I know I haven't posted for a while but school gets in the and so does chores. I think I have a guy at school that likes me when ever I'm in a class with him he just sits there and stairs at me. He is always trying to be funny and then all he can do is smile at me. What does this mean? HELP!!!!!!! What do I do?

A little bit about me is I do have a very crazy life. I live with 7 people in my house. I have 4 siblings and 1on the way. I've got 5 dogs 15 cats 2 iguanas and some fish. We all live in a little 3 bedroom house and are hoping to move very soon. I share a room with my 2 little sisters and my 2 brothers share a room to. I'm 13 and live in Jerome. I go to the middle school and are in 8th grade.
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