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Some tips on finding ancestors further back in the past...

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Did your ancestor reach a milestone at Easter?

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We must act ethically.
Are "Look Ups" a copyright violation?
DearREADERS, At the risk of channeling Yoda: Lambasted for questioning the advisability of free "look ups" at paid genealogy sites, she was . Certain "genealogists" had asked for lookups among those who had paid for subscriptions to FindMyPast and Ancestry....

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Our genimate, +Russ Worthington , who must never sleep has been busy compiling a list of websites, books and blogs that were mentioned during our hangouts last Sunday. 

In a beaut example of how Google sheets can be used to share information in a community Russ has shared the list with us. You can view it here:


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Calling it a night at GeneaGala HQ. I'll be up with the birds tomorrow setting up my studio. If technology plays nice tomorrow we should have a fun day. If not at least we have given it a go! Thanks all for your support and encouragement.

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Getting ready for our GeneaGala tomorrow. This applies to all four hangouts. If you have responded Yes or Maybe to attending and you know that wou won't be able to join in it would be really helpful if you could change your response to No. Similarly if you have responded Maybe or No and you would like to join the panel it would be great if you could change your status to Yes. 

You can see my spreadsheet here

NB It is a working document to keep me on track. Tonight I will be filling in the panelists column with the names of those who have RSVP'd to the hangout invitations. These are the people I will invite into the hangout.

If you would like to nominate a time that you will jointo chat with me on the panel please email me If you have a topic for discussion please also let me know. Hopefully I will have some names to fill in gaps with suggested topics.

I am off for a few hours now to see a Grandson swim in our State championships. Hope to hear from you.

Cheers, JIll

+Jill Ball There are lots of links in the GeneaGala comments they may need pulling together.
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