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Hi All,

With the ongoing changes at Google and the obvious change of direction away from communities I've also made the break.. From now on all Pro Cycling news and events will be posted to the following Collections pages.. If it's not in any of these then I've hung up the cleats.. We'll see how it all pans out and if it's worth keeping it all up and running..

Pro Cycling WorldTour - Spring Classics -

Pro Cycling WorldTour - UCI Road World Champs -

Pro Cycling WorldTour - UCI Calendar -

Pro Cycling WorldTour - Pro Bike Tech -

Pro Cycling WorldTour - Grand Tours -

Pro Cycling WorldTour - Monuments -

Pro Cycling WorldTour - Mens / Womens Pro news -

Cheers & see you all in Collections..

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How unlucky can you get ... just Stage 1. But he’s still racing, with a broken scapula. Tough hard man ... “I will donate $100 to the @AlkekVelodrome for Harvey relief for every stage that I can finish”

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I've always like Bob Roll ... Yeah, he giggles too much, but that adds to his character.

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