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Name: Mukuro Rokudo
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Element: Mist
Ability: Can create illusions, turn into mist, copy moves but wont be was powerful
Weapons: Trident and eye of reincarnation

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Name- Rune
Age- 21
Gender- Female
Element- Dark
Weapon- Scythes, small blades hidden all over her body, The Grim Reaper, and shadows
Ability- Can control shadows, creating things with them, throw them,
command them, and wield them a weapons. Is the master of The Grim Reaper.
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Rune sat playing wither shadows bored

sits on a tree eating a rice ball  such a beautiful day 

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weapon:dual dark blades made from dragon scale cuts thru any thing like paper 
im originally a demon that practices magic and well u know i love to eat souls  
i have many abilities but one that worries ppl the most is rage which is when i get mad and my powers go out of control  

Trying to improve elemental power shines ultra bright light that engulfs the brick wall ... YAY I FINALLY BEAT THE WALL

in his office practicing for the Element Council meeting What we should be focusing on is....NO...Dammit

I have a question if your characters dies can you make another profile?

Welcome to the Element Council. This is where the Trival leaders of each element discuss the politics of this country (the country of the rp). Also if any trival goes to war it must be confirmed by the council. If not confirmed there will be very extreme penaltys. Good Luck, Warriors.

Guess im the leader of the light trival
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