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Getting ready for our GeneaGala tomorrow. This applies to all four hangouts. If you have responded Yes or Maybe to attending and you know that wou won't be able to join in it would be really helpful if you could change your response to No. Similarly if you have responded Maybe or No and you would like to join the panel it would be great if you could change your status to Yes. 

You can see my spreadsheet here

NB It is a working document to keep me on track. Tonight I will be filling in the panelists column with the names of those who have RSVP'd to the hangout invitations. These are the people I will invite into the hangout.

If you would like to nominate a time that you will jointo chat with me on the panel please email me If you have a topic for discussion please also let me know. Hopefully I will have some names to fill in gaps with suggested topics.

I am off for a few hours now to see a Grandson swim in our State championships. Hope to hear from you.

Cheers, JIll

+Jill Ball There are lots of links in the GeneaGala comments they may need pulling together.

Calling it a night at GeneaGala HQ. I'll be up with the birds tomorrow setting up my studio. If technology plays nice tomorrow we should have a fun day. If not at least we have given it a go! Thanks all for your support and encouragement. 

If you are planning to join the panel for the GeneaGala on Sunday it would be great if you could have a fave geneabook  for show and tell at hand. You could also take the opportunity to give a plug to your local genie group..  

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Plans for the GeneaGala on Sunday are progressing. Hoping more folk can commit to a particular time and topic

Thanks to all those folk who have indicated that they will be taking part in the Geneagala Hangouts for National Family History Month on August 30. As you may know I am presently in another part of the world. You will all be hearing from me when I return to Australia and draw up a program for the day. I am so looking forward to chatting to many of you during that day. Please tell your friends about the hangouts.

I have been trying to email those who have indicated they will be attending the GeneaGalas in August for NFHM but the messages aren't going out. Therefore I am sending the message to all in the GeniAus group. Here 'tis:

Thank you so much for indicating that you might join me for a GeneaGala Hangout for National Family History Month in August.

I am looking forward to the event which seems like months away but, as I have an eight week overseas trip between now and then, the time will surely fly.

If you are already able to commit to a time you can be online and a topic to chat about during the hangout that would assist with my planning. You can email me at If August is too far away then please keep the date in your calendar and I will chase you on my return to Australia.

Please let your genimates know about the event.

Cheers, Jill

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We'll be on Air in around 45 mins. I will send out a link to join the panel 15 mins prior. Hoping that technology cooperates tonight.
You are invited to come along to this Hangout where we will discuss AFFHO Congress 2015, what it has to offer the family historian and how we can maximise our enjoyment of the event.

We might discuss:
* General Conference Goers hints
* Getting together with interest groups at Congress eg software users, geneabloggers, European researchers, vaious societies, GFF etc. 
* Making Congress a memorable experience for Newbies
* Suggestions of Research Repositories to visit in Canberra
* Using the online Congress Interests Register...

and any other question you may have. 

If you have an item for discussion please let me know prior to the Congress.

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The topic for this Hangout comes from one of our genimates, Sharon, who said "Currently having to rethink my filing system as it is becoming a little unwieldy, would love a hangout to discuss what works for other people (so I can steal their ideas)'.

You are invited to join this Hangout, share your screen and provide some inspiration for Sharon and others.

I will post a link to join the panel about 15 minutes prior to the Hangout.
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