Destroyer form Six(Fairy sword dance):Numerous upward and
downward wind slashes performed in a blink of an eye.

Kunieda and Koma ready to fight

Ankokubutō (暗黒武闘; Literally meaning "Dark Armed Struggle"): It is a technique in which she lets a Demon possess her body. It greatly enhances her speed and strength but it lowers her capabilities to anticipate an attack coming from an unsuspected opponent. She acquired this technique after completing 3 days of TRAINING under the guidance of Suiten Ikaruga at Decapitation Island. She has used this technique only while fighting against the 5 Pillars during the Akumano Academy arc. She also used this technique when fighting Ogata and Suzune to hold her own and greatly injure her opponents before she was defeated.

After training to learn Ankokubutō, she begins wielding a real katana. She can also allow Koma to imbue the weapon she is wielding with his Demon power to increase it's overall strength.

Shingetsu (Heart Moon) Style:

2nd Stance: 100 Cleansing Petals Demon Wear: Pretty Flower Storm: A wind technique imbued with Koma's power in which Aoi slashes up walls and her opponents clothes.


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Name: oga tatsumi 
Gender: male
Race: human with baby demon
Appearance:Oga is usually seen sporting a grotesque grin and displays demonic features when he is either angry or disturbed. He possesses brown hair and dark eyes, he is rather muscular with a widespread build, and his attire usually consists of a worn-out shirt, his brown leather jacket, and plain pants (usually jeans). He has been shown on a few occasions to be wearing either sweatpants, and on one occasion, has even been shown wearing his pajamas (ironically very detailed with pinstripes going down the side). When Oga attempts to smile, he is usually seen with a demonic, evil grin. This speaks to his lack of social skills (due to his inhibition in a juvenile delinquent high school). When fighting, Oga appears to have a different look. Aside from his rare comedic entrances (usually as a relief from an intense situation), he is usually very calm and actually quite aware. His eyes are alert and he seems in control of his emotions. Beel does not transfer this emotion however, and is usually shown in a maintained an angry look.

Personality:Initially, Oga was nothing more than a crude and uncaring delinquent whose only friend seemed to be Furuichi. While he wouldn't start fights, he would take deliberate pleasure in inflicting the most pain possible when facing his opponents, regularly resulting to cruel and unusual methods of punishment for his defeated enemies, showing a high amount of sadism. It is because of these qualities that he was initially chosen to become Beel's parent. Alaindelon described the ideal parent of a Demon Lord as being "strong, tough, self-centered, and cares nothing for his fellow man". These traits sum up most of Oga's personality.As the series continues, it should be noted that the trials Oga has faced and the new friends he has gained has altered his personality somewhat. For example, when the Rokkisei called out Ishiyama to meet them on the rooftop, he initially came alone. But later on when Himekawa, Kunieda, and Natsume soon arrived, Oga smiled knowing that they have his back. Though he retains his love for his cruelty, he is now much more calm and easier to be around than he was at the start of the series. Still, in his own twisted, and very roundabout way, he seems to care for the people that are close to him. When Furuichi was gone during the summer vacation and leaving Oga alone, he called Alaindelon to transport Furuichi back home just so he can hang out with him. Or beating up and embarrassing Miki infront of their school back in middle school. Only because it was to protect him from Kiriya Reiji because he knew that both Miki and Kiriya would move to Nara at the same time, and if Miki was involved, then Kiriya would've attacked Miki in Nara where Oga wouldn't be there to protect him. When Hilda and Beel went missing and his sister Misaki threw him out of the house, promising to not let him back in unless he brought them back, Oga acted as if he didn't care. Instead he complained about the heat to Furuichi and decided that they should go down to the river. Furuichi realized that the river was where Oga had first met Beel and Hilda, also realizing that Oga meant to look for them after all.

Oga doesn't seem to have any sense of appeal nor opposition against girls, unlike Furuichi who is easily seduced and will not hesitate to pick up girls. However, he does also has a sense of chivalry, as said by Hilda, as Oga will not fight or harm a woman. This was proven true when he only dodges during his fight with Aoi, and more recently when fighting the female Pillars he held back when he realize he was about to hit a girl. The only times he actually hits a girl was a sparring match with Aoi to determine if they were capable of learning Black Techs and knocking out Yuchelle by destroying her weapon. It is also hinted that he disapproves of underage smoking and drinking.

As much as Oga hates it, he tends to listens to lectures very well. For example, when Oga was telling Teimō about Baby Beel's demon praying dance, Kunieda quickly takes him to the side and lectures him about being careful who to talk to about Demons and only talk about them who are involved. After that, Oga never told anyone besides (excluding Demons) Furuichi, Kunieda, Ittōsai, and Saotome. Another example of Oga paying attention is when Saotome was lecturing Oga about using Super Milk Time for 5 minutes max. Later when Oga uses Super Milk Time, he only fought for 5 minutes after using a huge blast that knocked him into unconsciousness.

As the series progresses, he learns how to put his pride aside and knows when to follow orders. An example was when Saotome said that the Ishiyama students were going to need training with him. All of the delinquents didn't want to train with him because they thought he was an "old geezer", and that he was weaker than them and that it would damage their pride. Oga was the only one who stepped up and agreed to train; instead of being arrogant, he put it kept to reason and sought to become stronger.

bio:he is a first-year student at Ishiyama High School. He is the adoptive father of the Demon, Beelzebub IV, whom he has attempted to pass off to others on numerous occasions since unknowingly forming a contract with him.
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after a good two months of traning with his grandfatehr in the military he cmae back tlaler and more buff and even stonger than last time belza walked the town he rules now with new power and strenght ((Open to All))

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walking up to ishiyama front door as i stair up into the sky and see teh milinaum gang has taged ower school over night (Open RP)

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Name: Remilia Scarlet
Age: 12
Hair color: White and sometimes blue
Eye color: Red
Title: None
Species: Demon
Demon contract: None
Likes: Tea and sweets
Dislikes: Killing, sour thing and bullies
Weapon: Katana, hatchet and knifes
Class: ?
Grade: 8
Fighting style: Unknown
Personality: Really nice just don't get me mad or sad
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walks ontop of the roof at ishiyama were i recieved a note calling for the four emporers myself +Jazzmen F +Erika Sendo  and +Rider King  for some the note was black with letters writen in blood (Open RP)

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was in a class from for the first years on the first floor when a group of thigs came in to fight me next thingthat happens 30 guys go flying threw ther wall and out the windows in the hall one after teh other as he stands their (Open RP)
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