The value of Twitter chat participation and hosting.  
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1. make the chat about the community, not the guest or host
2. etiquette -- don't use the hashtag for self-promo especially during the chat hours
3. don't be mean to newbies; ignore the pushy people
4. a successful chat forms its own community and will go on without you
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Which will be more important in 2013, twitter chats or twitter ads?
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Here's the transcript from last night's #SocialChat  on the topic of Social Media black holes.

Our featured guest this night was +Kevin Mullett 

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Tweet · Pin It · Kevin Mullett on Twitter. June 10, 2013 #SocialChat Nº 116: This night we gathered to discuss “Social Media Black Holes” with Kevin Mullet from Cirrus ABS. We all know that “no one channel holds 100% of your audience, or 100% of the value of participating” yet what we don't know ...
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Alan K'necht

Twitter  - 
But do they used them effectively? 

From my experience of working with clients and during my Social Media Workshops the answer is no.

Typically they are set and nearly forgotten. Taking well over 1 business day to respond and heaven help a retail customer who asks a question on a weekend or in off hours.

At least it's a good start.
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This came up in #getrealchat. It's an issue.
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