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Though they are far away from our head, where we all live in the most of our time because we are thinkers, our feet need our full attention, daily, to keep our head in balance with our own self, with earth. Care for our feet is care for health and wellness, via the so many sensitive reflex zones.
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Prevention is better than cure – The best is to avoid these, by keeping the natural resistance in a good condition, because it is this wonderful army of natural “soldiers” named immune system, that battles all diseases. These soldiers lose power when we do not live healthy. We help our immune system by .... read on here:

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To ‘poo or not to ‘poo? That Is The Question 
some excellent recipes for homemade 100% natural shampoo
Published: 10 June 2015

The No Shampoo (or ’No ‘Poo’ for short) Movement is on the rise in America and beyond, for several reasons — the primary being people want to get themselves, and their precious children away from the toxic chemicals in conventional shampoo that harm health and the environment. 

My advice:
I use handmade lavender body soap with natural ingredients, from the brand "Song of India", as a shampoo, it works excellent on wet hair. 
"Song of India" is available at Amazon:

After washing I bath my hair and scalp in a bowl filled with medium warm water with some drips olive oil mixed with lavender essential oil.
Dry it with a towel, and let it dry naturally, after having "combed" it just with your hands and fingers. Do not use a hair dryer.

Link to the article about shampoo:

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This homemade toothpaste recipe is 100% natural, perfectly edible, and full of the minerals your teeth need to re-build enamel and maintain healthy teeth and gums.

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A relaxing passivity is a footbath. 
What you need:
1. A silent house. A comfortable chair, or sofa. No telephone. Not anybody around that might disturb your peace.
2. A simple plastic tub, desinfected. A natural desinfectant is vinegar, or a self composed strong tea of boiled water with oregano. All essential oils are desinfectant, but rather expensive. Fill the tub with warm water, and add your own shower gel, composed out of natural ingredients. 
3. Towels, to dry the feet after the bath.
4. Special self composed massage oil to massage the feet after the footbath. The oil nourishes the skin of the feet. Take 1 deciliter olive oil (kitchen oil, simple), and warm it up a little. Add twenty drips of your preferred essential oil. They are available in every good health shop. 

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Our feet need our attention. They carry you your whole life to where you want. Too often the feet are ignored, even forgotten, hidden, because the face is more important, the hair, the clothes.... Shoes, also, but even here people make too often a wrong choice. The shoe has to be fashionable in the first place, for them, even when the shoe is not comfortably fitting.

Good shoes are a must for your well being, for your body, for your energy, your health. In the house people mostly wear bad fitting slippers/houseshoes, made of synthetic materials. Synthetic materials create cold feet, sweat, a bad smell, a bad natural environment, because the material cannot breathe. 

I wear houseshoes made by Glerups, Denmark, and they are fahsionable, comfortable, natural, perfect. The materials are for hundred percent natural.

Felt shoe of 100% pure natural wool with a sole of soft calfskin.
The shape of the shoe follows the contours of the foot, ensuring the shoe stays on.
The shoe is flexible, and it keeps the foot warm and dry, due to the characteristics of the wool, as it has a great capacity of absorbing moisture.

Website Glerups:

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Deodorants are dangerous when they are not natural. Create your own natural deodorant. Easy! Nice smelling! Effective! Good for your health!
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