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Excessive Sweating is uncomfortable and could could be a sign of a serious medical problem. Read more on the causes of sweating @

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One of the most common complaints made by patients to doctors relates to night sweats. Night sweats refer to the excessive sweating that happens when you sleep. So, why do you sweat when you sleep? There are many reasons for this.

As the owner of this Community let me be the first to share.  I am a 63 year old man who has been going through reoccurring bouts of excessive sweating for several years now.  The symptoms of this condition tend to be totally debilitating most times.  I sweat at night; I sweat during the day (especially in the mornings).  I have been hospitalized multiple times due to the "diaphoresis" , especially because I have a long standing heart condition.  Once the medical staff rules out cardiac involvement their interest stops. I have also been hospitalized several times for mental health purposes because this condition , in me, causes major depression and anxiety. The big issue with me is that the Medical Doctors are saying that it's due to anxiety and the Psych MD's say it's medical, therefore getting nowhere. To be perfectly honest I am even more frustrated with this because my Doctors as well as well meaning family and friends look upon this condition as "nothing serious".  This could not be further than the truth. For many years I was treated with prescription pain meds due to a back condition.  We all thought that this may have been the culprit that precipitated the attacks.  Six months ago I voluntarily came off the meds without problem and now take only over the counter pain meds when needed.  I had a symptom free summer; no sweating other than on exertion.  I participated in daily swimming and socializing at my home community's recreation area.  Once the pool closed for the season in September, my symptoms came back with a vengence....over night!!! (Night sweats; daytime sweats; loss of interest; loss of appetite; depression and anxiety). I live (unfortunatly) in a 55+ community.  During the Spring and Summer months it's a joy to live here.  However, once the Fall and Winter roll around there is no-one to be seen except for the dog walkers.  Residents who were chummy-chummy all summer have now retreated to their homes (sepulchers) for the duration.  Very lonely and depressing place. additionally for the last year I have had a problem with Diverticulosis and the awful symptoms of that to contend with.

The purpose of me posting all of this information is not that I am looking for a "Pity Party".  I posted it so that others like me will possibly do the same in an effort to show that "we are not alone", and possibly share with each other about what works and what doesn't work while trying to cope.

Hope to hear from many of you.

PLEASE NOTE:  This page is NOT a substitute for PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ADVICE AND TREATMENT.  It was designed to be a support mechanism for all of us who suffer from this debilitating condition.
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