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Hi, I'm trying to get this working so that I can sync between my personal google calendar and my work's outlook exchange calendar. When trying to retrieve my google calendar, I approve the app, obtain a token, and then input the token as requested. However immediately after that, it spits out an error saying that it failed to retrieve my calendars.

I've attached screenshots, any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm using Win 10 64 bit and Outlook 2016 with an exchange server.
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Really happy with this sync application. Finally I can align my business and private calendars again. Thanks. 

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Hi I've been getting this error message, any ideas? Sync runs fine once I click yes. Is this to do with recurring appointments?

Hey, thanks for a great program, have been struggling for some time to get my work Outlook 2003 calendar to talk to my Google Calendar, and amazingly it worked first time (and bam! straight into my android phone). There seem to be a few Google to Outlook issues, where I'm deleting in Google and it's not deleting in Outlook, but I can expand on these another time. My current issue is I have just tried to set this up on my home PC and am getting the dreaded "Can’t connect securely to this page This might be because the site uses outdated or unsafe TLS security settings. If this keeps happening, try contacting the website’s owner." I'm running Windows 10 at home and at work, Edge and Chrome both at home and at work - works at work, not at home! I tried installing IE 11 to see if it would fool it, but it didn't.

A bit off-topic, but as it's late and I've spent all evening - any quick fixes?

During the setup process, how do you change the default email? I have two email addresses setup within Outlook and the Outlook Google Calendar Sync only finds one which I don't want it to sync up with.

Hi Paul, first of all, thanks for creating a great was working perfectly until 2 days ago when Avast decided to corrupt something and now I find that the program wouldn't launch. I have uninstalled it and then tried to reinstall but each time I keep getting :

* Activation of C:\Users\Ian\Downloads\OutlookGoogleCalendarSync.application resulted in exception. Following failure messages were detected:
+ Activation failed.
+ The system cannot find the file specified. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070002)

I have now switched to AVG, also tried installing with AVG turned off, run various .net verifications as well as ensure that windows 10 is up to date...
Have also done a system restore but that failed to work ( :-( )

Any ideas / help would be much appreciated,,,,,,

Thanks in advance....

Muito útil para ver as seus calendários no Celular.

The new issue link on GitHub is not working, it takes me to a 404 web page.

Going around in circles trying to raise my issue and/or get the latest software, alpha or whatever.

Any help is apprecaiated...exactly with whom/where can I raise this and/or get the newsest software, please.

Many thanks


Whilst this worked on my old XP laptop , it doesnt now on my Win 10 laptop. On opening I keep getting the message "could not find shared calendar".

Whilst I do not get that message on the old XP, now it also does not sync properly and has the same error messages, trying to delete every calendar entry as if nothing found to sync to.

XP was using Outlook 2003, Win 10 is using Outlook 2013 and in both cases the calendar is linked to a pop email account which is the default.

Any ideas how to get this to "find" the outlook calendar?...which I assume is what it is saying.

I have compared the settings in each and they do appear identical.

Many thanks
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