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WiFi and health (documentary)
Could WiFi-enabled devices be harmful to our health? You cannot see it or hear it but WiFi blankets our homes, our schools and our cities. Australia’s safety agency says there’s no evidence of harm, but that’s not the same as saying its safe. A growing number of scientists are concerned that the widespread use of WiFi and WiFi-enabled devices could be slowly making us sick. (From the video information)

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New post about the consequences for our health when we experience noise pollution. What is noise, and when does it become dangerous for not only our ears, but also our heart, blood pressure?

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Noise pollution
Sound belongs to our natural environment, as long it is natural sound. Human beings are natural beings, with a natural physical body, living though in an industrial unnatural even dangerous chemical era. The pollution of what is visible with the eyes, is growing, also the pollution that is possible to smell, or to be heard. Some people get used to it. But is it healthy to get used to it? What does polluting noise do with our mind, our psyche?

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Electromagnetic field pollution
Some days ago I published a post about the noise pollution the hydro-power-plant in the village where I live, is creating. The power plant belongs to “E-CO energi”, and its headquarters are in Oslo. Hydro power is the greenest, most ecological way to produce electricity. Beautiful! But, as written in the former post, their turbines create noise pollution. There is even more: their power lines, creating electromagnetic-field (EMF) pollution.

EMF pollution is suspected to be the cause of:
brain cancer
childhood and adult leukemia
Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS)
Alzheimer’s disease
breast cancer in women and men,
miscarriage, birth defects and reproductive problems,
decreased libido
depression and suicide
blood diseases
hormonal imbalances
heart disease
neuro-degenerative diseases
sleeping disorders

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Sleep is a natural phenomenon. Sleep contributes to our well being. Disturbed sleep patterns create a disturbed balance, and this creates illnesses because our natural resistance weakens. There is more..:

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Diseases of the Present
The magic word "Success" creates lots of psychological diseases, related with stress, risks, hard work, late nights, early mornings, struggles, failures, practicing till it hurts, loss of social life, divorces, depressions, egoism.....
Success is related with business, money, and is the escape from failure, from not seen and being miserable, to being honored. 
Success is a part of that business that does not take the responsibility for its consequences, by not taking nature as a part of the so eagerly wanted success. Nature is suffering, and climate change and its effects are the visible effect of what is the greed for money, of success in business.

Success is the top of an iceberg. The under part is not seen and there is the dark side, the hidden danger. 
All icebergs are melting, however.

#Nature   #NatureInProblems   #ClimateChange   #Ecology   #Environment   #Industry   #Business   #Influences   #Leadership   #Success  

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Ebola and bushmeat in Africa
What is the link between Ebola and bushmeat?
What is bushmeat?
How many people eat bushmeat?
Is the bushmeat trade sustainable?
Is the bushmeat trade legal?
Should the world expect more Ebola outbreaks?
What role can research of the bushmeat trade help in containing Ebola?

#Ebola   #Bushmeat     #Hygiene   #Food   #Education   #Pandemie   

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Inspiring or embarrassing? - life with Chronic illness is so complicated!
Alrighty folks today's lesson is an important one - or it has been for me anyways. Getting past your shame and humiliation when you battle mental illness, physical disabilities, neurological disorders, chronic pain or chronic illness. I don't have one those...

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Breakthrough of the year....., Cancer Immunotherapy

They name it a breakthrough but it is in fact a copying of that where alternative medicine is hammering at: do not cure the symptoms, but heal that what is the cause. Or, as Dr. Edward Bach (Bach flower remedies) explained: do not try to fight the symptom, but strengthen that where is a lack of, and reason for creating bad symptoms.

The pharmaceutical industry has created a strong medicine to inject the immune system with a immunobooster. the immune system gets stronger and in many cases the cancer disappears.

There are herbs that have a similar effect and during the last years these herbs have been rejected, publicly, and even thrown away in a corner as " not working", as fake.
Ginkgo Biloba for instance.
In the last year more and more interest goes to Oregano, the simple herb, used in food, in the kitchen. Oregano can also be used as a medicinal herb, and yes it strengthens the immune system.
As always it is better to avoid illnesses instead of being ill, or so ill that it is life threatening. 
A healthy immune system should be a must always. Not only when you finally are suffering for cancer, for instance.
A healthy life style is the first to start with. That is so much more than eating healthy. It is the best resistance against everything, for the physical body, the emotions, the mental activities, the concentration. 

About the Oregano: Some weeks ago I started with using dried oregano as tea. One tea spoon on one liter of boiled water. 
It helped me to heal my influenza, and to get rid of the inflammation in the front head, the nose,  throat and bronchi. Oregano kills bacteria and viruses. Oregano is a immune system booster.

Be aware that the intestines have also important good bacteria, needed for the natural environment there and by using too much oregano the good bacteria will be killed as well. That counts also for the mainstream antibiotics. 
A lot of people got immune for that medicine: it does not work anymore. What now? Oregano?

I will add a special post about oregano and add the link to that post here.
First there is the link to Huffpost Healthy Living:

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