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The SIDC now have a page to track spotless days at which may be of interest to people here.

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Read it now: the official International Shortwave Broadcast Guide with my article, "Crash Course of Shortwave Propagation and Space Weather" - This book is now on Amazon.

Here is my short link to the Amazon Kindle page:

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President Obama Issues an Executive Order to Help Prepare Nation for Solar Flares

Space Weather is now the focus of a new executive order issued on 13 October 2016, as U.S. President Obama takes aim at preparing the nation’s infrastructure for “extreme space weather events.” Space weather, which covers the Sun-Earth connection and includes the conditions with which radio amateur shortwave communications occur, is a hot area of research and development, and funding. Space weather has the potential to not only affect radio communications but also to affect and disrupt health and safety across the world.

Issuing an executive order is one way to ensure funding, but it also serves as a reminder that we amateurs are positioned in several ways to participate in the national readiness in the space weather arena: firstly, we are emergency communicators, many of whom are passionate about being prepared to offer their communities with selfless radio communications service, but additionally, being well-educated on space weather science and applications of space weather and radio propagation knowledge. ( By the way, for those interested readers, I am still offering a comprehensive space weather and radio propagation course that includes material on forecasting; see )

Full story:

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Announcing 'proppy', an online HF propagation prediction tool using the ITU's ITURHFPROP application (embodying ITU-R P.533-13) to produce area and point to point predictions. Proppy is under active development and comments / suggestions are most welcome. 

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By popular request, the "end-of-year" sale is being extended, again!

This won't be the case for long, though. This space weather and radio propagation forecasting course is being offered at a deep discount; take this extra discount for this ham radio and space weather educational course with the reference software. This is a seriously marked-down price!

Take advantage of the sale, now. The full details about the course and sale are here: -- NOTE: this link does NOT require any informaton from you. The link is to a page with all of the details.

What are you waiting for? Get the space weather and radio propagation self-study course, today.
You know that I'm the radio propagation & space weather columnist in "The Spectrum Monitor" (and for the last 14 years, in CQ Magazine, too). I invite you, today, to consider getting the course, and by doing so, helping yourself in knowledge and skill, and, helping me keep the web resources up and running. I'm talking about and other resources.

Why get the educational self-study course? Because, this is not your average source of information on radio propagation and space weather. This self-study course offers and exhaustive, in-depth knowledge that equips you to make your own forecasts, and to understand what is going on when you are making contacts on the shortwave bands. And, you'll better understand the Sun and space weather.

Do you wish to learn about space weather and how to know when aurora is possible? Do you want to learn about space weather, the Sun-Earth connection, solar flares, sunspots, coronal mass ejections (CMEs), and more? Do you want to learn how to forecast space weather?

Or, do you want to learn all about radio-signal propagation via the ionosphere! Want to gain the competitive edge in radio DX contests? Want to forecast the radio propagation for the next weekend? Do you want to understand radio signal propagation? Want to understand how space weather affects radio propagation?

Well, what are you waiting for? Browse here, now:

Some amateur radio operators may say, "But, I like the magic of just getting on the air and trying my luck! If I learn all this stuff, then it becomes science, and not a hobby." It is true that there's a joy at being dazzled with the magic of radio; buy a super cool transceiver, and a factory-made antenna with coax already fitted with connectors, adding the necessary accessories to make it come alive, then begin exploring the shortwave frequencies. Magical, indeed! But, there are many in the hobby that wish to learn how all of that works. Some even begin learning how to build antennas, radio kits, and discover the joy of the "science" of radio. A few eventually take the step with gained "scientific" knowledge of electronics, and they design and build equipment for their hobby. The course is part of that mix: learning how the Sun affects getting a radio signal from point A to point B, and how to leverage their time and efforts, is a joy, indeed.

A list of the topics covered in this home-study course include:

+ The Sun
+ Basics of the Sun
+ Sunspots
+ Types of Sunspots
+ Sunspot Magnetic Fields
+ Solar Radiation and Radio Emissions
+ Solar Cycles
+ Techniques for Modelling Solar Cycles
+ Sources of Information and Imagery
+ Interplanetary Space
+ The Solar Wind
+ Magnetic Fields
+ Heliospheric Current Sheet
+ Solar Sector Structures
+ The Earth
+ Magnetosphere
+ The quiet magnetosphere
+ The disturbed magnetosphere
+ Understanding Magnetic Indices
+ Magnetic Storms
+ Sudden Storm Commencements (SSCs)
+ Gradual Storm Commencements
+ Geomagnetically Induced Currents (GICs)
+ Effects on Electrical Hydro Systems
+ Effects on Other Long Conductors
+ Ionosphere
+ Formation of Ionospheric Layers
+ Factors Affecting Ionospheric Layers
+ Solar Disturbances
+ Transient Solar Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs)
+ Types and Structures of Coronal Mass Ejections
+ Understanding the Importance of CME Structures
+ Inferring CME Structures from Available Solar Data
+ Coronal Mass Ejection Detection Methods
+ Using IMPACT (software) to Aid in CME Disturbance Predictions
+ Solar Cycle Dependencies
+ Solar Flares
+ Basic Nature of Flares
+ Types of Flares
+ Flare Rating Systems
+ Significance of Proton Flares
+ Ground Level Events (GLEs)
+ Fast Transit Events
+ Interpreting Magnetograms
+ Determining Magnetic Shear and Flare Susceptibility
+ Solar Flare (and Proton Flare) Prediction Techniques
+ Solar Flare Related Coronal Mass Ejection Prediction Techniques
+ Sources of Solar Flare Information
+ Solar Coronal Holes
+ Coronal Hole Basics
+ Recurrence
+ Solar Cycle Correlations
+ Associations with Near-Relativistic Electrons
+ Coronal Hole Related Disturbance Prediction Techniques
+ Filament Eruptions
+ Filaments and Prominences
+ Eruptive and Non-Eruptive Activity
+ Filament-Associated Coronal Mass Ejections
+ Filament-Related Disturbance Prediction Techniques
+ Auroral Activity
+ Basic Theory of the Northern/Southern Lights
+ Behavioral Characteristics of the Auroral Ovals
+ Sensitivity to Solar Disturbances
+ Affects on Satellite Health and Radio Communications
+ Mathematical Models of the Auroral Zones
+ Auroral Activity Prediction Techniques
+ Information Sources
+ Conditions Affecting Satellite Health
+ Atmospheric Drag
+ Surface Charging Anomalies
+ Deep Dialectric Charging Anomalies
+ Interplanetary Shocks
+ Magnetopause Crossings
+ Postulated Sun/Earth Climate Connections
+ Possible Long-Term Climatic Trends
+ Rainfall
+ Temperatures
+ Atmospheric Pressure
+ Storm Tracks
+ Ozone Correlations
+ Possible Short-Term Meteorological Trends
+ Pressure and Winds
+ Lightning
+ Storm Systems
+ Ozone Responses
+ Radio Propagation
+ Basic Theory (Non-Technical)
+ Characteristics and Components of Radio Signals
+ Understanding Plasmas
+ Importance of Electron Collisions
+ Appleton/Hartree Contributions
+ Signal Polarization and Coupling
+ Ionospheric Absorption
+ Deviative Absorption
+ Non-Deviative Absorption
+ Fading
+ Multipathing
+ Travelling Ionospheric Disturbances
+ Solar Related Disturbances
+ Structure of the Ionosphere
+ Ionospheric Layers
+ Importance of Sporadic-E
+ Effects of Spread-F
+ Solar-Cycle Dependencies
+ Models of the Ionosphere
+ Simple Mathematical Models
+ Numerical Maps
+ and MUCH MUCH more

The STD SW Course (created by Cary Oler, STD) presents you with some specific historic real-life scenarios. Using the information and techniques studied in this course, you are asked to develop your own space-weather and radio-propagation predictions. The actual real-life impacts are then studied and compared with your forecasts.

The Course presents you with several hypothetical (possible future) examples and ask you to develop your own forecasts.

(NOTE: The certificate which was originally offered, when the course was much more expensive, is no longer offered.)

Visit for the latest sale and for more information!

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Tnx for accept me. Greetings from Valencia, Venezuela. De Miguel, YV4MT.

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