We have gone to Lucia's Wine Bar & Grill to eat, in Swinegate Court. Sitting inside.

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I hope everyone managed to get here to York safely, find their accommodation and get something to eat.

Jan, Janina and I had a lovely meal in Lucia's Wine Bar & Grill. On the way back to my car afterwards we got side-tracked at The Yorkshire Terrier pub <http://www.york-brewery.co.uk/Pubs/Yorkshire-Terrier> by some wonderful live music coming from it, so just had to investigate. Lovely! (Not that I'm trying to make you jealous!)

I'm off to bed now, so see you all at #GEUG14  tomorrow. (Why on earth did I say I'd be there so early!! :-)

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Perhaps of most interest to people arriving from abroad…

The City of York Council runs a free wifi service in Coney Street and St Helen's Square in the city centre. Just look for "CityOfYorkCouncilWifi" on your phone or tablet's list of networks, join and in your web browser accept the terms & conditions.

If you see wifi networks called "O2 Wifi" or "_The Cloud" those are free to use too. Many coffee shops and bars offer free wifi access too, accessible from in (and sometimes near!) their premises.

Jan, Janina and I are still on Harker's. (Sitting near the bar.) We'll probably start thinking about good soon. Anyone else on the way?

Hi everyone!
I would really like to to meet with you guys Sunday night! I hope to arrive in York around 6 PM (I come from Denmark via Manchester airport, and the train). Like to check in at my hotel (York Pavilion Country House Hotel) will likely be ready 7 PM. Please write an update about where to eat - I like all good food :o)
Jan Apollo

I'm heading into town now. I'm terrible at recognising people, so do look out for me: blue & white check shirt, dark blue shorts, nobbly knees and sandals. :-)

And don't worry if you can't make 7pm; I'm sure we'll be in Harker's for a while, and I'll post here where we go to eat.

See you soon!

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Hi, all!
We'll meet this evening at Harker's Café Bar <http://www.nicholsonspubs.co.uk/harkerssainthelenssquareyork/> in St Helen's Square. Aim for 7pm if you can; I'll try and be there a little earlier. We'll then discuss and decide where to eat. (I'll post here where we've gone, and where we are afterwards, if you're arriving later and would like to come join us.)
See you later! M.

Sounds good. I'm not sure what time my train gets in, plus accommodation logistics, but would be interested in joining you somewhere in central York. 

Well, after a trip to the dentists today, im on antibiotics. +Tom Smith ill have to cut out the red wine from your guide!

Im easy so I'll go where the crowd goes :) 

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Hi, all! I'm planning to come into York city centre on Sunday evening to eat. It will be great to meet up with anyone who's around, go for a meal and/or rendezvous for a drink afterwards.

I suggest we meet at Harker's Café Bar <http://www.nicholsonspubs.co.uk/harkerssainthelenssquareyork/> in St Helen's Square as it's central and quite large. (I'm told there's a room "on the right" with sofas that holds a dozen or so if we can manage to grab it!) Say somewhere between 6:30pm and 7:00pm, with a view to heading to eat about 7:15-7:30pm-ish?

I'll post a few suggestions of places around the city centre where we could go eat. I'll add these to the end of Janina's post individually to make it easier for people to +1 them. (I'll suggest ones that operate a "turn up and wait for a table" approach as we may not know until the night how many of us there'll be.)

If you're staying at a place outside the city centre let me know: I may be able to collect you in the car and take you in.
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