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Canyonlands, Colorado River, AZ

This photo was taken in Arizona 2011 during a road trip there. What you see is the Colorado River about 1 hour drive away from Moab. It was late in the evening and the light and view were magical...
On the left, sitting in this overwhelming landscape: my son's wife Renée, meditating.
Photo:  ©André van Berlo

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Meditation is a sacred practice that we should honor and respect. In meditation you are coming into the relationship with the divine within yourself.

It is good to shower, or even wash your hands, face and feet.
Cleansing your body is an act of both physical and mental purification.

Clear a space in your room free from clutter, maybe place some flowers on a small table, or an inspirational picture, lights and incense, using essential oils, or a candle.

You may like to keep a special rag or blanket that you sit on just for your meditation, or a shawl to place around your shoulders. In time they will become saturated with your meditation energy. So the sitting in the same spot, or wearing the same shawl, will make it easier to turn the mind inwards.

Bowing to your seat of meditation is a way of honoring your self.

In India Yogis bow to each of the four directions before they begin, to acknowledge that the Divine Source is everywhere...

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