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{Name}: Sakura Mauto

{Villain Name}: Rider

{Age}: 20

{Gender}: Female

{Sexual Orientation}: Pansexual

{Specialties/Abilities/Gifts}: Read all your moves & Fast Speed & Teleportation

{Species}: Demon

{Strengths}: Fighting with her chain throwing knife's

{Weaknesses}: None
Stealthyness: 10/10
Killer Instincts: 10/10
Ability to get away with crimes: 10/10
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Welcome to The Rogue Ones!! I am one of the owners!! I want to make sure you know somethings before we begin!! Here are some rules that you should know:
1) We do not have strict rules
2) Don't be that one guy
3) Spamming is okay, as long as it is appropriate
For example, you cannot spam a picture of your face
4) Stay awesome
5) I can't think of anything else
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Also, for those who don't know, The Rogue Ones is like a gang of villains with are gifted with superpowers/specialties.
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[]Villain Template[]


{Villain Name}:



{Sexual Orientation}:




Stealthyness: /10
Killer Instincts: /10
Ability to get away with crimes: /10
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