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Purpose of Childhood

As agents of change I'm hopeful my new blog post will inspire you to think deeply about the relationship between technology, design, mental health and its affects on children and adults alike. It goes without saying that your thoughts and comments are most welcome!

"We see it everyday, a child with a phone in their face: on the bus, in the street, at a cafe. It's become so normal, such a daily occurrence, that I'd suggest perhaps we don't really see it any more. To me it's totally conceivable that we miss the signs completely as we too have our faces in our phones: it's now the norm, not the exception."

#technology #childhood #parents #design #mobile #5Rights
Featured Post - Purpose of Childhood
Featured Post - Purpose of Childhood

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It might actually be YOU that is crushing your opportunities. Don't be a your own victim of Negative Target Fixation.

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I’m looking for a better visual mental model that shows relative engagement for distinct members of a group. Anybody have a ready made visual or a reference for me? Think - people on team, volunteers on a board, parishioners in the pews, family members on vacation, tribal members, voters in a democracy, etc. There must be something better than toes in the water.

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Change Management, Employee Engagement & Internal Communication Forums for Queensland and NSW

These forums have received a tremendous response and the forums do have a seating capacity limit to keep the forums interactive

Creating Open Internal Communication and Organisational Change Days
25-26 October 2017, Novotel Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Each Day is Separately Bookable

The Organisational Open Garden: Australia 2017: Internal Communication and Employee Engagement
31 Oct - 2 Nov 2017, Novotel Sydney Central, Australia
The Latest Technologies, Methods and Wisdom to be Effective with the Shifting Landscape

Case studies, strategies and interactive sessions from:
Toll Group
World Vision
Australia Post
Engage & Grow
Victoria Police
SWOOP Analytics
Chubb Australasia
BPS Communications
The Change Agency
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
Redgrass Communications
Hilton Manufacturing Pty Ltd
Moonee Valley City Council
Department of Premier and Cabinet
TransLink Division (Transport and Main Roads)
Cropley Communication & the Centre for Strategic Communication Excellence

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Proud to be one of the co-authors
IC Kollectif has published a new ebook, Disrupting the Function of IC - A Global Perspective, featuring insights from 30 senior communication experts across six continents. Authors explore the rich and complex work of internal communication, offering a global perspective of what lies ahead for the profession. They take a realistic yet critical look at the profession by raising issues communication professionals can no longer ignore. Authors discuss changes and challenges for practitioners, skills and knowledge of internal communication, impact of technology on the profession, leadership role of IC professionals, employee engagement, employee advocay, convergence and integration of communication disciplines, collaboration between internal communication and other disciplines, future of the profession. The 222-page ebook is available to download for free at .
It was launched in New York by the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management. Foreword provided by Professor Anne Gregory, Former Chair of the Global Alliance and Chair of Corporate Communication at the University of Huddersfield

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My latest: a piece on the difference between ambassadors and influencers:

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Most people don’t schedule their work. They schedule the interruptions that prevent their work from happening.
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