Alhough the claim of the application is "only" to sync the calendars, I have noticed that some other users are looking as I do also for the Contacts sync. Is it a possible direction of futher development?

Since yesterday I have a problem with OGCS - it just does not start. When I click on the OutlookGoogleCalendarSync.exe file, a splash screen appears, which, as always, disappears after a few seconds. Then nothing happens in most cases. Sometimes a warning to set the delay when logging in to Windows is displayed. When I click on the "OK" button, nothing happens again. Because I am already logged in, this notice is probably meaningless.

I use the portable version Any advice on making OGCS working again will be appreciated.

Efficient, discreet and free, what are you waiting for using it every day ?

Thank you for this wonderful tool! I had looked for years for something similar, and this works so well. Now I can keep my work calendar updated with our home Google calendar, so my husband can keep track of me and I don't double book myself. I love it.

Is there a version available without splash screen, without "Get social & Spread The Word" popups, without "You've completed 356 Syncs" and all the fancy useless stuff that pops up from time to time? Is a donation enough for you to remove all of this? Or there's a pro version available somewhere and how much is the cost? Your product is very good, it is just not professional enough for people like me that run business out of it.

Is OGCS capable of syncing multiple calendars? I don't see a list of sync settings after the "save" option. Perhaps I'm missing something.

If anyone has been wanting to install OGCS on more than one computer (eg work and home) and sync with a common Google calendar, a development build is now available to support this

I'd love some early feedback before I roll it into an alpha release, if anyone is up for it!

Using the tool for work and it seems to works syncing one way to my Google calendar. Issue is that I get tons of message that an app is trying to access outlook data... then sync fail dialog that ask to continue or abort sync... seems like they alway come back. But in the end I get my work even in my Google Calendar...

Is there a way to sync multiple calendars. I have 3 that I would like to sync.

trying to sync both directions however, I enter an event in Outlook and it isn't going to my google calendar. It was working then it deleted items and I try to add them back and it doesn't work
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